The Abortion Dress (Yes There Is Such a Thing)

The Abortion Dress (Yes There Is Such a Thing)

The Abortion Dress (Yes There Is Such a Thing)

Amidst the primaries, I’m looking at dresses. Not really. I am concerned about the state of chaos in our country with regard to this election. I am also concerned because I feel, personally, that media outlets left and right have let Trump madness steal the stage and overshadow some of the key issues that have brought us to this current state of mania. The current state of warped values, depravity and confusion even amongst sensible individuals we thought would not be confused or affected.

Hidden in the depths of cyberspace was a story about an actress by the name of Martha Plimpton. You may know her from The Good Wife and as the psychotic Catholic mother from The Real O’Neals. Plimpton, a woman who has had not one, but two abortions herself, has been a long-time abortion activist (language NSFW):

In 2014, reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case, Plimpton insisted that abortion “reinforces” motherhood. She wrote in a blog post:

It is time we stop pretending that abortion is some anomalous act that is outside the realm of the acceptable and normal. That it somehow damages the family structure or the meaning of motherhood. It does neither of those things. It reinforces them. Anything that strengthens the health and lives of women is good for families.

Plimpton took her advocacy for abortion one step further last week when she said “yes” to a dress emblazoned with the word “ABORTION” in big, bold capital letters and hearts. Yes, hearts.

You, too, can be the proud owner of an abortion dress for just $85 dollars. Whoever designed such as thing? I am so glad you’ve asked. None other than #ShoutYourAbortion co-founder, Seattle hipster queen (I sometimes really freaking hate where I live), Amelia Bonow!

Back in September, Bonow penned an essay for Salon chronicling how when she found out she was pregnant, she went on a weekend bender with her friends and showed up to her local clinic the following week where she had an abortion whilst high on pills. She stated that her abortion “made her happy”. What is Bonow doing now? Apparently, designing dresses for $85 bucks a pop and getting awards for telling her story of “courage” from one Michael Moore:

This is what some people in our jacked-up world define as “courageous” these days? This. Women parading around in dresses with a word that ultimately results in fetal demise. Let’s be real here. “Abortion” is emblazoned across their chests like some badge of honor and women like Martha Plimpton and Amelia Bonow are capitalizing on this. These same women who claim their desire to share their stories to take away the stigma of such a horrible, invasive, barbaric procedure call others in opposition repressed and/or misogynistic. They fire back with “F–the Patriarchy” to men. They fire back to women insults to the intellect of those of us who have enough common sense to see that reproductive responsibility (AKA BIRTH CONTROL) can prevent abortion most of the time and to those of us who possess enough of a moral compass to realize that a mortality is at stake. I am willing to bet that there are women who have endured abortions and do not want to wear a t-shirt or a mini-dress advertising their past deed not because they are forced by the patriarchy to be embarrassed about doing so but out of sheer remorse and respect for a life they’ve chosen to end. These delusional clowns may be heroes in their own right with their tribe. I doubt they’ve ever even considered for a moment the group of women who are pro-choice, have been through abortion and think they are fools. ABORTION does not equate cute little hearts and flowers. It is a tragic end to an unwanted life. Period. It is not a sisterhood every woman jumps up and down to be a part of. It is not an artsy-fartsy font or a trendy fashion statement.

Why do I bring all of this up now? Because it is critical. It illustrates the sad state of our values and a warped state of our liberties. At this point in time in our election year, some appear so sidetracked by the personalities, the yelling, the rioting and all of the headlines attached to all of the above. Some are so sidetracked, they forgot that every day people are walking around with these distorted perspectives on life and what (some) of us hold dear. Amelia Bonow and Martha Plimpton will for sure vote in this election and I guarantee you it will not be for a Conservative but for the Democrat who most closely aligns with their ideals. We need to remember this going forward. And we, now more than ever, need to keep it together.

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  • GWB says:

    “reproductive responsibility (AKA BIRTH CONTROL) can prevent abortion most of the time”
    I would be interested to know when it doesn’t?* Not that you even need “reproductive responsibility” (I like that term) to not have an abortion – you just need to believe there’s another human being involved and give a damn about that other human’s life.

    (* Aside from an ectopic pregnancy, or possibly a very young girl whose frame can’t handle it, there is no medical reason for an abortion, ever. The only reasons are selfish ones.)

    There are many women who are foolish and uninformed on abortion (some of them even get abortions). There is another group who are evil killers.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    Spot on as always, GWB. The key here is responsibility even IF a pregnancy should occur. These poor excuses (IMO) for women don’t give a rat’s turd that perhaps there’s a beating heart in there. They don’t get it. They don’t WANT to get it.

  • Merle says:

    Somehow I’m reminded of a song from the sixties titled “master Jack” – the line was “it’s a strange world we live in” as best I can recall.


  • Lisa Carr says:

    You taught me all the things the way you’d like them to be
    But I’d like to see if other people agree
    It’s all very interesting the way you disguise
    But I’d like to see the world through my own eyes–Master Jack

    It is a strange world we live in, Merle.

  • j walter says:

    What’s the problem? Feminism made babies a choice.

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