Covid Emergencies Will End On May 11, Per White House

Covid Emergencies Will End On May 11, Per White House

Covid Emergencies Will End On May 11, Per White House

Joe Biden has informed Congress that the Covid Emergencies will end on May 11, 2023. Covid Emergencies because there are two. The public health emergency and the National Emergency. We will at last leave the Twilight Zone, a little bit anyway.

I am not be ordering my “The Covid Emergencies are Over” cake yet, because the Democrats will want to keep the emergencies going. The MSN/ABC write already hints at why. The poor will be most affected:

The Biden administration will end both the COVID-19 national emergency and public health emergency on May 11, the White House informed Congress on Monday night.

The current public health emergency is in place through April, while the national emergency is in place until February.

Ending the states of emergency will have major impacts on Medicaid enrollees whose coverage was ensured so long as the pandemic was considered an emergency.

Millions of Americans may now be removed from their Medicaid coverage, if they no longer qualify. At least 13% of Medicaid recipients could get kicked off, according to research compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) from around 20 states.

The poor are most affected by EVERYTHING. One might argue that the Covid Emergencies have dramatically hurt the poor, and I do. Because we gave the powerful so much more power “the emergencies” will never end. Remember the Twilight Zone?

“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead. Our next stop: the Twilight Zone” — Rod Serling’s mystifying voice against that eerie background score is too real to forget any time soon.

Interestingly, May 11 is also National Twilight Zone Day:

All the way back in the ’60s, before science fiction and horror even considered birthing a love child, creator, writer, producer and host Serling gave his audience a concept that today’s pop culture likes to label ‘Black Mirror’. Funnily enough, he wasn’t the originator of the mysterious National Twilight Zone Day that nobody quite knows how or why is celebrated on May 11.

If you find out why the Covid Emergencies end on May 11, let me know. Rod Serling did many themes on mass hysteria and fascism, but even he couldn’t have dreamed up the global insanity:

Nearly three years ago, I wrote a post of the trite and inane phrases that were used to cow us into submission. You remember: “Flatten the Curve”, “The New Normal”, and “We are all in this together”. No, we were not “all in this together” with the ignorant meat sacks that were commanding us to behave lest we kill grandma. Grandma who died alone. Remember that they didn’t want us to gather to say goodbye to loved ones.

We were never in it together. Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry. Nancy Pelosi and Lori Lightfoot got their hair done. Gretchen Whitmer would not let free people buy seeds to plant a garden, but her husband went boating.

We have possibly lost an entire generation because they kept kids out of school and frightened them so badly. Playgrounds were locked, and at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, they put crime scene tape around the playground. At a horse show, they walked around with a six foot pole to make sure we were six feet apart. There are people who are not at all ready to let go:

I know Joe is fecking old, but Joel Pollack noticed something today. Joe Biden is not ready to let it go either:

The mishandling of the pandemic, and it was a pandemic, has severely damaged our faith in medical professionals. We had too many who shut down inquiry and questions. As the meme went, not questioning the science is the most unsciencey thing ever. My own neighbors, doctors, nurses and others, have all had many, many boosters and wiped down their (delivered) groceries with bleach wipes.

I pray that the puppet masters who control Pudding Joe don’t decide to continue the Covid Emergencies. We cannot go back to the Twilight Zone. Never forget what they did.

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  • Cameron says:

    The solution is simple: All gatherings in this country are hereby declared “Protests against systemic raysism.” Because everyone knows that Chinese Lung AIDS can’t hurt you when it’s a protest.

  • I don’t know that this has any relation, but… episode 99 of the original series aired on May 11, 1962. According to Wikipedia, Rod Serling’s opener was this:

    “You’re looking at the house of the late Mrs. Henrietta Walker. This is Mrs. Walker herself, as she appeared twenty-five years ago. And this, except for isolated objects, is the living room of Mrs. Walker’s house, as it appeared in that same year. The other rooms upstairs and down are pretty much the same. The time, however, is not twenty-five years ago but now. The house of the late Mrs. Henrietta Walker is, you see, a house which belongs almost entirely to the past, a house which, like Mrs. Walker’s clock here, has ceased to recognize the passage of time. Only one element is missing now, one remaining item in the estate of the late Mrs. Walker: her son, Alex, thirty-four years of age and, up till twenty minutes ago, the so-called perennial bachelor. With him is his bride, the former Miss Virginia Lane. They’re returning from the city hall in order to get Mr. Walker’s clothes packed, make final arrangements for the sale of the house, lock it up and depart on their honeymoon. Not a complicated set of tasks, it would appear, and yet the newlywed Mrs. Walker is about to discover that the old adage ‘You can’t go home again’ has little meaning in the Twilight Zone.”

  • Micha Elyi says:

    Lots of bellicose talkers but not one of you self-styled Victory Girls are organizing a May 11 march in your town to denounce the Bidenemy.

    Why the cognitive dissonance?

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