Obama and the Holy Grail: More than Just a Flesh Wound

Obama and the Holy Grail: More than Just a Flesh Wound

Obama and the Holy Grail: More than Just a Flesh Wound

As I reflect back on the events of this past week as they relate to our President, I am reminded of a scene from the classic movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Watch the clip below, and see if you can figure out which of the two combatants I think is more like our Commander in Chief.

In my studied opinion, Obama is more like the Black Knight, for several reasons, none of which has to do with the color of his skin. Feel free to disagree with my analysis. After all, I am not afraid of different opinions. I invite your explanations in the comment section.

The Black Knight puts up an impressive facade. Standing silent, he tries at first to ignore King Arthur as he approaches. It becomes clear that the Black Knight is all talk, with no real fighting skills to back up his bravado. He thinks that his mere word (“None shall pass”) will stop the advancing enemy. Sound familiar? When the Black Knight’s threats fail to convince the enemy, a comedic battle of the swords ensues.

Some of the most memorable lines from the movie come during this scene. For example, when the Black Knight, having just had his left arm severed by the King, tries to continue to fight while blood spurts profusely from his massive shoulder wound, the King points out that the Knight’s arm has been severed. Although the critical nature of the wound stares the Black Knight and all around him in the face, he still denies its severity and says, “Tis but a scratch.” When his right arm is subsequently severed, he again denies reality and states, “It’s just a flesh wound.” The Black Knight then tiptoes over to the enemy King and kicks him while he is offering a prayer of thanksgiving for having defeated the Black Knight. Although the King is startled and falls over, he is unharmed, and rises again to continue swinging the sword. He soon severs the Knight’s remaining appendages, even while the Black Knight professes that he is “invincible”. As the victorious King rides away on his imaginary horse, the Black Knight accuses him of running away, still trying to spin reality to fit his skewed illusions.

Similarly, President Obama often denies the veracity and severity of what everyone else knows to be the stark truth. I have to question whether he honestly believes his own lies or if he just thinks we are so stupid that he can convince us that we are wrong, despite his repeated assertions. Consider this video montage.

Just as the Black Knight denied what anyone else would see so clearly, Obama denied saying what we heard him brag about so often. The withdrawal of troops from Iraq is not the only truth that Obama has denied. How often have we heard him deny that ISIS is not an Islamic group?

Columnist and author Charles Krauthammer argued that President Obama denies reality by refusing to identify “the Islamist character” of terrorist “barbarism” during a discussion of the president’s praise for a cleric who advocated a fatwa against Americans ….

“This is consistent in this administration to downplay the Islamist character of the barbarism that we see around the world” Krauthammer said, adding that he would guess “[Obama is] afraid that if he acknowledges the obvious reality people will associate Islam with this barbarism and make them equivalent whereas nobody is asking him to do that.”

“He calls it ‘violent extremism.’ He used the phrase three times at the UN as if the violence that we see around the world … by an amazing coincidence are perpetrated in the name of Islam. Of course the majority of Muslims are peaceful. But to deny the roots of this ideology in a great religion is to deny reality and to intellectually and morally disarm those who want to fight it. If you can’t name the enemy, you don’t want to identify the enemy, you can’t correctly fight the enemy. For God sakes, even the United Arab Emirates called ISIS Islamic extremism, and ISIS itself calls itself the Islamic State. They proudly proclaim this, and Obama denies it.”

Once again we hear Obama’s maddening denial: “It’s just a flesh wound.”

Moreover, just days ago when we heard the shocking news that a recent Muslim convert in Oklahoma had beheaded a female coworker, local police and the FBI adopted Obama’s pattern of denial and called the incident “workplace violence” rather than an act of terror. This ludicrous denial is reminiscent of Obama’s infamous denials regarding the horrific murders committed by Major Hassan and the Boston marathon bombers. Obama asserted that these were not acts of Islamic terror. The resemblance of the Oklahoma beheading to recent beheadings in the Middle East by ISIS terrorists is a mere coincidence in the opinions of Obamaphiles. Once again, we hear Obama’s mantra: “It’s just a flesh wound.”

Since Obama is in such denial, it is refreshing to see that he has also been denied a few things in the last month:

-Labor Day weekend: Several golf courses in New York denied Obama a tee time on Labor Day.

-September 25, 2014: A federal judge denied the Obama Administration’s request to further delay the release of Fast and Furious documents that were requested in 2012 by Judicial Watch. The documents must be produced by October 22, ahead of the midterm elections. Many speculate that this order led to the resignation of Eric Holder. No doubt Obama will deny that.

I for one am looking forward to the November Denial: when voters deny Obama and the Democrats a majority control of the Senate. When that happens, it will be more than a mere flesh wound to Obama’s agenda.

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  • Optimizer says:

    OK, I respectfully disagree.

    It’s an interesting comparison, and both are certainly boastful serial liars, but there are important differences. First of all, Obama often points blame at others and (implicitly) at racism. But secondly, and more importantly, the Black Night is actually being hurt, and is losing. The implicit assumption among many on the right is that since he has a terrible track record, he’s “losing”, but in reality his goals are completely different, and he has succeeded at many of them. You could say the “Stimulus” was a failure, for example – and it was, regarding it’s STATED objectives – but it was actually a trillion dollar heist, where the money went primarily to leftist causes (Democratic districts, schools, and colleges). It was beyond Jesse James’ imagination in its scope.

    ObamaCare has been a complete disaster for the country in every possible way, but from Obama’s perspective it has created a permanent underclass (especially among young blacks) for him to exploit and put us on the road to having 1/6 of the economy go Socialist. As a Fabian Socialist, he actually bragged about his successes, saying he had surpassed FDR and Johnson, and that’s true. Not only has he added yet another entitlement program, but he has also added massive debt, the like of which his predecessors could never have even imagined.

    Obama got re-elected (even though everyone knew he sucked), Congress will never impeach him, and he will spend the rest of his term daring them to, with ever-increasing overreach, humiliating them in the process. Wait until after the mid-term election – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. He’s not paying for anything. He’ll pardon all his co-conspirators the last week (or two, or three) on the job, and make billions giving speeches in his retirement. The historians will applaud him, just as they applaud the way FDR kept the Depression going, because they’re socialists too.

    On the point of the pathological lying, he’s the poster child of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Such people constantly distort reality to glorify themselves. They don’t really CARE what the truth is as they spout their lies – they consider it irrelevant. they get away with it because they’re telling people what they want to hear. In Obama’s case, he also has an overwhelming propaganda arm in the media. He is the very embodiment of one of their core beliefs – multiculturalism – and so they will always give him a pass, even as he abuses them. There’s a sucker born every minute, and a great many LIVs buy it. The Left also owns the schools and Universities and pop culture entertainment, and enjoys support of elitist billionaires. Obama isn’t the only one who isn’t afraid to make outrageous claims that aren’t true, and these people have nothing to fear – even as their lies have to grow and grow.

    Deep down, people with NPD know that they aren’t everything they claim, and so they invariably cheat, actively working to sabotage their opponents. If you look at the most prominent victim of the IRS scandal, you’ll see that she was harassed by a number of different Federal agencies – the only organization in charge of all of the was the White House. Obama was obviously behind that, but the truth may never come out.

    As far as Islam goes, Bush used to say pretty much the same thing. For any POTUS, there’s the fundamental issue of freedom of religion, so you can’t really “pick on” any religion, plus there’s the practical matter of not wanting to incite domestic violence. For Bush, there’s the bogus “religion = morality” concept, and with Obama, any enemy of the Founder’s America is his friend.

    As far as “workplace violence”, I’m not sure that “terrorism” is the right word either. I don’t think the Ft Hood guy or this recent OK guy were trying to incite mass fear, the way the 9/11 guys were. They WERE, however, engaging in their own jihad against non-Muslims. To me, it doesn’t really sound the same as when people try to make a random person afraid that they could be blown up for just standing somewhere. These two guys knew the people they killed, and simply decided they were enemies of Islam and must die. There was no grand plan to try to intimidate an entire population.

  • Donna says:

    Thanks, Optimizer. I appreciate the depth of your analysis and your carefully explained rationale. There is always room for differing interpretation in these types of comparisons. Few people take the time to give movies the thought that is required to extract points of similarity to or difference from current events. Please share again in the future!

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