Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock Is Trump’s Fault

Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock Is Trump’s Fault

Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock Is Trump’s Fault

Yes, now EVERYTHING is Trump’s fault! This time we are reliably informed by experts that if it weren’t for Trump, Will Smith would’ve never smacked Chris Rock.

No ladies and gentlemen, I’m not kidding. As Deanna wrote earlier today, while the Oscars cratered, there was one incident that got everyone’s attention. Since Jada Pinkett Smith can’t take a joke, Will lost his mind and temper, went on the stage and smacked Chris Rock in the face. What Jada SHOULD’VE done is laughed it off and/or if she was so inclined, flipped Chris the bird. But NOOO…Will Smith had to get all manly for a minute, and then burst into blubbering tears later during his Oscar speech. 

Which leads me to this morning. The reactions by many have been quite jaw dropping. Evidently, this is supposed to teach us all the ways violence is wrong. 

Ummm, no sweetie. The only genuine violence you listed is physical assault. Meanwhile, others are now telling us what happened is all Trump’s fault.  Since no one walked out after the smack seen around the world, there must be SOMEONE to blame!

CNN’s Asha Rangappa decided the Dolby Theater crowd stuck around because of Trump.

“So did like anyone walk out after that happened??? Or are we getting an independent psychological case study on how Trump got normalized?” Rangappa asked on Twitter.

Which is rich considering this is a woman who has doxxed people, yelled at Southwest Airlines because a pilot supposedly said “Let’s Go Brandon,” and wants to continue the Covid mask theatre indefinitely. 

I tell you what, Trump really really broke people. He’s taken up permanent residence in their heads and it is incredibly sad to see. Asha isn’t the only one who blames Trump for Will Smith’s tantrum. 

Rosie O’Donnell is comparing Will Smith to former President Trump, blasting the “King Richard” actor as a “narcissistic madman” who isn’t being held “accountable” for slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars.

The comedian took to Twitter on Sunday to condemn Smith for the stunning confrontation at the 94th annual Academy Awards.

While introducing a category at the awards show, Rock cracked a joke aimed at Smith’s wife, saying Jada Pinkett Smith, who has a bald head, would be fit for a role in “G.I. Jane 2.” Pinkett Smith revealed in 2018 that she has alopecia areata, a disease that causes hair loss.

Smith then took to the stage and struck Rock, before returning to his seat. “Get my wife’s name out of your f-king mouth!” the 53-year-old performer yelled at Rock.

O’Donnell blasted the move by Smith, writing to her more than 1 million Twitter followers, “We watched him do it – then like the Trump years – we don’t hold anyone accountable.”

“Shame on us,” O’Donnell wrote. “SHAME on Will,” she added.

Rosie does have half a point here, Will Smith should’ve been held accountable for losing his temper and, during his speech should’ve directly apologized to Chris Rock, but he didn’t. Yet NONE of that makes it Trump’s fault. The reach from these folks is downright amazing. 

Add to that, the Lincoln Project ALSO blames Trump for this. 

So fun watching the grifters from the Lincoln Project blame Trump for this, yet refuse to acknowledge the fact that they had a groomer in their midst. 


At least the AP hasn’t blamed Trump for this…yet. But it could happen! 

I’m seeing quite a number of folks say that A. the joke shamed Jada and therefore body shamed all women, B. the joke singled out black women, therefore it was wrong, C. If Will Smith was going to react, he should’ve done so away from the cameras. 

Has no one stopped to think that the joke was somewhat of a compliment??!! Has no one stopped to think that G.I. Jane is a bad ass, therefore Jada would be a complete badass in the role??

Nope, instead let’s make this about women and hurt feelings. Let’s make this about toxic masculinity. Let’s make this about black people, and let’s blame Trump for all of it. 

What this entire episode shows is that a people cannot take a joke, and aren’t mature enough to let it slide. 

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