Moral Panic Leads Dude to Virtue-Signal Vasectomy

Moral Panic Leads Dude to Virtue-Signal Vasectomy

Moral Panic Leads Dude to Virtue-Signal Vasectomy

Climate Change™ is the 21st century moral panic. Moral panics don’t just have believers, but fanatical True Believers™ driven by a religious zealotry that can lead to bizarre behavior.

Moral panics and mass hysteria have a long history

The Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600’s are a widely known example of a moral panic. In an atmosphere of mistrust, personal conflicts, and a strict-code of conduct, the charge of witchcraft, sustained by little more than gossip, rumor and not a few personal vendettas (and reinforced by “media” such as author Cotton Mather), resulted in the executions of 20 people.

An echo of the witch trials occurred in the 1980’s in the McMartin Preschool debacle where even the most outlandish of accusations …

One child told a defense attorney that Chuck Norris – a popular action star at the time – had been present at the Satanic rituals, while other children claimed they jumped out of a plane and even traveled to space in a hot air balloon. Other claims included digging up dead bodies, secret tunnels underneath the school, flying witches, and being locked in refrigerators.

… were accepted at face value. This was magnified from Oprah Winfrey to alleged mainstream journalists reinforcing the panic rather than questioning it.

Sometimes moral panic can lead to self-destructive behaviors. The Heaven’s Gate Millenarian cult, believing the Hale-Bopp Comet signaled the end of the world, committed mass suicide.

Mother Gaia: All will love her and despair

As membership in Christian and Jewish religions declines, the rise of paganism has moved into the vacuum. Along with this new worship of Mother Gaia is the concurrent misanthropic demonstrations that sustain the believers in Climate Change™ and provide a platform for politicians to grab power and administrators to punish heretics. This reinforces the panic that having children today condemns them to a future of misery.

If it weren’t for climate change, Allison Guy said, she would go off birth control tomorrow.

But scientists’ projections, if rapid action isn’t taken, are not “congruent with a stable society,” said Ms. Guy, 32, who works at a marine conservation nonprofit in Washington. “I don’t want to give birth to a kid wondering if it’s going to live in some kind of ‘Mad Max’ dystopia.”

And if we are not to be persuaded by the sorrowful pledges of the nokidniks, we can gape in awe at this celebration of sterility by Wes Siler. Here’s a young man who, along with his [fiance? wife?] Virginia, decide to not to have kids. He cites Climate Change™ with examples including the Paradise Fire and polar bears (and, OMG TRUMP!) as leading him to vasectomy.

If I gave up my 15 mpg pickup truck—basically the mascot for climate inaction—and rode my bicycle everywhere, I’d save the planet 2.4 tons of carbon emissions a year. That’d be a massive sacrifice, but it’s nowhere near the carbon emissions I’ll save by skipping becoming a daddy, which comes in at around 58 tons annually, per kid. Any other action we could take, even all the actions we could ever possibly add up together, pale in comparison.

That’s because there are simply too many humans on this planet.

Uh, did Wes really put keeping his truck ahead of a child? Because his examples are on par with secret tunnels under the McMartin Preschool. Polar bears are thriving and the Paradise fire was caused by a combination of malfeasance in maintenance by California regulated-utility PG&E and ecofascist policies that have turned CA forests into tinderboxes. Wes is the “lifestyle columnist” writing about outdoor adventure and is totally incurious to those facts?

So, we’re not having kids. I found a colleague’s brother here in Bozeman who performs vasectomies and made an appointment. I was afraid of getting my scrotum operated on, but the procedure ended up being quicker and less invasive than most dental appointments. I took off my pants, laid on a bed, received a local anesthetic, chatted with the doctor while he made a few incisions, then got a ride home. Once the anesthetic wore off, it felt like someone had kicked me in the balls pretty good, a feeling that dissipated over the next seven days. I took a Valium before the surgery and a few handfuls of ibuprofen afterward but otherwise didn’t need painkillers or even an ice pack. The worst part was taking a week off from the gym; I’d been making good progress.

Cool. Wes first likes his truck more than his own child. Then is more annoyed he missed a week at the gym than he has been permanently sterilized.

Hmmmm… Gaia worship with a large side order of nihilism. Way to go, Wes.

To have children, or not, really is a personal decision. However, Wes has made his public so I’m tossing my two cents in. He’s a male who got to 38 years old without ever seriously considering marriage and children. In order to maintain a lifestyle of outdoor adventure-travel that kids would definitely crimp, he wanders into a religion that will not only support his terminal Millennial Peter Pan-ism, but celebrate his waxing about conspiracies and physical sacrifice. AOC would certainly be proud. It would be useless on my part, here and now, to point out that being an effective parent is a lesson in being a full adult and that the child you don’t have may mean that the adult who may have made a huge contribution to the world doesn’t exist. So, instead, I will say to Wes about his public virtue-signaling:

Dude, the planet doesn’t care about your balls.

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  • Kjon says:

    Thank goodness he will not reproduce!!!

  • Scott says:

    Darleen, I think it’s great that Wes and others like him have chosen to not have kids! (as long as they don’t try and force such stupidity on the rest of us). Anyone who believes the tripe that he does, and as you say, engages in Peter Pan-ism is not nearly adult enough to properly raise a child, and if he did attempt to do so, we’d get another pajama wearing soy latte sipping snowflake bent on destroying our way of life… The fact that this obviously mentally sub-standard portion of society from the shallow end of the gene pool has decided to self exclude from procreation should be seen as a net positive for our Republic, and the world as a whole…

    Just my opinion

  • rbj1 says:

    In some ways I’m glad. He won’t have the opportunity to warp kids the way Greta Thunberg’s parents did.

  • GWB says:

    What ever happened to TMI?!?

    And, BTW, I volunteer to help his wife out when her biological clock finally overwhelms her cult beliefs. As often as necessary.
    What? Why are you looking at me like that?

    The Heaven’s Gate Millenarian cult, believing the Hale-Bopp Comet signaled the end of the world, committed mass suicide.
    Well, actually, the suicide was their ticket to the Heaven’s Gate. Basically, they paid a very high price for their space-Uber… and he ghosted them.

    the Paradise fire was caused by
    Don’t forget the regulators that wouldn’t let PG&E raise their rates to pay for infrastructure upgrades that would have prevented the failures.

    I was afraid of getting my scrotum operated on
    Why? It’s not like you’re using it anymore.

    I took off my pants, laid on a bed
    I’m betting that describes a lot of your horizontal activities, sir. In which case, you’re doing it wrong.

    it felt like someone had kicked me in the balls pretty good
    Why do I get the impression you are familiar with that feeling from your childhood? VERY familiar?

    Gaia worship with a large side order of nihilism.
    I would challenge you to think of it the other way around. It’s the nihilism that brought about the Gaia worship, imo.

    He’s a male who got to 38 years old without ever seriously considering marriage and children.
    Oh, so I was right about the “not using” bit………

    Dude, the planet doesn’t care about your balls.
    True. But also, pfft, I’m not sure he ever had any.

    What sick, twisted perverts raised this “man”?

    • Kevin says:

      “Don’t forget the regulators that wouldn’t let PG&E raise their rates to pay for infrastructure upgrades that would have prevented the failures.”

      Let’s also not forget … PG&E paid $798 million in dividends in 2017 and $925 million in 2016 instead of reinvesting that money back into the company and its’ infrastructure.

      • Scott says:

        True, though they suspended dividends in Dec. 2017, and have not paid any since. In addition, there’s also this…
        California is one of the only states in the country in which courts have applied inverse condemnation to events caused by utility equipment. This means that if a utility’s equipment is found to have been a substantial cause of the damage in an event such as a wildfire – even if the utility has followed established inspection and safety rules – the utility may still be liable for property damages and attorneys’ fees associated with that event.

      • GWB says:

        So, investors shouldn’t get any return for their investment?
        And why would they then continue to invest?
        The economics of envy is bad at math.

  • SFC D says:

    Thank you, sir, for not contaminating the gene pool. You seem to have come from the shallow end.

  • Aggie says:

    Shhhhh…..If you would just be patiently quiet, it would appear that our problem is in the process of sorting itself out.

  • elliott says:

    somewhere, Charles Darwin is applauding til his hands bleed

  • I cannot sign this. says:

    Of all the stupid decisions I have made , getting a vasectomy was the worst. I guess multiple miscarriages and still births and a preemie Christmas day birth that saw my daughter live to the 26th sort of pushed me to do it.
    How could I have destroyed Gods greatest gift, the gift of being ablee to create life ? Is there forgiveness for such a wanton destruction? Every time I look in the eyes of my second wife and true love I see my lost unborn children.

    • I feel for you, brother. BUT – from what you say, you did this out of love, whether it was “misguided” or not. Avoiding further pain, not only for yourself, but for the first wife. We never know what the future will bring, just what is now. Have you looked into the reversal procedures (they do have a success rate of between 50% and 80%)?

      BTW, I had one myself – but after three healthy children. The health risks to my wife of a fourth pregnancy were just too high. Fortunately, she is still my wife, so I had no chance at your kind of regret.

  • Dietrich says:

    If the opposition in the coming civil/climate war(s) is personified by Wes Siler, I think I’ll sleep peacefully ’til my watch.

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