Women, You Still Matter On Mother’s Day

Women, You Still Matter On Mother’s Day

Women, You Still Matter On Mother’s Day

There is great privilege and joy in being in this great group of women who call themselves mothers. The killjoys of the world will want to take this away but they cannot.

We have seen some of the darnedest things over the past few years. I may even argue the push to cast women aside has been overtly aggressive over the past year alone but motherhood still matters.

The nation’s hottest political battle is now over the very idea that women exist. Ideological efforts to disembody the biological reality of sex — to introduce “gender” as an abstract concept that exists outside the laws of science — has led both leftists and those cowardly souls who live in fear of their disapprobation to use such silly terms as “birthing person,” which degrade and demean women in general and mothers in particular.”-The Washington Examiner

And with the efforts to take away our very existence as we know it because it is not politically “correct”, there has been a push to cancel this very day altogether. Yet, we have a whole MONTH dedicated to LGBTQ+ where no company bats an eye. Heck, Target has already rolled out their non-binary baby line (note, language NSFW):

Don’t dare send your child to school in a shirt with a crucifix and a Biblical quote; he’ll get sent home because it is “triggering”. That would be offensive. But, dress your kid in trans colors and he’s an “ally”; he’s the coolest kid in the classroom, in fact!

As women try to tune out all of this noise, we cannot help but to see the sinister undertow in all of this. Women are not “women” anymore, we are “birthing persons”. Men, claiming to be women can invade our spaces and claim to menstruate. They will use our bathrooms and locker rooms where we (and our young daughters) are changing because they need to feel “affirmed”. Our children are no longer “ours”. They need “the village” to raise them, to intervene. School counselors are the new “parents”; making decisions on behalf of confused children and leaving mothers out of these critical and life-changing decisions. States are now enacting laws that make it easier to separate parents from their children.

If one does not think this is a covert approach to annihilate the family unit, then I would say that person may be living in a fantasy world.

Years ago, when asked about my goals in life, I mentioned that I wanted a fulfilling career (whatever that was) and I wanted to, someday, be a wife and a mother. I actually got scolded by my liberal friends because of voicing my ultra-traditional views. After all, being a “wife”, identified me as a woman needing a husband (a man). Wanting to be a mother also meant that I was dependent upon a man in the picture to father a child. Two-thirds of my life goals were dependent on a MAN. Aghast! Interestingly enough, the same people who scoffed at me and called me “Young Lisa” because of my “immature” viewpoints, were married. They were women who had the big weddings I cried at, their fathers “gave them away” in their white dresses and walked them down the aisle. (They were also decidedly heterosexual in their persuasions.) None of that camp ever ended up having children because of personal preferences or because divorce came first.

I cried at those weddings because finding my life partner was something I wanted, but that I thought was wrong for desiring at the time. I cried because deep down, my heart ached to be a mom but somehow, my friends who were living out those things I wanted at the time told me I was wrong for wanting the same thing. Boy, was I ever confused! I locked into a career path with no attachments for a few years. Then, met my husband. A year after we were married, I was pregnant with our son.

Carrying a baby, growing a child in one’s womb is one of the miracles we women experience. If given the opportunity to describe it, I would say it was the most beautiful but miserable but beautiful experience of all-time. I became very sick in my third trimester and our son was born 6 and a half weeks early. My three-pound baby towers over me now and is 17. He wrestles, he works, he takes college classes but is still in high school. He is our miracle baby.

As women, we hear the heartbeat that belongs to another person inside of us and are overwhelmed with excitement (and a bit of fear). We marvel at the first glimpse of a hand or a foot on a murky ultrasound. We get elbows to our ribcages, we waddle, wobble and tire with the excess weight we carry. We vomit, we get poked and prodded at every turn, we experience some of the most invasive of invasive procedures to determine whether or not we are dilated and by how much. Some of us, at the final hour before the birth of our children, wonder if it was all in vain. As a person on my deathbed with HELLP Syndrome before getting knocked-out and undergoing an emergency c-section, I thought about this. But I knew God had a plan. I had nothing else to do but trust in that plan.

As women, our bodies go through hell. Some of our bodies never return to their pre-pregnancy state. We stretch, we have scars, we have muscle tissue that will never return to its muscular state ever again. But we look in reverence and appreciation at what we have created, what was fearfully and wonderfully made, what WE brought into this world, and we all know that we would do it all over again. No individual who is not a woman can liken this experience to anything else. This is our experience and our experience alone. No man, no man pretending to be a woman can have this. Being a mother is an experience for women alone and as much as others may try to take that away from us, the fact remains that we have this immense, God-given responsibility and amazing power within our biological makeup.

Whether you are a biological mom or have adopted children, you still matter. Women, you ALL still matter. Happy Mother’s Day.

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  • Scott says:

    Very well said Lisa! Happy Mothers Day to you, the rest of the VG, and moms everywhere!

  • Cameron says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers that run this place and who crack down on us like misbehaving children when we need it. -:-)

  • Deborah B says:

    My son is adopted because in very trying circumstances, his birth mother chose life. I remind him of that frequently and I consider her a heroine. I thanked him today because of him I got to be a mother. He thanked me because he gets to be called “son”.Yes, Lisa, it was always a dream to have children. I never thought we would have to apologize for that so I am not gonna do it. Never will.
    PJ Media has a lovely article about the importance of mothers by Catherine Salgado.
    A very happy Mother’s day to all women who have nurtured children in any way. Trying to eradicate or erase us is a fool’s errand. Womanhood and mothers were not a passing fancy of the good Lord.

  • GWB says:

    If one does not think this is a covert approach to annihilate the family unit
    I’m only going to disagree by saying, “You think this is covert?”

    None of that camp ever ended up having children because of personal preferences or because divorce came first.
    That’s pathetic – in the original sense of the word.

    As women, we…
    Not all. Yet many of the women who do not pick up the mantle of motherhood, anyway. Whether as adoptive mothers, or just mothers to others’ kids – in the neighborhood, church, or school. And, when done in honor, it doesn’t invalidate others’ roles or position, but adds to it. And, of course, all those who extend their motherhood to the next generations, as well: grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and loving aunts and great-aunts.

    May God bless you and keep you all in His mercy.

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