Biden Says He Won’t Go Unless God Tells Him To Leave

Biden Says He Won’t Go Unless God Tells Him To Leave

Biden Says He Won’t Go Unless God Tells Him To Leave

Joe Biden finally sat down with George Stephanopoulos for the interview that his campaign was hoping would change the narrative that the old man was still able to run for president.

Well, after a day of being an hour late to his own campaign rally in Wisconsin, and being his usual old man self, reading off a teleprompter and losing…

… he then went for the interview that could have either saved him or utterly finished him. Did it do either of those things? First, watch the complete interview (Stephanopoulos that the whole interview was only 22 minutes, and that they released the whole thing) and see for yourself what George Stephanopoulos asked and how Joe Biden responded. This video also contains some of the after-panel reaction, which is also very telling.

Let’s break down some of these moments from the interview, shall we?

First, Biden is back to using “a cold” as his excuse for the debate debacle. Remember that the cold was the first excuse, followed by the family blaming aides for “overworking” and “overpreparing” him, then blaming his very heavy travel schedule that made him so tired that a week later, he was still exhausted? We’ve “circled back” to the cold – but also blaming the travel schedule.

The problem with this excuse is that Biden now sounds like he did during the debate – raspy and frail. Remember, he JUST DID A RALLY. And he didn’t sound like that just hours before! Just how quickly does that “sundowning” start? After all, he just told the governors during their big meeting that he needs to make sure he’s not working after 8 pm Eastern. That is NOT what an American president should be telegraphing to the bad actors in the world.

Second, Biden says that he doesn’t remember if he watched the debate. Ummmm… what?

I mean, it isn’t like the debate tanked his campaign or anything, so why bother reviewing what happened??? Speaking of which…

Third, Biden refuses to believe that he is losing. This is going to be a main theme going forward. An Axios article released on Friday detailed a very small bubble that is now wrapped around old Grandpa Joe, and the details are NUTS.

Some Biden aides believe those closest to the president have created a cocoon around him that initially seemed earnestly protective, but now appears potentially deceptive in the debate’s aftermath.

They particularly focus on Deputy Chief of Staff Annie Tomasini, the first lady’s top adviser Anthony Bernal, and longtime aide Ashley Williams, who joined the deputy chief of staff’s office when Tomasini ascended to the role earlier this year.

Those close aides have many duties. But officials recall instances of them helping Biden make up for mental lapses, including prompting him to remember people he has known for a long time.

Such moments could be dismissed as normal lapses. But many Biden aides now wonder whether they were signs of something deeper.

One former Biden aide told Axios: “Annie, Ashley and Anthony create a protective bubble around POTUS. He’s staffed so closely that he’s lost all independence. POTUS relies on staff to nudge him with reminders of who he’s meeting, including former staffers and advisers who Biden should easily remember without a reminder from Annie.”

Which would explain why Joe thinks the polls are all wrong, despite Stephanopoulos telling him so.

During his first television interview since the debate, Stephanopoulos pressed Biden on recent surveys that show he had lost ground to former President Donald Trump and still had a low approval rating.

A New York Times/Siena College poll released on Monday found that the president had a 36% approval rating among likely voters.

“Mr. President, I’ve never seen a president [with] 36% approval get reelected,” Stephanopoulos said

“Well, I don’t believe that’s my approval rating. That’s not what our polls show,” Biden responded.

Biden added that the pollsters he has talked to have said the race is a “toss-up.”

“New York Times had me behind before anything having to do with this race, had me hind — behind 10 points. Ten points they had me behind,” he said. “Nothing’s changed substantially since the debate.”

Biden doubled down on his claims and contended that he didn’t believe the poll numbers that showed he was down in the popular vote.

That protective bubble around old Joe is looking very thick right now.

Finally, Biden is not leaving this race of his own accord. In fact, he is literally daring God Himself to take him out.

Which, considering Joe Biden’s current age, infirmities, gait, memory, exhaustion from travel that lasts more than a week… seems like a risky bet to put before the Almighty. But it does speak to both Biden’s arrogance and the protective bubble that he lives in. Which is blowing the minds of other Democrats, because when Stephanopoulos asked him if, after proclaiming Donald Trump a threat to democracy, the country, and the universe at large, Biden loses when he could have stepped aside to let someone else run, old Joe brushed it off.

“If you stay in and Trump is elected and everything you’re warning about comes to pass, how will you feel in January?” Stephanopoulos asked Biden.

“I’ll feel, as long as I gave it my all, and I did as good a job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about,” the president responded.

This is now a problem for Democrats, because Biden can’t call Trump an existential threat to democracy while still staying in the race with his poll numbers dropping.

The interview did not settle the nerves of the Democrats, nor convince the big donors that the debate was just a fluke. The dam looks like it is about to break among elected Democrats, who may begin demanding that Biden step aside much sooner than later. But if Joe Biden survives another week, then it gets even harder to replace him, as the DNC is looking to shut down the entire conversation by nominating the Biden-Harris ticket virtually before the August convention.

Remember, once that nomination happens, then God Almighty really IS the only one who can take Joe out of the running – which would leave Kamala Harris at the top of the ticket. Good luck with that, Democrats!

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • Lloyd says:

    One can only hope that those who voted for Biden realize they made a mistake. They won’t, of course, and if he runs again…they will vote for him again!

    • Scott says:

      Agreed. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt…

      This would be funny if it wasn’t so deadly serious, with our enemies watching closely.. We can only hope that in watching this, it is so beyond belief that they think it’s a setup… though I’m not holding my breath on that. Demonrat admins have been so infested with communists, since at least FDR that they probably know what’s going behind the scenes before we do. Hell, Putin and Xi probably know who’s coke was found in the WH… (ok, so do we, it’s just being covered up)

  • DrSamHerman says:

    Uhm, Joe, in medical school, the first thing we’re taught in basic psychiatry is this: “When you talk to God, it’s called prayer. When God talks to you, it’s called schizophrenia.”

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  • draigh says:

    Hang in there, God. I want Joe to stay in the race at least through the second debate. He can’t back out since it was “their” idea!

  • GWB says:

    “because I was sick and feeling terrible.”
    Well, Joe, that’s what we‘ve been saying all along! You’re sick and terrible. You should depart the White House immediately for a nice “spa” at your dacha in Delaware. Make sure you keep all the pillows out of Dr Jill’s reach.

  • GWB says:

    Just how quickly does that “sundowning” start?
    Well, it depends. The more they jazz him up with drugs the more that can change, but sundowning will start earlier and earlier as it progresses, in most dementia.

    BIDEN: “Well I just had a bad night.”
    So, he remembered and retained something from 0bama’s tweet, anyway.

    including prompting him to remember people he has known for a long time.
    That was the worst part of seeing BB King on his last legs. He had to have people remind him of band members’ names. They all took it very graciously, understanding what was happening to him, and he could still play that guitar. But it was sad to see – the sunsetting of an incredible mind, a giant.
    And Joe’s no giant, and no incredible mind on the best of his days.

    Biden is not leaving this race of his own accord.
    I doubt it’s Slow Joe sticking to his guns on this. It’s more Dr Jill and Hunter. They are the ones hanging on for dear life to the presidency. Joe might cling to it on his better days, but most hours of the day they could ship him back to his dacha and they could just tell him he won a second term and finished it in great glory, and he’d never know the difference.

    “I’ll feel, as long as I gave it my all, and I did as good a job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about,” the president responded.
    That would be the most intelligent thing he’s said in 10 years. If he knew what the question was when he responded.

    once that nomination happens, then God Almighty really IS the only one who can take Joe out of the running
    Not if they’re allowing him near stairs! Kamala is just one sharp elbow from the presidency.

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