Ezra Klein and The Constitution (Video)

Poor Ezra Klein! You’d think with his gig at MSNBC and esteemed career as a ‘Journo-list’, he would have a good grasp of the documents that represent the underpinnings of our Republic. But apparently he’s perplexed over that whole Constitution thing. And the reason? Well it’s just too confusing because… wait for it… it’s OLD!

Besides showing what a dunce he really is, Ezra Klein once again demonstrates the contempt progressive liberals have for what our founders and framers created for us. Klein, like every other progressive out there believes that average Americans like you and me (and even him) can’t possibly think for ourselves or make our own choices in life. The concept of “We the People” is much too antiquated and non-relevant. We need the government to do our thinking, understanding, and decision-making for us — they are so much better at it, superior in fact.

Sorry Ezra but The Constitution really is pretty important. It defines the role of our government and places constraints upon its power. Just because you think its old and out of date, doesn’t make it so. Citizens all around this country carry pocket Constitutions with them (I do!) just so they can know it better while others take an oath to uphold and defend it. For such an educated man you really are quite dense.


Update: Here are a several links of others who wrote on this subject far more eloquently then me. Check them out!!

St. Toldjah

Update 2: Ezra Klein walks back his comments.

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