Oscars Slap Gets Cheered By Politicians, Then Deleted

Oscars Slap Gets Cheered By Politicians, Then Deleted

Oscars Slap Gets Cheered By Politicians, Then Deleted

If you weren’t watching the Oscars, then you weren’t alone.

There was a general acceptance that this year, the award show was going to be a complete dud. The movies nominated were not popular ones, the Academy decided to cut out several of the technical awards from being presented live during the broadcast, and the three “hosts” for the night – Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall – decided to start off the show this way.

Yeah, Governor Ron DeSantis is truly sad about this, I’m sure.

And the Oscars continued to boringly and predictably chug along – even with a moment of silence for Ukraine, so the celebrities could feel like they “did” something (Sean Penn had vowed to “smelt” his Oscars if Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky wasn’t invited to speak during the broadcast – has anyone checked on him yet?) – until Chris Rock got up to present the Oscar for “Best Documentary.”

During a segment at the Oscars, the 57-year-old comedian remarked about how no one was wearing a mask in the theater before he turned his attention to Denzel Washington and praised him for his part in the movie “The Tragedy of MacBeth.” The superstar comedian then spotted Will Smith’s wife in the audience and cracked a joke about how Jada was going to be in the next “G.I. Jane” movie.”

“Jada, I love ya,” Rock told the audience. “G.I. Jane 2 movie, can’t wait to see it.”

The “Red Table Talk” host rolled her eyes and appeared to be upset.”

Her husband, the “King Richard” star, looked like he did to not appreciate what appeared to be a remark about his wife’s alopecia battle.”

Now, the video actually shows Will Smith still laughing while the joke was being made, but in the next few seconds, that obviously changed. And yes, there’s a language warning here if you play the audio (which is a video of a live broadcast that was uncensored).

And a viral moment was born. And let’s be painfully honest – the Oscars NEEDED a viral moment. The ratings aren’t in yet, and this one viral moment probably isn’t going to be enough to save the night for ABC, who has been taking the ratings decline on the chin in the past few years. But will it be talked about in-person and all over social media? Probably. Will it drive eyes for next year’s show when this clip gets played over and over? Um, maybe?

This leads us to the next question: was the whole thing staged? Initially, the consensus seemed to be yes, it was staged. Then opinions began to shift, and now it seems like it wasn’t. Except… then Will Smith won best actor. Yeah, the votes were all done ahead of time. But something seems very weird here, and Will Smith’s acceptance speech felt strange.

“I wanna apologize to the academy. I wanna apologize to all my fellow nominees,” he said. “This is a beautiful moment and I’m not crying for winning an award. It’s not about winning an award for me, it’s about being able to shine light on all of the people.”

“Love will make you do crazy things,” Smith added.”

Now, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have danced around the apparent fact that they have an “open” marriage. Does this look like a healthy reaction to a joke – a harsh one, but a joke nonetheless – between people who probably would have called themselves friendly? Well, it IS Hollywood, everything is faked.

Chris Rock (who is apparently declining to press charges, so make of that what you will) and Will Smith (whose kid is apparently pleased about what dad did – what an example to set on national television) can work out their own differences. But what is interesting is how two members of The Squad – Ayanna Pressley and Jamaal Bowman – decided that what Will Smith did was a completely appropriate response to what Chris Rock said.

And then they changed their minds and deleted it all.

Ayanna Pressley has been quite open about her own alopecia, so her reaction is at least somewhat understandable. Jamaal Bowman? He’s just pandering. The excuse now is that STAFF, using HIS account, thought it was staged. Suuure.

But we’re back to a problem that has been brewing for quite some time on the left. To them, EVERYTHING is violence. Speech is violence, silence is violence, tweets are violence, using words people don’t like to hear is violence. What isn’t violence? Actual assault and battery, arson – you know, everything we saw during the “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” of 2020. This is how we get two elected officials on Twitter applauding open handed slaps on national television over jokes – at least until they realized that it probably wasn’t going to play well, and then they rushed to delete it. How many times do politicians have to learn that the internet is forever?

The Oscars got their big viral moment that will be forever debated as real or fake, and the left, as usual, cannot make up their minds whether they approve of actual violence or not. And Hollywood wonders why no one bothers to watch the show any more.

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