Women’s March Gets New Board, Same Bigotry

Women’s March Gets New Board, Same Bigotry

Women’s March Gets New Board, Same Bigotry

Despite taking several PR hits straight to the chin, the Women’s March is attempting a comeback. To do that, they need new leadership.

Which means that Farrakhan fangirls Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, along with their co-founder Mari Lynn Foulger, aka “Bob Bland,” are out as board members.

Sarsour and two other members of the Women’s March’s inaugural board have officially been removed from the organization as a result of what the Washington Post described as “anti-Semitism, infighting and financial mismanagement.”

The controversy stemming from Sarsour’s repeated dissemination of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are said to “have slowed the organization’s progress and diminished its impact,” according to the Post.”

Despite being tossed from the Women’s March organization, Sarsour continues to be endorsed by socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who has deployed the controversial activist as a surrogate for his campaign.”

Sarsour spun this as happy, positive news on Twitter. (Also, Bernie, you can have her.)

My my, just look at all that glorious intersectionality. As the Washington Post reports:

A diverse cast of 16 new board members that includes three Jewish women, a transgender woman, a former legislator, two religious leaders and a member of the Oglala tribe of the Lakota nation will inherit an organization recovering from a failed attempt to trademark the Women’s March name and fractured relationships with local activist groups and the Jewish community.”

All those liberal, pro-choice women – because that’s a requirement of the Women’s March leadership. Diversity of opinion need not apply. It feels like the group just took a bunch of names and played intersectional Yahtzee to see who made it on to the new board.

However, it seems that all the Women’s March has done is trade in some old, controversial anti-Semites for some new, less well known anti-Semites! Inclunding someone who might actually be WORSE than Linda Sarsour, if you can believe this – Zahra Billoo, a CAIR director who… drumroll please… loves her some jihad!

Scratch a CAIR director’s Twitter feed, and you will find an anti-Semite.

The Reagan Battalion Twitter account went on a screenshot spree. It isn’t pretty.

And there’s more where that came from.

Oh, but if you think it’s just one new board member, there’s more! Samia Assed has similar lovely comments on her Twitter feed about her loathing of Israel and support of BDS (and who apparently just made her Twitter account private). And really, what’s the Women’s March board without another Farrakhan fangirl to replace the ones who left? That falls to Charlene Carruthers, who loves to quote tweet Louis Farrakhan quite a lot.

Did the former leadership of the Women’s March look at themselves, then look at everyone else, and say, “You think we’re racist, bigoted, anti-Semites right now??? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.”

And did they really think that the Twitterati wasn’t going to screenshot everything and keep the receipts? That lesson has been learned well.

Also on the new board? Lucy Flores, who once had Biden sniff her hair. And Ginna Green, part of the leftist Jewish group Bend The Arc, which famously told President Trump that he wasn’t welcome in Pittsburgh after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting. What fun these board meetings are going to be.

Given what we know about the founding of the Women’s March, nothing is going to fix what is clearly baked into the foundations of the group itself. The new leaders have the exact same views as the old ones, which means that nothing will change. It’s a new crowd, bigger than the old crowd, and yet oddly the same.

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