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Vote for me for 2011’s Grande Conservative Blogress Diva!

Vote for me for 2011’s Grande Conservative Blogress Diva!

It is that time of year again — time to vote for Gay Patriot’s Grande Conservative Blogress Diva! And for the first time ever, yours truly is nominated. Now, what exactly is the Grande Conservative Blogress Diva? Well…

After extensive consultations with our committee, we have determined that the following blogresses, divas all, are the nominees for the coveted honor of Grande Conservative Blogress Diva 2011, the tiara commonly known as the “Ethel” in honor of one of perhaps the greatest Republican diva of all time.

Runners up will be honored as Conservative Blogress Diva Regent, also known as the Agnes or Endora in honor of another staunchly Republican diva.

Remember, to qualify as a conservative blogress diva, a nominee need only be a strong woman who commands the respect of gay male conservatives. She need not be conservative herself.

Let the cat fight competition begin.

Last year’s winner — and the winner the year before that — was Pamela Gellar, with neoneocon serving as regent. And I just cannot tell you how much I would love to be this year’s winner. (Do I have to pull out the hubby-serving-in-Afghanistan and the baby cards? Because I totally will.)

You can vote once a day, so I need everyone to please vote every day. I am up against some stiff competition — Michelle Malkin, Mary Katharine Ham, Tammy Bruce, Melissa Clouthier, Fausta Wertz, Ann Althouse, just to name a few — so I need your votes! Right now, I’m trailing to Clarice Feldman from American Thinker, so please go get me in the lead!

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