Denver Protests Turn Violent Leaving One Dead

Denver Protests Turn Violent Leaving One Dead

Denver Protests Turn Violent Leaving One Dead

Dueling rallies in downtown Denver turned violent late yesterday afternoon. One person was shot and killed, and two are in custody.

The competing rallies had already had several tense moments leading up to the shooting. A Thin Blue Line flag was burned, police had deployed pepper balls when protestors with the BLM Antifa group started rattling and trying to remove the barricades. 

“The “Patriot Rally” in Civic Center was organized by John Tiegen, an El Paso County resident with a large social media following, who tweeted earlier this month that “(BLM, Antifa and related Marxist associations are assaulting everything we love and cherish about this country.”

The counterprotest has been billed by organizers on Facebook as a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive.””

Given today’s climate, it is understandable that things were likely going to be tense. 9News reporter Marc Salinger has a good tweet thread showing the events at the protest. 

Such lovely human beings aren’t they? Denver Police notified the public that the investigation is now a homicide investigation. 

One person is now dead because yet another rally turned violent. Witnesses, including a Denver Post staff reporter saw the person who was shot, spray Mace at another person. Who then pulled a gun and shot him.

The “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” had a violent tone from the start. Even their call to action was full of angry and violent rhetoric. 

The Patriots were chanting U.S.A! while the BLM Antifa group was screaming F*&$ the police and calling for cops to be killed. Note the difference here? It’s a stark difference that led to violence. 

Tell me again, WHO are the peaceful ones here? An unarmed man was shot in cold blood in Portland in August. Bernell Trammell, an outspoken supporter of President Trump was shot and killed in Milwaukee in broad daylight. David Dorn was killed by looters in the aftermath of violent protests in St. Louis. Mark and Patricia McCloskey are being hounded by a Democrat activist DA for daring to defend themselves against protestors trespassing on their property and threatening them. Let’s not forget Kyle Rittenhouse either. How about those supposedly right wing militia who plotted to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer? 

“Yet another one of the conspirators indicted in the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has turned out to be an anarchist and this time is an identified Black Lives Matter, Inc.™ supporter.

If you’re keeping book, that now means at least three of the six men indicted by the federal government for the frightening conspiracy to kidnap the governor from her vacation home are avowed anti-Donald Trump anarchists and at least one is a BLM protester. When half the conspirators rolled up by the feds are anarchists, this is what you might call a pattern.”

Believe it or not, the Washington Post is the one who originally delivered that news. However, that info was buried while the WaPo worked overtime to try and garner sympathy because the poor little guy was living in a store basement. Guess what? I have zero sympathy for the guy and I find it laughable that the media ran screaming down the hill gloating that ‘right-wing militia’ plotted against Gretchen! Except that facts are proving otherwise. 

It’s taken no time at all for people to get on social media and blame the police, blame the Patriot rally, and attempt to say the shooting was legal because the shooter was Mace’d first. Oh and for your information, BLM weren’t the fascists at this rally, the Patriots are. So it’s their fault someone was shot and killed. 

Given that this incident happened and there is quite a bit of speculation, more information and clarification of what happened will be coming to light over the next few days. Particularly since it seems that the shooter was a bodyguard for the 9News staff photographer. It will be very interesting to find out WHY the shooter pulled a gun on someone who had just walked away from a BLM protestor who was using racial epithets and urging people to Mace him. 

However, no matter the case, what we are dealing with is a rally that ended in violence. A rally that ended with those on the side of BLM and Antifa celebrating the fact that a conservative was shot and killed. As noted above, this is a pattern. No, this isn’t a peaceful IDEA, this is a continuing pattern of advocating for, enjoying, and celebrating violence. 

Democrats won’t call it like it is. Instead they will blame conservatives and President Trump while donating to funds that bail out those who participate in the violent protests. 

One person is dead in Denver after a rally that was quite honestly mostly peaceful. BLM and Antifa are thrilled someone was killed, and a family is in mourning. Meanwhile, as information comes out, we are left with more questions than answers. 

Feature Photo Credit: TheDigitalArtist via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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