With House RINOs Who Needs Democrats?

With House RINOs Who Needs Democrats?

With House RINOs Who Needs Democrats?

Ten House RINOs joined Democrats in the least investigated, most over-reaching impeachment stretch vote this side of a Banana Republic. It is long past due that we hold traitorous Republicans accountable for betraying their constituents, the Constitution, and the country.

Leading the RINOs charge, Liz Cheney (Wy)

They found her dad a heart, can they find Liz a spine?

Leading the charge toward the most undeserved impeachment of all time, we have Liz Cheney. As the third highest ranking Republican in the House, but highest ranking RINO, Liz provided cover for her fellow RINOs who lack cojones to stand on their own. Or better yet, stand for their president, American citizens, and the Constitution.

With this statement, Liz added fuel to the raging inferno of lies,

The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President. The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

Yes, lies. Or as our own Deanna Fisher wrote, “…is this kind of political theater really what the country needs?”

Liz may lose her powerful position as House Republican Conference Chair, and her Republican counterparts are circulating a petition to force a vote,

Cheney’s condemnation of President Trump and her support for President Trump’s impeachment have been used multiple times by Democrats as justification for a truncated impeachment process that denies the President due process,”

Every person who voted “yes” has acted before the investigation is remotely completed. Yet, it the court of Kabuki politics, Trump is guilty. I suppose it’s easy to swear to uphold the Constitution when you omit entire sections of the Bill of Rights.


Rounding out the RINOs herd

I’ve outlined each House RINO below, and use their own words to justify exactly why they need to go. Away. Their entire statements are available through the official House of Representatives webpages linked to their names.

David Valadao (CA)

He says that he “voted his conscience” to impeach Trump. Well, how great! Where is it in any sort of legal precedence where one’s “conscience” is grounds for punishment? Maybe it’s a California thing, where thought manifests reality. For the rest of us, it’s the outcome of an actual investigation.

Fortunately, Representative Valadao has the ability to vote for this impeachment, while disagreeing with the process, but having a conscience. From the LA Times,

Valadao complained that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) had turned “what should be a thorough investigation into a rushed political stunt,” but he nonetheless cast his vote for impeachment. He was the sole member of the GOP’s California congressional delegation to do so.”

I haven’t seen contortionist moves like this outside of Cirque du Soleil. But considering his district went solidly for Biden, he’s going to need this flexibility to keep his seat.

Adam Kinzinger (IL)

Representative Kinzinger at least recognizes the impact to his career following his vote to impeach. He tells Power House Politics podcast,

I think I’ll definitely face a primary and the wrath of some of Donald Trump’s hardcore base that will continue to exist, but I still believe that once he’s out of office once we can evaluate this whole presidency outside of him having the megaphone,”

Yeah, that’s a solid fact. Unlike the ones you cite as your reason to impeach.

So in assessing the articles of impeachment brought before the House, I must consider: if these actions–the Article II branch inciting a deadly insurrection against the Article I branch–are not worthy of impeachment, then what is an impeachable offense?”

I can tell you what isn’t worthy of impeachment, “words”! I know, it’s crazy to think that people are capable, and culpable for making their own decisions. There was no secret hypnotic word that sent “Trumpbots” into a frenzy. IF Trump’s words had the effect of invigorating the crowd into a frenzy, it was still the individual choice of the participants to behave how they did.

Kinzinger wants to punish POTUS for rhetoric. Got it.

Dan Newhouse (Wa)

Representative Newhouse serves in a solidly red district in central Washington. His reason for impeachment is, failure of leadership, and well, if I don’t vote against it then I must be for it. Virtue signaling is confusing work.

A vote against this impeachment is a vote to validate the unacceptable violence we witnessed in our nation’s capital. It is also a vote to condone President Trump’s inaction. He did not strongly condemn the attack nor did he call in reinforcements when our officers were overwhelmed. Our country needed a leader, and President Trump failed to fulfill his oath of office.”

And they say second hand smoke from legal weed has no impact.

Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA)

Rounding out the Washington RINOs is Representative Beutler, serving the small red wedge north of Portland and south of Seattle.  Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. The district may have a Republican history, but with the migration between Portland and Seattle, it looks like a ripe cherry for the plucking. Representative Beutler is trying to sell herself to future voters. There are enough “I” statements to rival an Obama speech.

The President’s offenses, in my reading of the Constitution, were impeachable based on the indisputable evidence we already have. I understand the argument that the best course is not to further inflame the country or alienate Republican voters. But I am a Republican voter. I believe in our Constitution, individual liberty, free markets, charity, life, justice, peace and this exceptional country. I see that my own party will be best served when those among us choose truth.”

Anthony Gonzalez (OH)

His election propaganda states,

as a society and a Congress, we are being pulled further apart as our challenges have never been greater. Our representatives spend more time fighting amongst themselves and less time working on the big challenges that we need to solve in order to reclaim our American greatness.”

This sounds like a Representative that understands where we are as Americans, at this moment in time. We are on the cusp of a transition between administrations. At at time that is one of the most divisive in American history. An impeachment on a President with less than a week left in office will only work to increase our divide.

So in a breathtaking display of idiocy, Representative Gonzalez votes to impeach, saying,

The President of the United States helped organize and incite a mob that attacked the United States Congress in an attempt to prevent us from completing our solemn duties as prescribed by the Constitution.”

Helped organize? Was POTUS out there handing off name tags, and Capitol maps? How exactly did he organize a mob insurrection that occurred while he was speaking a good distance from the Capitol? Maybe Secret Service carpooled crazy people to the Capitol?

Tom Rice (SC)

Fortunately Representative Rice is from the north coast of South Carolina, because his statement ebbs and flows like the spring tide. He writes,

Under the strict definition of the law, I don’t know if the President’s speech last Wednesday morning amounted to incitement of a riot, but any reasonable person could see the potential for violence.”

He is voting to impeach because of potential for a riot related to a speech that maybe doesn’t actually rise to a legal standard for incitement? Perhaps the gentlemen from Ohio and South Carolina can meet to review their contrary statements. Is Trump legally responsible for inciting a riot or not? These two can’t decide. But they are going to vote for impeachment.

John Katko (NY)

Upstate New York is populated with solid down to earth people, who are invested in the survival of their communities. Representative Katko recognizes the divisive and fractured outcome of impeachment. Then blows right past it, writing,

The divide in our country is more clear than ever before.  I hear my Republican colleagues in their argument that impeachment only further divides our country at a time when we must move forward.  I agree.  There must be a continuance of government and a peaceful transition of power.  But I also believe firmly that I must follow the law and the facts and hold this President accountable for his actions.”

At least his sentiment is shared by the Representative from Michigan.

What is it with Great Lakes RINOs?

Peter Meijer (MI)

The Representative from Michigan has an uncanny ability to recognize the serious implications of a Banana Republic style impeachment.

I have wrestled with the division this vote will cause. I wrestled with the precedent it will establish and I have concerns with due process. I have wrestled with whether impeachment, and inherently political process, is a meaningful mechanism of accountability for the seriousness of the President’s actions.”

Following this impressive use of “I”, and the ramifications of the precedent set, due process concerns… He disregards everything he acknowledges is wrong with this “inherently political” action. Where is his loyalty to the Constitution? Forget POTUS for a second. This Congressman has sworn to uphold the Constitution, yet so easily disregards what he considers troubling issues surrounding this impeachment.

Eloquent words are nice. But he needs to go. Representative Meijer can go to work in his family’s grocery store chain. He doesn’t belong in the seat of power, where his first concern should be that a citizen of the United States is having their legal rights trampled. That the citizen is POTUS, should be even more cause for concern because we are “just” Americans.

Fred Upton (MI)

Representative Upton takes a pragmatic approach to the Capitol insurgency.

I would have preferred a bipartisan, formal censure rather than a drawn-out impeachment process. I fear this will now interfere with important legislative business and a new Biden Administration. But it is time to say: Enough is enough.”

Censure seems like a more appropriate response (and I can’t wait to see some in Congress fall under it for their incendiary words supporting the looting, rioting, and mayhem still impacting America). Representative Upton is correct, the process will be drawn-out, and Nancy has proven Congress cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. When America is on the cusp of returning to some level of normalcy with COVID hysteria, transitioning to a new administration, and at multiple boing points… this is the wrong direction.

Precisely why he voted for it!? Because by golly, “Enough is enough!”. Disregard that in a few days it will literally be the end of the Trump Administration. If Upton was really concerned, and wanting to move past this (isn’t that what “enough” means?), he’d vote “No” and let us move past it.

But these RINOs have indulged their “feelings”, and fears (House elections are just around the corner!) adding to the considerable strain on the seams of our Republic and their party.

I see why NOTHING gets done in Congress. not a single one of these people can agree that Trump is legally responsible (yeah, about that investigation none of you need…), has broken any law, organized an insurgency, or maybe just mentioned having a riot at the Capitol. The RINOs can’t even charge in the same direction. Maybe we can find a lemming to guide them.

Featured Image: By US House Office of Photography – Public Domain, Image Cropped: 400×400

Written by

"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • Aussie Supporter says:

    Maybe some Antifa tactics by Republicans might put a scare into the Rhinos.

    Maybe Republicans should descend en-mass on their homes.

    At no stage should have an elected REPRESENTATIVE voted to Impeach without first asking permission from their Party and members.

    So if they do not want to REPRESENT Republicans, they have no reason to be kept i the job, they should be EXPELLED by the Republican State Parties.
    No need for a Primary then is there, kick them out now, make then unaffiliated.

  • John Wilson says:

    Kinzinger does have a problem. Illinois is red outside of Crook County and I bet if the vote in Illinois were to be investigated the state would flip red for Trump. I do not know what got into that kid’s head. Maybe he saw a vacant microphone that Schumer wasn’t using and went for it.

  • GWB says:

    “RHINO”? It’s “RINO”. Republican In Name Only.

    For a long time I’ve felt “RINO” was an ineffective epithet. I don’t vote for Republicans, I vote for conservatives. I want to vote Constitutionalist. I want people who love the Constitution more than party and more than holding office. I want Principled people. Yeah, parties, etc. But the issue is still the principles of the individuals involved.

    • Lol. Republican Hypocrites In Name Only. Takes a special sort of person to backtrack over their own words. This group seems to have mastered the task.
      I want principled people too, and if we ever get a party that actually does what every person in Congress swears to do (that pesky Oath!), we’d be good.
      I can appreciate that these people are basing their decision to impeach on their principles, but not at the expense of the Bill of Rights. Almost every single one stated they had a legal/constitutional concern, BUT their “principles” led them to vote as the did.
      They aren’t there to vote their conscience. They are there to represent their constituents, and uphold the Constitution and laws of the USA.
      If they want to let their principles and feelings guide them, they should join the ministry.

      • GWB says:

        They are there to represent their constituents, and uphold the Constitution and laws of the USA.
        Emphasis added. *thumbs up*

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Good gravy Miss Daisy! As GWB pointed out, it’s “RINO” not “RHINO.” You might want to reconsider driving all the RINOs out of the Republican Party considering that since Trump took office the GOP has lost control of the presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. My home state is a Republican state but one of the districts has turned purple-blue electing a Democrat to the House of Representatives for the first time in years despite having considerably more Republicans registered than Democrats. This district also went for Biden after going for Republican presidential candidates for many elections. There are four districts in the state for the U.S. House of Representatives so this shift is notable. Apparently, Trumpism apparently played a role in Republicans and Independents deciding to vote for Democratic candidates. This has also happened in this district at the state level in the state legislature.

    Maybe moderate Republicans no longer have a place in the Republican Party but I wonder what the long term consequences will be for the Republican Party if they are driven out. Look what happened in Arizona for example, Of course situations vary from state to state and the political pendulum tends to swing from one side to the other, so we’ll just have to wait to see how this plays out.

    You might be interested in taking a look at exit polling for the presidential election. Younger voters (18-29) went heavily for Biden. In four more years, more Trump voters, who tend to be older voters, will pass away than younger Biden voters. Assuming the current age group trend holds, four more years of younger voters, who tend to vote for Democrats, will enter the voting pool. This probably isn’t a good trend for the Republican Party.

    Okay, happy “RHINO” hunting! Or should I say happy endangered white “RHINO” hunting?

    • GWB says:

      Apparently, Trumpism apparently played a role in Republicans and Independents deciding to vote for Democratic candidates.
      Or, you know, maybe it was fraud. And a lot of lying.

      Q does identify a problem, though:
      Do you vote for Republicans because you want to be part of the club that wins, despite their not holding the same values as you? (National Review since Buckley died)
      OR Do you vote for your principles and hope that there will be someone you can vote for on that basis? (Don Quixote)

      OR Do you spend your effort trying to evangelize and educate your fellow citizens into agreeing with your principles and values so they will vote with you and there will, by default, end up being someone you can vote for? (long, hard slog)

      • Truthfully, GWB, I try to engage people about basic civics and the Constitution. Once they understand the history of the country, and the absolute brilliance of the Constitution, how they vote shifts. They transform into voters who don’t identify with a particular party, but with a particular issue. This person is a voter who scares both parties, and presumably why we don’t teach civics beyond a semester (if it’s a “good” school). I have no issues with a person who holds contrary, but well informed views. In fact, I learn a lot from their different perspective.
        Unfortunately, most people don’t know what is at stake with their blind allegiance to a particular party.

        • GWB says:

          Anymore, the “blind allegiance to party” is further burdened with an unconscious religious (Progressivism) worldview: “fairness”, intersectionality (or “systemic” racism, at least), bogus definitions of “fascism”, safetyism, and (most importantly) an acceptance of Expertism and Science!, where you are not smart enough to run your own life and you couldn’t possibly know more than someone in a white lab coat.

    • See edit re: RHIO versus RINO. Hypocrisy is a special feature in this legislative group. Believing and saying one thing, yet contradicting it in their actions. Hypocrites.

      Many Moderates have no place in either party. What this leaves is a HUGE group of eligible voters to swing elections, and influence local elections (essentially all House seats are “local” elections). The House is the single greatest impact a citizen’s vote has in the Congress. Their terms are short, and they constantly need to understand their local base.

      I don’t follow exit polls, as they have been remarkably inaccurate. As for the age of Trump voters… I disagree. I’m not yet 50 and my peer group is comprised of solid Trump supporters. Not to mention, the capture of key demographics that is unprecedented in the GOP. Trump flipped districts with large black and Hispanic populations, in places that were solidly blue. The question isn’t if those votes are up for grabs, but it the GOP can ride the wave. And I don’t think they can.
      The Cult of Trump is a very real phenomenon in modern politics, and frankly the old guard on both sides was ill prepared to counter his influence. They worked for 4 years to build a narrative, then shoehorned in every incident to support that narrative.

      Districts flipping is interesting, and really needs more information to equate a flip to a single individual. There has been significant migration from blue to red states, and this will impact districts in very rapid ways. My town has a rapid rate of growth, and the politics are rapidly shifting to reflect the infux of CA and CO voters. These are voters who are reliably blue, regardless of the top ballot candidate.

      • GWB says:

        Many Moderates have no place in either party.
        Let me just riff on one of the more pernicious effects of Progressivism on our body politic…

        Moderate does NOT equal “virtuous” or embody the “best” political position merely because it lies between the two “extremes”.

        While I don’t believe that’s what you meant (it seems you are using it in a more pragmatic context), it’s the belief of a LOT of Americans. Very often expressed as “I’m not a Democrat or Republican, I’m an ‘Independent'” and said with a certain amount of self-righteousness.

        It’s partly a result of the stupid (but simple) one-dimensional “left-right” political spectrum. It’s also a result of the media and politicos shifting their labels along with the Overton Window. What was once a “moderate” position is now an “extreme” one.

        When the Overton Window shifts, “moderate” now becomes something that was unacceptable not too long before. “Moderate” is NOT a position of principle (except for the principle of “I’m going to hide in my hole”). It’s the same as all of the falderal about “compromise” being virtuous. When the cannibals are discussing whether to roast you or boil you, your interests are not advanced by “compromise”. (You might get the cannibals to compromise on sushi, instead, but that is only helpful if you really enjoy being wrapped in rice and seaweed.)

        (Also, the definition of “moderate conservative” is what used to be a “flaming leftist hypocrite Republican”, for the same reason.)

      • GWB says:

        I’m not yet 50
        Pfft. You’re not even in “Get off my laawn!” territory yet! 😉

        then shoehorned lied their ever-loving asses off in every incident to support that narrative

        the politics are rapidly shifting to reflect the infux of CA and CO voters
        Which has been destroying states ever since Californians began migrating out. (It’s why CO is blue now – migration in the 80s. Blecch.)
        A good meme to pass around is the one I saw saying “Remember you are a refugee, NOT a missionary.”

  • rbj1 says:

    ” I fear this will now interfere with important legislative business and a new Biden Administration.”

    So there is an upside to it.

    • By “interfere” he means a pause in the basement between rounds of “oh sniff this”, and the assorted jello tray. We all know who will be running the show, and it sure isn’t Joe.

  • Ellen says:

    It’s RINO not Rhino.

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