Alfie Evans Given Death Sentence By UK [VIDEO]

Alfie Evans Given Death Sentence By UK [VIDEO]

Alfie Evans Given Death Sentence By UK [VIDEO]

If you remember the story of Charlie Gard, and were outraged and grieved over how the British healthcare system decided that he was the property of the state – which meant his parents had no rights to seek additional medical treatment – then be aware that we are watching this story all over again with Alfie Evans.

Alfie Evans is 23 months old, and has what is being called a “rare undiagnosed degenerative neurological condition,” and has worn out the patience of the National Health Service, who see no value in prolonging his life. Sound familiar?

The High Court ruled in February Alder Hey Children’s Hospital could stop providing life support for Alfie against the wishes of his parents Tom Evans and Kate James.

The parents have since lost a series of legal challenges to the decision.

Alfie has been in Alder Hey since December 2016 with a rare undiagnosed degenerative neurological condition.

The hospital has argued that keeping him on a ventilator is not in “his best interests” and any further treatment was not only “futile” but also “unkind and inhumane”.

But his parents want to take him to Rome’s Bambino Gesu Paediatric Hospital, which has links to the Vatican, where his palliative care would continue.

Alfie’s parents had lodged an urgent application with the ECHR over the 23-month-old’s life support.

However, an ECHR spokesman said the family’s application was “inadmissible”.

Before today’s ECHR ruling, Alfie’s parents had already lost a first round of cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal and European Court of Human Rights, as well as two cases at the Supreme Court.

Earlier this month Mr Evans flew to Rome to meet Pope Francis and begged him to “save our son”.

Pope Francis has lent his support to the family, even tweeting this today.

The Italian government has even granted Alfie Italian citizenship, in hopes that he can then be moved to a hospital in Italy. Considering that Charlie Gard was given American citizenship and was still not able to leave the hospital, it seems all but certain that Alfie Evans is being condemned to death because he is a burden to the State.

Alfie’s ventilator was removed earlier today.

While the British are busy celebrating the birth of a royal baby, the government is simultaneously making sure Alfie Evans dies, compassion and human decency be damned.
How far “Great” Britain has fallen, when the state can decide which children are worthy of life.

We offer our prayers for Alfie and his parents. This should not be happening.

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