Yes MS-13 Gang Members Are Animals. Here’s Why [VIDEO]

Yes MS-13 Gang Members Are Animals. Here’s Why [VIDEO]

Yes MS-13 Gang Members Are Animals. Here’s Why [VIDEO]

Much to do has been made over the last couple of days regarding President Trump’s remarks about MS-13. If you only read the headlines one would think that he called ALL illegal immigrants animals. But of course, very few have bothered to check the actual transcript or video, which Toni discussed here.

But NOOOOO.. the Left and media would have us believe that MS-13 is just a group of folks running around spreading hearts, flowers, and unicorns everywhere!

This comment is just flat out stupid.

But it was ok for Jennifer to call Trump an animal last August. And it’s ok for Ana Navarro to do the same yesterday and in 2016?

Double standards on a YUUUGE scale!

Folks, MS-13 is ‘just’ a gang; all who are involved in it have abandoned all sense of humanity. Vicious and inhumane is about the only way one can describe them.

Think I’m wrong? Check out this slideshow from the Houston Chronicle. Thirty nine slides of lives ruined forever due to the brutality of MS-13 over the span of just ONE YEAR. Their brutality includes torture, stabbing, rape, kidnapping, mutilation, dismemberment, and more.

So, tell me again how sweet, innocent, and cute MS-13 is! What has the gang done to make their community, wherever that is, better? I’ll wait …

Didn’t think so. It is a proven fact that MS-13 is a gang of violent criminals. What they do is inhumane on every level. Yet the Left is defending them.

Lest you think MS-13 is a new deal. No, no it’s not. I’ve known about the gang for years as I work with law enforcement and believe me, that gang is on their radar. Not only that, but Townhall’s Katie Pavlich detailed some of the horrendous crimes the gang was involved in in her 2014 report.

In an interview with Border Patrol agents, 15-year-old self admitted MS-13 member with the last name Aguilar said he killed a member of rival gang 18th Street six months ago with a fully automatic Uzi before coming to the United States.

“He claims he walked over to the wounded rival, and emptied the magazine into the rival’s body,” interview documents show.

Aguilar also admitted to, “being involved in extortion for the gang,” and “collecting money from local vendors and threatening them if they refused to pay.”

There are multiple stories from years prior as well. But let’s fast forward again to 2018 and this story from the Prince William County area. 

Let’s not forget the story of 15-year-old Nisa Mickens and 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas, whose parents were invited guests of President Trump at January’s State of the Union.

CBS New York reports that on September 13, the day before her 16th birthday, Nisa Mickens’ brutally beaten body was found on a tree-lined street. The next day, the beaten body of her lifelong friend, 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas, was discovered in the wooded backyard of a nearby home.

“The murders of these teens are particularly disturbing,” said Capers, who described the killings as being perpetrated by “MS-13 gang members swinging bats and machetes.” He said that Mickens was so badly beaten around her head and face that she was barely recognizable.

More than a dozen MS-13 gang members were indicted for their murders and five others.

This entire Twitter thread regarding a family who’ve experienced MS-13 brutality first hand is a must read.

Yes, it’s about the same as those who were just this week spinning for the Hamas terrorists instead of standing up for Israel. But I digress. Again, the Dank Knight twitter thread is a must read but its a tough read.

Read it all. And then you tell me, who is the animal here? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not President Trump. And kudos to The Dank Knight for being able to find at least some of the stupidity of this amusing.

MS-13 should not be celebrated, nor should they be supported. They are a vicious gang of thugs who have destroyed lives for years. The media and the Left know that, but they still ran with the anti-Trump narrative anyway. Their propping up of terrorists and vicious criminals is on them.

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  • Hank says:

    The hatred these leftists have for our President is so great they defend the indefensible.
    They sicken me.

  • GWB says:

    Yes, it’s about the same as those who were just this week spinning for the Hamas terrorists instead of standing up for Israel.
    I saw a tweet this weekend (can’t find it now) that said something like:
    Populi: Hey Trump! Bet you can’t get the media and leftists to defend both Hamas *and* MS-13 in the same week!
    Trump: Hold my Diet Coke……

    (You got some links not rendering properly, like you have missing brackets and such.)

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