84 Lumber’s #SuperBowl Commercial Promotes Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

84 Lumber’s #SuperBowl Commercial Promotes Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

84 Lumber’s #SuperBowl Commercial Promotes Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

How political would the Super Bowl be? Would Lady Gaga say or sing something during the halftime show? How about the commercials?

As Lisa wrote here, Lady Gaga stayed smart and way above politics. The announcers, near as I could tell, stayed far away from anything overtly political. Most of the ads stayed out of it as well – with the exception of Audi as I mentioned here. However, one company, 84 Lumber, decided to go political big time.

The ad aired during the halftime show right before Lady Gaga’s show. While watching it here at our house, pretty much everyone looked around and said “Did they REALLY just say that illegal immigration is GOOD??!!”

Why yes, yes they did. Watch. Seriously, watch the entire thing.

But wait! According to 84 Lumber, this ad is just about the person they are looking to hire!!

Uh Huh. SURE IT IS. First of all, their twitter account is chock full of advocacy for the ad. Secondly, their website, now back up and running, has a graphic of the ad with the phrase saying this:

(Contains Content Deemed Too Controversial for TV)

Third, the company decided it was time to take a stand and make everyone uncomfortable.

“Ignoring the border wall and the conversation around immigration that’s taking place in the media and at every kitchen table in America just didn’t seem right,” said Rob Shapiro, the chief client officer at Brunner, the agency that worked with 84 Lumber to come up with the ad. “If everyone else is trying to avoid controversy, isn’t that the time when brands should take a stand for what they believe in?”

So, they had to change the ad that aired slightly and show a barbed wire fence instead of a wall. It doesn’t matter. The implication was there in capital letters.

Unreal is right. The fact is the commercial hits all the high points. Pain, anguish, suffering, perseverance, etc. The PROBLEM is, it advocates Illegal Immigration! Seriously, a wall? A wall with a DOOR in it?? There is absolutely nothing in that ad that promotes trying to come to the United States via legal means. Moreover, it is a direct slam against President Trump.

84 Lumber took one helluva chance on this particular political issue. However, I do have to wonder if they really took a good look at their customer base? Fact is, illegal immigrants have always been known for providing cheap labor. Is 84 Lumber hiring? Some, seeing that ad, may think so.

Or maybe not, but that’s certainly the message they are sending. 84 Lumber stepped out onto a major political ledge by overtly advocating that Trump’s wall is is wrong and illegal immigration is Ok. Hopefully they are prepared for the consequences should that ledge crumble underneath them.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Smart Ad – when your business plan is encouraging people to hire folks who work day labor jobs, for below min wage and no benefits, in your parking lot.

    And, I thought it was sweet that the girl took the piece of cloth from the fence. Was it a piece of her underwear or her Mom’s? Since any girl, however young, is subject to gang rape, it’s best to some momentoes to remember the experience. I, also, liked the scene of the child and adult alone in the desert. That’s where the coyotes left them, without food or water, after taking their money. I noted they didn’t have a backpack, so I guess that they were abandoned after they’d delivered the drugs the cartel forced them to carry to the US. Yes, 84 Lumber, let’s encourage “undocumented aliens” to violate our laws. Your ad next year can show the gangs and grinding poverty of their lives once they get here. But, you and your customers want ultra cheap labor that can’t complain, so, good as.

  • J Walter says:

    That makes me want to buy their wood, why?

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