Alyssa Milano Blames ICE for Baby Death

Alyssa Milano Blames ICE for Baby Death

Alyssa Milano Blames ICE for Baby Death

Actress Alyssa Milano isn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the Crayola box. Nor is she the sharpest tool in the shed. Nor is she (fill in your metaphor here).

She went into full rage mode last week when she read a TIME article which told how a pregnant Honduran immigrant went into premature labor at the Texas border. The woman delivered a stillborn baby, and according to Milano this is all ICE’s fault!

So she took to Twitter and wrote this:

“This is so upsetting. So. Fucking. Upsetting.

Honduran Woman Delivers Stillborn Baby in ICE Custody.”

Guys! I think poor Alyssa is really angry here!

alyssa milano

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Here’s what happened:

The Honduran woman was six months pregnant when Border Patrol and ICE captured her on February 18 at the border near Hidalgo, Texas. They took her to a hospital where she underwent two screenings, and then was released. Later in the evening, she began experiencing abdominal pain. Health Services personnel examined her, whereupon the director said she needed to get a hospital. However, the baby was coming too quickly, and EMS was called. The baby boy arrived before the medics did, and, sadly, was stillborn.

As for the woman — she is still in ICE custody.

ICE released this statement:

“Although for investigative and reporting purposes, a stillbirth is not considered an in-custody death, ICE and CBP officials are proactively disclosing the details of this tragic event to be transparent with Congress, the media and the public.”

So ICE is being open about this tragedy, and not trying to cover up. Good for them.

But that’s not enough for Alyssa Milano. Never mind that there are any number of medical reasons why this stillbirth happened. Furthermore — why is a woman at the end of her second trimester attempting to trek from Honduras to the US? Who does that? Answer: someone who wants to take advantage of birthright citizenship.

Milano doesn’t see that, though. The baby’s mother bears no responsibility for his death, of course. That baby should’ve lived, and it’s all the fault of ICE/Border Patrol/Trump — take your pick. Or all of them.

Isn’t it convenient, though, that Alyssa Milano only cares about dead babies when they fit her political narrative? Does she care about them when they’re scraped from their mothers’ wombs in a Planned Parenthood clinic?

Not at all. In fact, she’s quite the activist when it comes to abortion.

She famously protested Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s ascendency to the Supreme Court. And she wore the insipid Handmaid’s Tale costume to prove it.

Quite the drama queen, isn’t she?

She also participated in “Rise Up for Roe” marches.

How convenient that Alyssa Milano cries tears over dead babies when illegal immigrants deliver them. The New York Italian girl who grew up Roman Catholic, and who sports a rosary tattoo on her shoulder, has no trouble with Planned Parenthood dispatching six-month unborn babies in their charnel houses. Truly she lacks the self-awareness gene.

What a flaming hypocrite. And a mindless one, to boot.


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  • Scott says:

    She really should have just stuck to showing how cold it was on the set of “Charmed”… that was abiout the onkly thing she was good at.

  • Jim says:

    A woman delivered a still-born baby at the border. I thought that Democrats were all for dead babies and boasting about having killed one’s own foetus is a sign of progressive superiority amongst the hate-filled Leftist females? Or is this a case of some dead babies are more ”equal” and thus politically useful than other dead babies?

  • GWB says:

    (fill in your metaphor here)
    Not the brightest bulb in the array.
    Not the fastest bus on the motherboard.
    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    Not the sharpest tool in the shed (though she IS evidently a tool).

    Honduran Woman Delivers Stillborn Baby in ICE Custody.
    My very first thought was “You’d rather she delivered it stillborn in the friggin’ desert?”

    Who does that?
    Yep, you nailed it.

    That baby should’ve lived
    Yes, because most feminists have not friggin’ CLUE ONE about how good they have it with “reproductive health” in America! And just how poorly a lot of people in other countries treat themselves and their unborn children due to a combination of ignorance and poverty.

    What a flaming hypocrite.
    Yeah, it’s truly sad. And I used to like her.
    But progressivism will rot your brain.

  • Bevo Francis says:

    If she was so concerned why has she NOT adopted one or more of these people and OUT OF HER POCKET feed, cloth, house, educate and give money to them?

    Answer, because she is brain dead.

  • Nicki says:

    Yeah, because making the long, dangerous trek to the US border in not very sanitary conditions and without proper pre-natal care wouldn’t have anything to do with the baby’s death, now would it?

    Milano is good as a flotation device. That’s about it.

    • Banal Resentive says:

      Implants, as opposed to the real things, sink because their heavier than water. I wish she’d go swimming over the Mariana’s Trench.

  • Banal Resentive says:

    Err…auto(mis)spell coupled with a tiny on-screen keyboard makes for chronic SMH.

  • Bandit says:

    Whatever you do don’t think the expectant Mom-to-be bears any responsibility – let me guess ‘She didn’t know she was pregnant’

    W T F is wrong with these people

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