American Parents Waking Up To Classroom Takeover

American Parents Waking Up To Classroom Takeover

American Parents Waking Up To Classroom Takeover

The one thing that school shutdowns allowed American parents to see was the leftist insanity that has leaked into their child’s classroom.

And much to the consternation of local school boards, the teachers’ unions, and individual schools, American parents are beginning to rise up to change what they are seeing. And they must do so.

The current public school system cannot simply be given up for lost, abandoned, and ignored. Here are the reasons why.

1) Not all children can go to private schools. There might be a better argument for this once school vouchers are a nationwide fact. Until that time, however, private school tuition often is out of the budget for American parents, even with scholarships and religious schools that offer discounts to congregants. And some of us simply can’t find a private school for our child. Students with disabilities are often unable to attend private schools, mostly because those schools cannot meet their needs and are not required to do so. They’re private, and that’s not their demographic. There are private schools that focus on students with disabilities, but we are back to the astronomical cost of tuition for such a school. And what do you do if, like me, you have more than one child on an IEP (individual education plan)? When the option is to pay the tuition by selling a kidney, but you have two children… you get the picture. While I support private schools, I have discovered over the years that few private schools are interested in supporting my kids. So we cannot abandon the public schools.

2) Not all children can be homeschooled. I know many homeschooling parents, and I salute them. I’ve been a homeschooling parent myself for the last year and a half, as have most American parents across the country, and many more parents around the world. I also learned that while I am a decent teacher in some subjects, I was terrible in others, especially as the concepts (like math) got more advanced. And the only reason I could devote my time to homeschooling via online school in this last year and a half is because I do not have a job outside of my home. Many working parents struggled to balance educating their children and their jobs over the course of these last 18 months, and can’t keep doing that. So we cannot abandon the public schools.

3) Not all parents care about their child’s education. The sheer number of children who simply disappeared when schools went remote should tell us exactly how much some American parents valued the education system. Should public schools continue to be terrible, and leave kids who, through no fault of their own, can’t escape the system without a decent education? No!

We CANNOT abandon the public schools.

And so American parents have awakened to just how radical, how underperforming, and how ineffective the public school system has become.

Moms for Liberty, Informed Parents of California, EdFirstNC, NJ Parental Rights, No Left Turn in Education and Parents Against Critical Theory are just a few of the hundreds of new parent groups that have emerged across the country in recent months. Many parents have become education activists because of schools’ failure to bring children back into the classroom or their continued imposition of mask mandates.”

Others are engaging because of the content being taught. Whether it’s age-inappropriate sex education, critical race theory, or anti-American history, parents are seeing more of what their children are learning—thanks to COVID’s virtual learning—and they don’t like it. As a result, parents are organizing, speaking out, and pushing back, and they are having a noticeable impact.”

Wherever these parent groups have emerged, they are finding creative ways to challenge the attempted progressive takeover of K-12 education. Sloan Rachmuth, founder of EdFirstNC, has held webinars and in-person events to educate parents on how the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction rewrote the social studies standards for K-12 based on critical race theory. Patti Hidalgo Menders, a mother of five boys in Loudoun County, Va., read aloud to school board members obscene passages from Tiffany D. Jackson’s “Monday’s Not Coming” and Gretchen McNeil’s “#Murder Trending.”

Educating parents is a critical part of the work. As Hannah Smith, a newly elected board member in Texas explained, “There were a lot of people who had, by their own admission, just kind of fallen asleep. They just thought we’ve got these award-winning schools, we’ve got this awesome community, everything’s going well. I don’t need to show up at board meetings. I don’t need to be worried about what’s happening in the schools.”

Smith’s comments above are bang on the mark. Too many American parents, having taken the time and effort to move into a “good” school district, or after making sure that their child got into the “good” school or “good” program, felt that their work was done. How very, very wrong they were, and it took a pandemic to show them that. When your child is being told not to ask you or tell you about what is happening in their classroom, something has gone horribly wrong.

And parents across the country are fighting back against the most woke insanity that you can imagine.

In the discrimination complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, parent Kila Posey claims the principal at Mary Lin Elementary School, a K-5 school in the Atlanta Public Schools system, put a segregation policy in place because she thought it was best for all students.”

“We’ve lost sleep like trying to figure out why would a person do this,” Posey told local TV news station WSB. Posey and her attorney Sharese Shields believe the policy is a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

Posey found out last year that the elementary school would be putting Black students in two different classrooms with two different teachers and white students into six classrooms with six different teachers.”

Posey protested the policy when it was allegedly put into place by Principal Sharyn Briscoe last year. “First, it was just disbelief that I was having this conversation in 2020 with a person that looks just like me — a Black woman,” Posey said. “It’s segregating classrooms. You cannot segregate classrooms. You can’t do it.”

Parents, wake up and fight! Are you happy with the way your local school boards have handled the pandemic? If not, make your voices heard, run for the seats yourself, and vote out incumbents. Are you happy with the curriculum in your schools? If not, speak up! Are you reaching out to your child’s teacher or teachers to make sure that they know that you are an involved parent who isn’t going to just let things pass you by? If not, do it now. The time for complacent assumptions is over. The time to start repairing the years of damage done in the public schools must begin now. And it HAS to begin with parents. If YOU don’t care about your child’s education, who will?

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  • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    “But, we’re educators – we know what’s best for your child”
    “It’s for the children”
    “This is a teachable moment”

    It’s time to take back public schools for good… and to clean house in the local school districts and school boards.


    The “public school system” must end. The “government” has failed.
    1. Eliminate the Federal Education system.
    2. Ban unions in the public sector.
    3. Move the existing Federal funding from the Feds to the States with only the State Counties responsible, period. In this way the “people” will be able to control their local schools and spending.
    4. Require complete school choice for all parents and students nationally. Allow home schooling, private schools, charter schools and other locally County identified “schools”.
    5. The curriculums shall be determined by the Counties, period.
    6. The “Staffs” of the “public” schools shall be determined and supervised by the County Officials, period.

    This is only the start to success.

  • Carol says:

    In the sixties when God was taken out of schools, the Christian community decided they would build their own Christian schools. What a disgrace and not what the Bible teaches. The public schools were abandoned instead of confronted. And we are seeing and experiencing the repercussions of that now. We are not called to hide in a cave. Now is the time for the Christian community to redeem themselves and make a difference. Be fearless and determined and it will cost you, probably a lot. We are in a battle for the souls of our children and their children.

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