Michelle Obama’s Thrift Store Dress

Michelle Obama’s Thrift Store Dress

Well let me – a gleeful MO critic – say that this choice was incredible! I am a huge vintage fan and this 1950’s couture outfit is believed to be the first vintage dress worn by a first lady to a public event. It is one of a kind and was made by American designer Norman Norelli, who died in 1972 and was considered to be one of the most influential designers of his time. I really love it!


Michelle Obama’s Thrift Store Dress

Michelle Obama is normally such a hot mess when it comes to her fashion choices, that this sweet black-lace overlay cami frock with a full skirt from New York Vintage, is such a nice surprise. No one really knows how much MO paid for her thrift store dress — some are guesstimating around $2,500 — but whatever it was, it was worth it! By the way, MO is wearing this for the “Christmas in Washington” concert, which was taped Sunday and airing on TNT tonight.

Don’t worry though. Her next fashion cringe is just around the corner! 🙂

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  • Sandra says:

    I think it’s ugly and I bet it makes her ASS look even more gigantic!

  • Dean says:

    She’s gross no matter what she wears.

  • Beth says:

    Is Michelle Obama on steroids or something? She is way too big and cut for a woman. Just sayin. I like the dress too just not on her.

  • David says:

    I’m surprised at all of the negative posts. I mean, sure, M.O. often looks less than stellar but even a broken clock is right twice a day. So she got lucky… Let her have her day.

    She’s right when she’s right, and she’s wrong when she’s wrong. (It’s just sad that she (and her husband) are so often wrong : ( )

  • Leslie says:

    My how we have all become critics of the Obama family. It amazes me that you ball find such fault when this WHOLE country is jacked up. Barak only tried to make some necessary changes. Others have only concerned themselves with making the rich richer. You know what others I speak of.

  • David says:

    Leslie, you are wrong, I am sorry to say. Barak is acting within inexperience, naivete (sp?) too many outside influences and with – yes – socialist intentions.

    He is part of the PROBLEM with this nation, not part of the solution. His “successes” will come back to bite us. Even the recinding of DADT will result in bad (and, as usual – unforseen) results.

    Here’s to following ROME into the sh*thole of history…

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