Another Whine Fest Awaits: Behold, The Youth Empower Movement

Another Whine Fest Awaits: Behold, The Youth Empower Movement

Another Whine Fest Awaits: Behold, The Youth Empower Movement

From the youth of the Women’s March comes the Youth Empower Movement and they’re marching again. This time to shift our society from the beastly clutches like, capitalism and the patriarchy or something in the name of “climate change”:

More background on the roots of the program:

And, here comes the brain bleed:

On the frontlines of climate change is the Global South, People Of Color, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, People with Disabilities, Poor People, Women, Queer and Trans People, and People belonging to marginalized faiths.

In our youth movement to combat climate change, we uplift the youth voices of these communities.

Youth leadership is transformational and visionary. Youth must lead because they have always shifted culture towards progress and collective liberation.

Systems of oppression (capitalism, colonialism, racism, and patriarchy) have led to climate change, therefore we must shift our culture away from these systems.

Intersectional movement-building is the only way we can achieve collective liberation because working together on intersecting issues will unify communities who wish to join our struggle for a safe and healthy future for all.

The people must take action rather than waiting for elected officials to lead.

The elected officials must comply with the demands of the youth, therefore they must pass and enforce legislation and support policies that protect life and our future on this planet.

This is a revolution.

Once again, the Women’s March shows no shame in using our kids as pawns to gain momentum on a political agenda. Care about the polar bears? It’s all capitalism’s fault! Care about the Global South, People Of Color, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, People with Disabilities, Poor People, Women, Queer and Trans People, and People belonging to marginalized faiths? It’s all the fault of the patriarchy and leaders in place in our country, not theirs. We did this to them all! It’s all Trump’s fault, don’t you know?

I am by no means trying to dismiss the plight of oppression in other countries but if they really want to “uplift” the voices of these communities, perhaps a visit to a homeless shelter, a third-world country, a collective monetary donation to the poor, speaking with people who are persecuted for their faith (they could start with Christians or even some Jewish communities in this country) would prove a little more useful than a bunch of kids in orange shirts protesting in the streets? Nope, that would prove to be logical and useful and without benefit to the money-grubbing hands of politicians and organizations behind the Women’s March:

Oooo! And Teen Vogue is behind the movement, too. We all know about their stellar contributions to our youth.

They want intersectional movement-building and July 21st is the day. At least some students won’t be missing school and valuable taxpayer instruction time to be transformational and visionary.

They want a revolution? Here’s a revolutionary concept: get them off their phones and social media where they bully others. Get them out of their comfortable suburban upper-middle-class homes and engaging with these communities. Get them away from stupid hashtags that mean and DO absolutely nothing. Get their noses in a book and tell them to step away from the Tide Pods. Tell them that in order to make demands, they must be able to formulate a full sentence and look people in the eye. Tell them that they are not entitled to make demands until they have experienced life and even then, they are not entitled and people, law-makers and the like are still not required to give in to such demands.

Oh yeah…and they want collective liberation. Through the overthrow of “evil” Capitalism? If kids with some common sense did their homework, they would see that liberation is not the outcome of the overthrowing of a Capitalist society. In fact, the end result is quite the opposite. This is where the Women’s March is banking on uber-liberal, democratic-socialist educators with Che Guevara posters on their walls to paint the very ugly picture of Capitalism and Colonialism herein the United States. This is where The Women’s March and associated organizations are banking and, ironically, capitalizing on the ignorance of our youth all while stroking their already inflated egos (they are the ones they have been waiting for, after all).

Disgusting pandering, line one. Hopefully some of our kids will wake up. Walk away, kids while you still can.

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  • SFC D says:

    What in the hell is “Climate Justice’? And what women’s rights have been or will be taken away? I’d love for these adolescents to explain to me exactly what they are protesting, what they intend to accomplish, and how they plan to do it. I’ll even bring the crayons and paper, they can draw me pictures since I’m the ignorant, white, heterosexual, Christian male that’s supposedly the root of all evil. I’m a patient man, kids. I’ll wait for your answers.

    • Scott says:

      As long as you don’t hold your breath while you wait SFC D, I seriously doubt these “young skulls full of mush” (hat tip to Rush Limbaugh) would be able to explain a singe thing they’re advocating for. As usual, there are absolutely no facts or logic to back up their positions, just the talking points they’ve been indoctrinated with…

  • George V says:

    This climate stuff ain’t rocket science. If you believe that CO2 from burning fossil fuels will destroy life as we know it through higher average temperatures, then simply STOP USING ENERGY DERIVED FROM FOSSIL FUELS!!!!!!
    Turn off the lights, the computer, the smartphone, the video game and anything else that uses electricity. Stop driving, taking the bus or airplane or anything else that uses fossil fuel for power. Stop using any plastic, or any paper for that matter, since it takes energy to make paper. Grow, spin, and weave your own cotton for clothing, grow your own food, on your own land. Grow wood, then chop it down to burn for heat and cooking. Then you, yes, you can have zero carbon footprint (other than your breath).

    • Russ Wood says:

      The author Terry Pratchett had it in “Good Omens”, writing about a failed hippie commune, when he wrote that the whole thrust of human development was to get as far away from Nature as possible. So, let the Greenies do without just about everything that extends human lifespan AND makes it more pleasant!

  • George V says:

    On my comment above – lest there be confusion… I am suggesting those who think CO2 is the primary driver of global temperature averages should behave like they actually believe it.

  • GWB says:

    climate justice
    WTF? I’m gonna guess that you don’t know what EITHER of those words means…………….

  • Peter says:

    I’m old enough to remember when the man with the sign that said “the world is coming to an end” was a stock comic motif. Now people think you’re nuts if you’re not running around saying that.

  • Barnie Sandlers says:

    We could all be children forever and the government will take care of us. Those who want to work can work for the government with everyone getting the exact same wage. All the free coloring books, unicorns, play doh, bulk printed protest signs with the name left blank depending on who Trump nominates and magic chocolate fountains will be distributed equally by mommygov.

  • John C. says:

    The thing that they aren’t taking into account, probably because they a) don’t know and b) don’t care, is that per capita U.S. CO2 emissions are at a 67-year low; see If CO2 is the problem they appear to think it is, they should be trying to pressure other countries such as India and especially China to be more like us. Of course, there is the old joke about the drunk looking for his car keys around the street light, not because that was where he dropped them, but because that was where the light was…

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