Heartbreak: This Christian Cleric May have Only Days to Survive

I saw Megyn Kelly’s interview Tuesday evening with The Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew White, an Anglican cleric, who is left stranded in Baghdad as it becomes encircled by the horror that is ISIS.

Canon White, of St. George’s Church and Clinic in Baghdad, is head of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, a humanitarian relief organization focused on, in their words, “providing a spiritual home, medical care and humanitarian relief as well as promoting reconciliation amongst different religious groups.” As they say, “We work in one of the world’s most dangerous countries, convinced that God has not forgotten the people of Iraq.”

Canon Andrew White

Now, as of the writing of this post, ISIS may be only one mile from Baghdad, according to Sky News. Canon White reports:

“I’ve never known the city like it is at the moment. Streets which are usually choc-a-bloc with traffic, cars and people are almost empty. People are too fearful to even leave their homes. We are at a crisis point. People know ISIS are coming nearer. People are being killed by the (air) attacks of the coalition. This is horrendous. We have civilians being killed yet IS are moving towards Baghdad.”

And those air attacks?

“All the military airstrikes are doing nothing. If ever we needed your prayer it is now.”

If you watch no other video today, please watch that interview Canon White held with Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File. He describes to Megyn Kelly how there is no escape from Baghdad — the roads are blocked by ISIS, and no planes are scheduled to leave until Monday at the earliest; that is, if flights will leave at all. And, in a horrifying statement, he declares the Iraqi army — the military force that Obama has trusted to defend their country — is worthless in the face of ISIS. One Iraqi soldier told the canon that in the face of ISIS he would remove his uniform and run — he had only joined up for the money anyway. 

The video is linked here. I must tell you that it brought me to tears to think that this man of God who truly lives his faith may be dead shortly, butchered by barbarians in the most gruesome manner possible.

If you are, like me, a Christian, please pray for Canon Andrew White’s deliverance from the evil of ISIS.

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