American Patriotism Pisses People Off

American Patriotism Pisses People Off

American Patriotism Pisses People Off

What does it mean to be an American besides love of country and love of our flag? Many of us reflect upon this on Independence Day and throughout our days on this earth.

But, what happens when tourists come over and trash this patriotism? Well, you’re about to find out. US content creator, Kjordy, who has made a living as a content creator overseas (God Bless the USA), conducted a few “person on the street” interviews as of late. The question? “What pisses you off about Americans?”

This is what one Australian woman, had to say:

The patriotism just really pisses me off.”-Unidentified Australian Woman

Elaborate, won’t you, sheila?

Like the extreme end where you just think you are better than everyone and everyone should kind of conform to your expectations of service, greeting people on the street. Sometimes, I just don’t want to be spoken to.”-Unidentified Australian Woman

Umm, WTF is this chick talking about? Really? How many countries elsewhere make fun of The United States on the regular because they feel superior, more sophisticated and better educated than us American cretins? Take this excerpt from Uncouth Nation, by Andrei Markovits of The University of Michigan:

…the West European media report almost nothing that they associate with America in a neutral, matter-of-fact manner. Most things engender a palpable tone of irritation, derision, annoyance, dismissal.”-Andrei Markovits, Uncouth Nation

Those displays of our colors during our national holiday are sooooo irritating, don’t you think? And how dare a friendly American attempt to exchange a common pleasantry such as “Good Morning” or “Good-day”? Is this woman for real? Clearly, being psychic is not one of our strong suits as Americans and the person who greeted this lass should have just known that “sometimes she just does not want to be spoken to”. We’re so rude to engage in a pleasant “hello” and expecting rude individuals from other countries who look down upon us to return the exchange. So imperialistic! So American! We should just cast our gazes down and ignore the foreigner (who we may not know as a foreigner) coming our way. Saying “hi” to someone clearly is a display of American Patriotism on steroids, now. It’s enough to piss off any foreigner. Except an illegal criminal on our streets; they do what they want.

Thus to this day, Europe’s elite discourse often depicts America not as proletarian, which at least to leftist Europeans has the connotation of authenticity, but rather as commodified, commercial, vulgar—values that exude inauthenticity, plasticity, and heteronomy. European elites’ image of America as ‘Las Vegas,’ ‘Disneyland,’ basically as ‘white trash’—or what the British call ‘chav’— has a distinguished pedigree: gaudy jewelry, expensive-but-tacky clothes, garish makeup, platinum blond hair, tattoos, vulgar demeanor, in short inauthentic and kitschy glitter best captured by the term ‘uncouth.’”-Andrei Markovits, Uncouth Nation

Yet, those from other countries flock to these places of uncouth plasticity, inauthenticity and heteronomy. Just don’t talk to them as they enjoy The United States and all it has to offer; you may be mistaken as expecting others to conform to your level of exceptionalism. My guess is this woman has never been to a small town in the heartland of America. Probably a good thing. She may just lose it when seeing so much of the Red, White and Blue and being greeted by total strangers who obviously want her to “conform to their expectations”. My guess is this Aussie was completely fine with Australia’s authoritarian exceptionalism a few years back:

This is just ONE reason why our country is better than yours, Aussie Karen. This is just ONE reason Patriotism and the fight and love of our freedom does not suck.

This is not new; this attitude. Patriotism has waned, especially amongst the young bunch. They hate our colors but love the LGBTQ+ Pride/Progress flag because it’s so bright and pretty. Take it from Teen Vogue‘s non-binary Lex (formerly Lexi) McMenamin:

Polling shows that patriotism has fallen steadily over the last few decades, after a spike in the early 2000s following 9/11, an era where “patriotism” was used to justify expansions of the military and state surveillance.”-Lex McManamin, Teen Vogue

Justifiably so, you dumbass. But we cannot expect your history teachers to give you all a breakdown of what happened on that fateful day because you all were probably too young to actually remember.

But, this decline in patriotism is not by accident. I would argue that it is by design.

So, go ahead and be pissed off in your elitist, un-American, patriotism-hating bubble, for all we care. Forgive us for not greeting you on the streets from here on out. We’re pissed off, too as Barack’s “experiment” has taken place, and this-this is what we are left with. A country run by Les Incompetents (God told them to do it) and a lack of compassion, understanding, support and reverence because our patriotism is “offensive” and “pisses people off”.

We’re not an “experiment”. We are proudly American. Unique, warm, goofy, friendly, sometimes loud and obnoxious. If our patriotism is too much to handle or offends you or triggers you somehow, we suggest you stay right where you are. Go suck on a red, white and blue popsicle this hot, July day.

Uncouth enough for you? Piss off!

Photo Credit: Noah Wulf, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons/Cropped

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  • Hate_me says:

    Barry’s an idiot, but even George Washington referred to the the establishment of the United States government as, seemingly, “the last great experiment for promoting human happiness.”

    There is nothing wrong with referring to our nation as a great experiment – and it is one in constant peril of being foiled by our lesser natures. Obama definitely isn’t a stalwart of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, nor in the interests of a more perfect union, but America has always been a great experiment despite his efforts.

  • Cameron says:

    Dear Irritable Aussie Chick,

    Your feelings are noted. So if I meet you on the street, I’ll slap you instead of being polite.

  • Scott says:

    For those that are pissed off, might I make three suggestions…

    1. If you’re here, GO HOME! ( and NEVER come back)
    2. Immediately demand that your nation stop accepting ANY money from us. Reject ALL foreign aid you may currently be getting.
    3. F@$K OFF!

  • The American experiment in freedom unleashed something that had never before been free: the desire and will to work, to achieve, and to prosper. And Americans made better use of it than anyone could have dreamed. I suppose that just pisses some people off.

  • Scott says:

    Great stuff! Every nation in the world is jealous of the US and what we have been able to achieve over the past nearly 250 years. If and when we desire to become more like them is the time which we will fail.

    God bless the USA!

  • Tim says:

    Aussie b**ch probably doesn’t realize that if it hadn’t been for those annoying US Marines ,GI’s and sailors she’d be seeing lots more Japanese “tourists “.

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