ACLU Supports Jihad-Endorsing Sarsour and Gets Owned

ACLU Supports Jihad-Endorsing Sarsour and Gets Owned

ACLU Supports Jihad-Endorsing Sarsour and Gets Owned

The ACLU has a love affair with Linda Sarsour and they want you to know it. We know, we, know, it’s the ACLU. They don’t know how to count (they keep skipping #2) and they would form an alliance with Satan if they could but oh, how they love the hijab-donning Brooklyn wonder woman! From earlier yesterday:

The Tweet links to a post from last summer:

“Sarsour is, in this sense, a leader in the truest form of the word. She is at the forefront of efforts to join together struggles and communities advocating for their own betterment. While not unique in her approach, she stands as a paragon of a new breed of Muslim activists who recognize that the remedies to injustice require collective action.”-Ali Gharib

A “leader in the truest sense of the word”, eh? Ummm…wow. Remember this?

Even potential ACLU donors are taken aback:

Sarsour claims to be fond of the Martin Luther King, Jr. statement that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” She claims to be a proud Muslim, an advocate of Islam but fails to note the unjust treatment of women on the other side of the globe. The ACLU creates a hashtag #IStandWithLinda and calls her a “leader in the truest sense of the word“. She fights from this side of the world against the “injustices” Muslim-Americans face but she is a hypocrite and a coward. It’s easy to don a hijab and support a “resistance” in the safety of the United States when your female counterparts on the other side of the world face TRUE oppression. This goes completely ignored on the masses of the “resistance” who support her. To them, Sarsour has become this rock star of the “resistance”, and those who support her are enamored by her appearance-the appearance of a Muslim woman donning the hijab by choice “speaking out”. They don’t see her for the fraud she is, cashing in on the opportunity of a volatile political climate; conveniently forget about the anti-Semitic rants and her advocacy of sharia. But you see, in liberal La-La-Land, it’s so easy to push stuff like that under the carpet when romanticizing a person who simply looks like your ideals. She’s got the mic and the sunglasses and a hijab and she’s speaking out and they eat it up.

It’s not every day I agree with Courtney Love…but she does have a point.

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  • GWB says:

    efforts to join together struggles and communities

    Hmmmm, anyone know what the word for “struggles” is in Arabic? It’s … hmmmm, I should know this……..

    The ACLU stopped being an organization interested in civil rights years ago. Now they support whatever it takes to advance the progressive agenda.

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