Michael Vick’s Christmas Wish: A Dog

Michael Vick’s Christmas Wish: A Dog

He wants one, as a pet, for his family. But after serving 19 months at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, part of his release agreement was that he would never own another dog.

“My entire life I grew up with a pet in my house. The last few years were the first that I haven’t had one. My daughter is used to it, my son is used to it. It’s just different. I feel bad for them and the entire situation, what I did. It could be part of my rehabilitation process showing people I do care about animals sincerely and genuinely… Whatever animal I’d have would live a happy life…. I know that.”

Aw. It’s for the children!

You might remember one of the sicker details of Michael Vick’s crime was that dogs that didn’t win in his bloody, vicious dog fighting ring were tortured and killed. Do people who “sincerely care about animals” like he says he does, do to animals what he did? Nope.

It’s true that people can change and dogs can help them change but… has Michael Vick changed?

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  • James says:

    Oh great. If he misses dogs, tell him and his family to go volunteer at the local no-kill animal shelter. He can clean kennels where he’ll be supervised and video recorded just in case. No dogs for him.

  • Starla says:

    Didn’t Michael Vick do his time for the crime? Last time I looked dogs were still considered property. Let him have a dog already.

  • I have to say that while I can understand why people would say he shouldn’t, he paid for his crime. I honestly believe that any dog of his would be treated better many others.

    I am actually more uncomfortable with the government telling people that they can’t own a dog. He makes a great deal of money, he can afford to pay for someone to check on the dog weekly, and over time reduce the amount of time someone needs to check on the pet.

  • mircea stoian says:

    i wish to say to you merry christmas and a happy new year.kind regards,mircea

  • BikerDan says:

    I can see some of you are not particularly “dog people”. Dogs to some might be considered “property” but it’s property that is a living, breathing animal with a semblance of intelligence and self-awareness. To be used for the sole purposes of fighting for money and then killed when no longer valuable is wrong and for Vick, a despicable crime. There has to be some point when you look at mans best friend and allow yourself to soften to the idea that they are not deserving of such treatment.

    Who cares if Vick can pay for someone to check on the dog on a weekly basis? A lot can happen in a week. That’s just nonsense. He doesn’t deserve to have a dog but then I’m a dog guy.

  • JohnPaul says:

    Dogs are not humans BikerDan. Get a grip before you start crying like Boehner.

  • Marsha says:

    Michael Vick seems to be confusing rehabilitating himself with rehabilitating his image. Vick’s not sorry about the dogs, like all criminals, he’s sorry he got caught. NO Dogs for Vick!

    Hey JohnPaul learn to read friend. Dan was NOT implying that dogs are equal to humans and John Boehner, the “crybaby”? Well, he’ll take your liberal friends in congress’ lunch money when he’s Speaker.

  • kate says:

    personally, i’d rather Vick never have a dog again. his children can enjoy how awesome dogs are from other people – like friends who include them as members of their family.

  • kate says:

    “Michael Vick seems to be confusing rehabilitating himself with rehabilitating his image.”

    i agree Marsha.

  • Ken says:

    “Dogs are not humans BikerDan. Get a grip before you start crying like Boehner.”

    He never said they were, genius. However, he points out that dogs feel pain and are living creatures, something you don’t seem to either realize or care about.

    Now why don’t you get a sense of compassion before you start resembling Hillary Clinton.

  • Eddy says:

    Vick electrocuted, drowned, hanged, shot and slammed dogs to the ground to kill them. He purposely starved them and tethered them to car axles with heavy chains. The fact that he has grown up around dogs proves that he knew what he was doing and had no regard for these dogs. A person like this cannot be rehabilitated. He disgusts me to the very core. I wouldn’t let him within 10 feet of my dog. He is a psychopath.

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