Weingarten Says Unions Know Best, Ignores Results

Weingarten Says Unions Know Best, Ignores Results

Weingarten Says Unions Know Best, Ignores Results

Sadly, Randi Weingarten still holds a position of power as a terminally online union boss and political creature. And she is busy organizing all the things union-related – for the children, of course. Not for her personal benefit, FOR THE CHILDREN.

One glance at Weingarten’s Twitter feed tells you exactly where her priorities lie – the union, getting union-friendly Democrats elected, and getting teachers more power and government money. She is avidly and loudly supporting Brandon Johnson for mayor of Chicago (see Kim’s profile of Johnson here). She’s busy “standing with” the teachers of Los Angeles and encouraging them to strike. (Wait, what about the children and their education?) And she continues with her active lie that the unions truly and deeply care about the children and that teachers’ unions are a “positive” thing for education.

Responding to an important new book calling for public sector union reform in the United States, Weingarten claims that these reforms would hurt kids because, “Research shows that teachers unions are positively associated with student achievement.”

Her evidence? She cites a grand total of two academic studies on the topic. This is disingenuous at best and a lie of omission at worst.”

Watching Randi Weingarten over the last three years – and she has been the head of the American Federation of Teachers union since 2008, and does anyone think that education has dramatically improved in the districts that her union represents in that period of time? – means that we have all witnessed the horrible abuse and gaslighting that she has inflicted on public school students and their parents alike. For the entirety of the COVID-19 school closures, Randi Weingarten kept insisting that the kids were fine, they were “resilient” and parents and politicians who wanted kids back in school were inflicting pain and cruelty on teachers. It wasn’t until a year later that Weingarten began to change her tune (or at least experience complete amnesia) about school closures, but that didn’t mean she didn’t still want to run them with an iron fist. Her endorsement and appearance with Terry McAuliffe during the Virginia gubernatorial election, where education had become THE key issue, led to the election of Glenn Youngkin.

And when confronted with the failures of the political class that she supports, and the teachers unions that she shills for, it is always someone else’s fault. Test scores fall? We all knew that was going to happen, let’s not bicker and argue about who failed who, says Weingarten. Also, it was Trump’s fault, DUH.

Could someone perhaps ask Randi Weingarten (if they can get through to her, she always shuts off her replies on Twitter) if the teachers unions are so great, and are doing such a fantastic job helping kids “recover” from lockdowns, so of course they need MORE money, then what is happening in New York state?

New York will change what it takes for students to reach “proficiency” on state math and English language arts tests, calling last year’s lower scores the “new normal.”

A scoring committee that reports to the Board of Regents said Monday that they must take into account the results of last year’s tests for students in grades three through eight to determine whether schools are showing improvement from year to year. On Thursday, the committee wanted to clarify that they must also reset scores because the tests will have new performance standards.”

The long and the short of it is that the test scores in 2022 were so bad that New York has decided to make them the new “baseline.” Which means hey, they can only improve from here, right? Right???

“Yes, there’s learning loss between 2019 and 2022, but in some ways we don’t want to keep going backwards,” (Technical Advisory Committee Co-Chair Marianne) Perie said. “We’re at this new normal. So for New York we are saying the new baseline is 2022.”

The committee is resetting the lowest scores — called cut scores — for each achievement level on this spring’s new ELA (English language arts) and math tests.”

“Right now we’re setting new cut scores for 2023. This is the baseline moving forward,” Perie said.”

Over the summer the committee will do the same for the U.S. history Regents exam, with the change taking effect in 2024.”

Some teachers have been pressing for tests to be “re-normed” so that students can pass at a lower level than in previous years, reflecting their learning loss.”

Wow. If that just doesn’t give you warm and fuzzy feelings about education standards, testing, and the whole notion that “kids are resilient!” then I don’t know what will.

Weingarten and her ilk are more concerned with power than the education of children. The students are merely their screen and stepping stone on their way to control. There will be no accountability of any leadership for the failures in education. Someday, Randi Weingarten will retire, and she will do so knowing that she helped take a sledgehammer to public school education in this country. And the day that she leaves the public stage can’t come soon enough.

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  • John Holton says:

    One of her predecessors said that he’d worry about the kids when they could vote in union elections. Nice to see things haven’t changed.

  • GWB says:

    Weingarten and her ilk are more concerned with power than the education of children.
    I’ll disagree a little bit. I think a great many of them are also concerned with grooming the children into Progressivism (and particularly the hedonism.).

    • Scott says:

      THIS GWB.. spot on… of course

      “Some teachers have been pressing for tests to be “re-normed” so that students can pass at a lower level than in previous years, reflecting their learning loss.”… IDIOCRACY WAS A COMEDY NOT A HOW TO!!!.. Then again, peasants and morons are much easier to rule over than intelligent, critical thinking free men…

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