Parkland Activists Already Standing On #SantaFeISD Victims [VIDEO]

Parkland Activists Already Standing On #SantaFeISD Victims [VIDEO]

Parkland Activists Already Standing On #SantaFeISD Victims [VIDEO]

The worst time to grandstand about a horrific crime is right after it happens. You would think that anyone who has experienced this would know better. However, we see it time and time again, and now the Parkland student activists are screaming on Twitter after a school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

As of this post, the sheriff’s office has confirmed around 8 to 10 fatalities, others injured, including resource officers, and possible EXPLOSIVE DEVICES planted around the campus.

The mere presence of “explosive devices” puts this crime into another UNIVERSE as far as I’m concerned, but here come the typical ghouls.

Hey, Shannon, are those pipe bombs the NRA’s fault, too? To some, this is starting to sound like…

But Shannon’s usual vile antics are now joined by the media darling student activists of Parkland.

And there’s more.

Now, remember – we have no details, no concrete information about the shooter except that it is a student. Authorities are currently trying to defuse planted bombs, questioning another “person of interest” and we have injured LEOs at the scene.

But the activist kids are busy taking to Twitter – and probably plan on being on TV tonight – to yell at everyone without any more information than what is currently at hand.

Can we focus on what would make an immediate difference, or is that too much to ask?

And a closing note…

Our prayers are with Santa Fe, and we await more details on this developing story.

So, about that AR-15 narrative…

The shooter has been identified as a 17 year old male student.
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  • SFC D says:

    The NRA does not and has never had blood on their hands. The blood is on David Hogg’s shoes. David, stop dancing. It helps no one.

  • GWB says:

    You deserve peace all your lives
    One obvious sign of a person who is NOT living in reality.

    Though this is the 22nd school shooting this year
    No. No, it is not. Not unless you redefine “school shooting” so as to be utterly meaningless.

    This is not the price of our freedom.
    You’re right. This is the price of you abusing our freedom to remove real morality and a sense of destiny and purpose from our younger generations. This is the price of you driving towards hedonism as the only philosophy worth living. This is the price of your freedom.

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