A Trump Republican Winning In 2024? Leftist Heads Are Already Exploding!

A Trump Republican Winning In 2024? Leftist Heads Are Already Exploding!

A Trump Republican Winning In 2024? Leftist Heads Are Already Exploding!

The farce election of 2020 cannot ever happen again. It’s looking good that it won’t. Leftist heads are exploding.

Swing states that were targeted by libs in the cluster of fun known as election 2020 have learned their lesson. They are making swift and strident changes to never be gaslit again. The rest of us appreciate their efforts. The future of elections in America appreciates their efforts. Future Americans appreciate their efforts. American citizens who have escaped tyranny where elections are a joke, appreciate their efforts. The only demographic that doesn’t is the liberal lunatics who think Socialism is just awesome.

Liberals in Congress are still smarting after HR1 went down in flames after a GOP filibuster last month. HR1 was the Democrats effort to legalize and federalize every cheat move they used in 2020. New terminology the left came up with after that liberal loss, take note everyone—“Big Lie”. Get ready, you’re going to see liberal talking heads using it as often as they do “racist Trump supporters”, “anti-vaxxers” and “Russian misinformation”. It won’t take long. Keep reading.

Meanwhile, over in Arizona, the ongoing drama of a ballot audit promises to not unscrew the election results of 2020. Maricopa County election officials still have not turned over all the subpoenaed documents for the audit to be complete. It is as if they are afraid it will give Conservatives an opportunity to say “toldja”. Or worse. It will open a firestorm of election integrity reforms not just in Arizona, but nationwide. Hey Maricopa County election officials…too late!

The Arizona audit is  shaping the results for 2024. Arizona officials aren’t saying much about what they’re finding out. The one thing they are saying—no more voting machines.

“Maricopa County announced…it will replace voting equipment that was turned over to a private contractor for a Republican-commissioned review of the 2020 presidential election, concerned that the process compromised the security of the machines.”

Arizona Senator, Wendy Rogers, said she’s all for auditing all the states. Red. Blue. Purple. Any state using voting machines. Do it.

Who else had as much fun as I did watching liberals and the media lose their mind over Georgia’s new election laws that actually expanded voting but prevented cheating? Liberals and Democrats actually overused a favorite liberal buzz word “racist” for that episode. Biden’s administration is attempting to fight that new law. Indicators are that it will fizzle out as nothing more than a frivolous lawsuit.

The cheating edge is slipping away. Can you feel it? Maybe. But what is more exciting, is the left is feeling it and their heads are exploding. Read this headline from NBS (sic—purposely) from Monday with glee.

What’s keeping democracy experts up most at night? An overturned election.

“Scholars” are concerned. Get ready folks, the left will be trotting out “the sky is falling” doomsday “repeat of January 6th violence will happen” fear mongering. All this leftie panic is positively delicious. Enjoy it.

“Nightmare scenarios include local or state officials refusing to certify votes, governors and state legislatures submitting electoral votes that disagree with each other or overrule the apparent vote counts, fights over the legitimacy of judges overseeing the process and the House and Senate disagreeing on the winner. “

Of course, when you read “over turned election” through the lens of a lib, you’re actually reading “Trump in the White House” or “a Trump Republican in the White House”. Newly minted buzz-phrase, “the Big Lie”, will be used freely. Feel it, hear it in the voices of liberal “experts”, enjoy it. Oh the pearl clutching is real. NBS referenced Michigan’s secretary of state’s fears of reforms coming to her state that she is reaching out for Biden’s help. She’ll need to be patient. Joe is busy waiting for his Georgia lawsuit to be handed back to him as frivolous. He’ll need a nap after that.

Are you having fun watching leftists’ heads exploding?

The thought of election integrity actually happening in 2024, resulting in a Republican in the White House, occupies rent-free space in their minds.

Feature Photo Credit: GPA Photo Archive, Voting 1940, Creative Commons BY-NC2.0, cropped.

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  • Scott says:

    “Swing states that were targeted by libs in the cluster of fun known as election 2020 have learned their lesson. They are making swift and strident changes to never be gaslit again. ” I wish that was true everywhere. the leftists now controlling Colorado passed a law preventing any kind of fair and honest audit of elections in this state. Essentially, they passed their own version of HR1.. This state is screwed!

    • Scott, I hate to burst your bubble. Colorado is no longer a red state, not even purple. It is deep blue. A piece for another day is how to unscrew the tentacles the left has on blue states. I live in the Pacific NW….there is no way on God’s green earth Washington state is going to give up voting machines. I used to live in Oregon. All the cheat moves you just saw in 2020 were perfected for decades in Oregon’s elections. The HR1 moves are institutionalized in blue states, and almost because federalized. Hope for fair national elections. In the meantime, move to a red state. I am.

      • Scott says:


        No bubble to burst, it’s been clear for years that the massive influx of californians has ruined this state. Back in the 90’s everyone made fun of Boulder, as it was the only real collection of leftist stupidity on the state. It now infests all the major cities and college towns in the state. Much like california, new york, and other blue states, once you get out of the cities, they’re mostly red. My county is one of the best, it’s like being in another state al together from denver.
        As to moving to a red state, I’ve got three years till retirement. Already looking at my options…

  • Hinky Dinky says:

    Heads are explodin’ on both the left and right! Oh My! Didn’t Mike LIndell, that deep resevoir of political wisdom, recently say something about Trump being reinstated in August? If LIndell is correct, why all the worry?

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