Alaska’s ballots are being counted; will Murkowsi overtake Miller? UPDATE: Will Murkowski concede? UPDATE: Murkowski press conference shortly; UPDATE: Murkowski concedes!

Alaska’s ballots are being counted; will Murkowsi overtake Miller? UPDATE: Will Murkowski concede? UPDATE: Murkowski press conference shortly; UPDATE: Murkowski concedes!

Stacy McCain has been covering the election results on location in Anchorage, Alaska.

The good news? Miller is still in the lead. The bad news? Murkowski has narrowed that lead. The results are being published here, and Miller is leading by less than 1,300 votes. Most of the absentee ballots counted today came from Murkowski strongholds, however; as Stacy pointed out, absentee ballots in the Miller area, the Mat-Su Valley, will not be counted until Wednesday.

I’ll keep updating as results come in.

UPDATE: CNN is reporting that Murkowski might concede. Interesting turn of events, huh?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski could concede the GOP Senate primary as early as Tuesday night after election officials in Alaska finish counting the day’s absentee ballots.

In an interview with CNN, Murkowski campaign spokesman Steve Wackowski was emphatic that the vote could still swing their way. “We’re being hopeful, we want to make sure that all the votes are counted,” he said.

But Wackowski also addressed the harsh reality that Murkowski might fall to the once lesser known, Tea Party Express-endorsed Joe Miller.

“I think we should know … by our calculus, we should know by tonight,” Wackowski said.

Wackowski was asked if Murkowski might concede the race to Miller once Tuesday’s ballot counting ends. “Unfortunately we’ve got all our options are on the table,” he lamented.

Officials with Alaska’s Division of Elections spent Tuesday counting thousands of absentee ballots and looking over others that might present potential challenges. Currently, Miller leads the vote tally by just under 1,300 votes, a lead that has shrunk, slightly, since counting began in the morning.

Big Government is reporting that the trend has swung that Murkowski cannot overtake Miller. Interesting news indeed. Will she concede to move on to something she sees as something bigger and better, or does she simply know that she’s been defeated and doesn’t want to pull an Al Franken? Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Murkowski will be holding a press conference within fifteen minutes. Conceding to Miller? ADN is reporting the the latest absentee ballots counted increased Miller’s lead. It’s not looking good for her… will she bow out? Stay tuned…

It’s looking bad for Lisa Murkowski.

The latest count of absentees increased Miller’s lead to 1,469 votes. That’s about 200 more votes for him than the last count. Fairbanks probably helped Miller, although the votes were also from Southeast and the Kenai Peninsula.

The Murkowski campaign was really counting on a big boost from Southeast.

That didn’t happen. The latest batch was a count of 2,760 votes. It brings the total counted today to about 15,700 votes. Most were Republican primary votes that impact the Miller Murkowski race. The rest were Democratic and Libertarian votes. Still awaiting some more Kenai absentee votes and that will be all that is counted today.

UPDATE: Stacy McCain had the news first — Murkowski concedes, and Joe Miller is victorious in Alaska’s GOP primary!

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