$94 Trillion For Green New Deal Is Pocket Change To Democrats

$94 Trillion For Green New Deal Is Pocket Change To Democrats

$94 Trillion For Green New Deal Is Pocket Change To Democrats

We all know that AOC’s Green New Deal is a mess of epic proportions. We all know that climate change is a hoax science considering that hockey stick graphs have been debunked many times over. However, when folks start crunching real numbers, we find out how fiscally unsustainable the Green New Deal is. Yet Democrats think that $94 trillion or more is mere pocket change.

Kim wrote about AOC’s epically poor knife skills (she should’ve been CHOPPED) in the kitchen along with her blathering about children, Dianne Feinstein, and plastic bags are the devil! here. 

Yet when anyone pushes back at AOC about her proposals, her go to response is to say YOU LIE!

Well toots, try and defend people attempting to put real numbers to your asinine ideas.

“A. Clean Energy

We estimate that to transition to a power sector that has net zero emissions of greenhouse gases in 10 years would require a capital investment of $5.4 trillion by 2029. In addition, the annual operation, maintenance, and capital-recovery costs would be $387 billion.[1] We consider this estimate to be conservative in two respects. First, we assume that a low-carbon electricity grid is feasible with only 4 hours of storage available for renewable resources; academic estimates have said a reliable grid requires 12 hours.[2] Second, we assume no new construction of transmission assets is required, even though efficiently siting new renewable assets will require significant transmission infrastructure.”

Read that again. That cost is ONLY predicated upon the fact that no new construction would be required to deal with the power sector.

By the way, the wind projects in WY can only go so far. Why? Because the green idiots in California have deemed that the storage solutions aren’t GREEN enough. Which means, more dollars. So the cost estimates of this are low.

As for high-speed rail, it’s evident that anyone touting the Green New Deal doesn’t understand, nor has ever been west of Washington D.C., building more railroads would require EPA oversight, tunnels through mountains, seizure of property, and decades of construction considering how vast the United States is.

Job guarantees? AWESOME!! No. Shades of Ayn Rand.

It’s already promised in this craptastic mess that salaries will be provided even if people don’t want to work. And that cost to all of us unlucky taxpayers? $44.6 trillion between 2020 and 2029. Yay.

The universal healthcare component? Let’s just say that it will be Obamacare amped up on hideously expensive steroids.

Homes for everyone! WOOOOOOO

“HUD currently estimates that 92 percent of its subsidized housing stock is “occupied.” The 8 percent unoccupied share yields nearly 402,000 units – a shortfall of 25,000 households. What would filling that shortfall look like? A recent Government Accountability Office study[13] examined the costs for Low-Income Housing Tax Credit projects. Applying the median California per-unit construction costs (a reasonable proxy considering California’s level of environmental standards) of $360,000 yields a price tag of $8.2 billion. These are, of course, the broadest, most approximate estimates of merely getting a guaranteed roof over a head.”

As for renovating all current buildings? It’s an estimated $4.2 trillion. Here’s the thing, our home is supposedly a Net Zero home. Yet in the time from when we built our home to the Net Zero home build specs, a half mile down the road the costs and regulations for the same went up by about $36,000. That increase happened in less than 18 months.

Making sure everyone is fed and has availability to grocery stores? Build all those trains QUICK! On point, but I digress.

Exactly how does the Green New Deal plan to alleviate food insecurity? The only thing that is clear about their plan is to tax us MOAR! Which, on a conservative estimate, would be approximately $1.5 billion of our tax dollars. So that means community gardens for all, greenhouses everywhere, and those farting cows will magically disappear.


I don’t even know where to begin with those two young ladies. Oh wait. I do know.  Climate change is NOT the responsible party for the financial choices of Kentuckians or anyone else. But that’s evidently where we are these days.

Here’s the deal. The VERY conservative estimate of how to make this Green New Deal work is $94 Trillion.

Think about that. EVERY single American’s wealth adds up to approximately $00 Trillion dollars. And yet conservative estimates of the lunatic Green New Deal put us at $94 Trillion?

Note to Alexandra Ocaso-Cortez? POUND SAND.

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  • Jeff Powell says:

    The goal of the Green Socialists is to control everything and everyone. $94 trillion out of $100 trillion? Sounds like that will about do it!

  • Laka says:

    It will be easy to raise $100 trillion-just take it from the Koch brothers and problem solved! The idea that such an expenditure would reduce the entire country to poverty and require slave labor by everyone who is not in the national Socialist Party, is just another republican meme designed to scare people, which is something the Socialist Party of our nation would never do. And remember, if we don’t have a green new deal, you, your children, and everyone you know will all die excruciating deaths in less than 12 years! So reject Republican fear mongering and vote for socialism in our nation!

    • Scott says:

      Either you’re being very sarcastic, or you have been drinking the koolaide, and don’t math well..If you are not being sarcastic, please go educate yourself, try to understand basic math (and maybe a little history / human nature), and come back when you grow up.

  • Stephen says:

    Think about that. EVERY single American’s wealth adds up to approximately $00 Trillion dollars. And yet conservative estimates of the lunatic Green New Deal put us at $94 Trillion?

    Before the green/reds get any ideas, they better remember that most of that $94 trillion is already spoken for in their new deal. The plan assumes real estate and retrofitting of existing buildings to meet goals. If they decided to try to take a chunk of that $94 trillion, it would drive up their price tag even more.

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