AOC Throws Snit Fit About Twitter Parody Account

AOC Throws Snit Fit About Twitter Parody Account

AOC Throws Snit Fit About Twitter Parody Account

AOC is a humorless scold. Twitter Parody accounts mimicking her must not be allowed to stay on the platform. I tell you, the girl takes herself WAY to0 seriously!

Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Elon Musk on Tuesday of boosting a parody account imitating her and making false policy statements under her name.

“FYI there’s a fake account on here impersonating me and going viral. The Twitter CEO has engaged it, boosting visibility,” the congresswoman wrote. “I am assessing with my team how to move forward. In the meantime, be careful of what you see.”

Which account is she whining about?? This one:

I’ll admit, I hadn’t stumbled across that account previously, but after scrolling through the account feed, I was ROLLING. You can seriously picture AOC saying things like that! Or this, which is totally reminiscent of Donald Trump’s “darling is the wind blowing?” speech!

But Queen AOC is NOT AMUSED. Hence her whining about a fake account. Only one problem. The account is a PARODY account. What does parody mean?

any humorous, satirical, or burlesque imitation, as of a person, event, etc.

I’d say that Twitter account hits it way out of the park in meeting the definition of parody! Yet here we have  poor sad little AOC clutching pearls. She must be taken seriously! Please, whatever you do, do not mock her or you too will become a target of her wrath. 

And, why is she complaining about Elon Musk?

Given she’s on record for blathering about political issues while drinking wine, discovering the joys of garbage disposals, and awkwardly chopping squash, that tweet and Musk’s reaction is hilarious! But again, AOC has no funny bone and can’t seem to figure out how to take jokes in stride, even at her expense. Then again, she was successful at getting parody accounts banned in 2019. But that was during the Jack era. 

Here’s another problem with her little snit fit. 

Twitter doesn’t allow impersonation of people but it allows parody accounts. The platform advises on their Help Center that “to avoid confusing others about an account’s affiliation, Parody, Commentary, and Fan accounts must distinguish themselves in their account name and in their bio.”

“Accounts that fail to sufficiently distinguish themselves are considered non-compliant and in violation of this policy.”

Here’s a possible reason why she has her shorts in a twist about a parody account poking fun at her. 

Waiting for AOC to declare the parody account right-wing extremists in 3, 2, 1… 

Here’s another funny part about AOC’s latest snit fit. 

By mid-afternoon Tuesday, the parody account had about 110,000 followers, less than 1% of the 13.4 million people who follow the real AOC.

And yet SHE is the one throwing a tantrum over a small parody account that pokes gentle fun at her?? WOW. 

I’ll leave the last word with the parody folks… 

Feature Photo Credit: Original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click

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  • Cameron says:

    Donkey Chompers keeps thinking that she’s royalty and cannot be mocked. And it’s her fault if people can’t tell the difference between her and a parody account.

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