We Don’t Want Or Need Another Roosevelt

We Don’t Want Or Need Another Roosevelt

We Don’t Want Or Need Another Roosevelt

Tina Turner sang “We Don’t Need Another Hero” on the Thunderdome soundtrack. I was reminded of it this morning when I came across an op-ed piece by Rep. Karen Bass (D). In the piece, she plays the same game of smoke and mirrors many of her fellow Democrats have engaged in this election season. Using the specter of Covid-19, they all but claim Donald Trump will be the death of us all if we re-elect him. However, at the end of her piece, she shows not only what her true goal is but that of the Democratic Party. They want another Franklin Delano Roosevelt to help cement our decline into socialism. What they don’t get is we don”t want or need another FDR, not if this country is going to survive.

I don’t know which is funnier–and not necessarily in a humorous way–CNN’s disclaimer that the opinions included in the piece are those of Ms. Bass alone and don’t necessarily illustrate those of the network (Ha!) or the fact she thinks we are so ill-informed we’d actually buy her piece of propaganda.

To start, she opens with an attempt to terrorize the rest of us. OMG, more than 230,000 people here in the US have died of Covid. Except. . . that’s not a number she got from the CDC. Nor is it a number she got from a governmental agency. She got it from Johns Hopkins. And the link she uses goes to this nifty little map filled with red dots, all designed to raise our anxiety and fear levels.

Oh, and according to the map, more than 1,000 more people have died since she wrote the piece and it was published earlier this morning. Hmmm, assuming she wrote the piece two days ago, that’s 500 deaths a day. From Covid-13. Sorry, I don’t buy it. But let’s assume she used the figures in good faith. Let’s keep reading.

We get the same sad song about how evil Trump is. He “sidelined” the experts in favor of another doctor without epidemiology expertise and who has reported made “favorable comments” about herd immunity.

And here we start seeing solid proof she is using the same standard of proof as many of her fellow Dems in Congress, and especially in the House. Rumor and innuendo are much more fun to use than facts and direct quotes. After all, it is much more difficult to disprove a rumor. It gets into the “Are you still beating your wife” territory. An approach the Democrat-controlled House used these last four years to try to oust Trump. Fortunately, they failed, but that’s not stopping them.

As the US climbs toward its third peak of infections, make no mistake: If Donald Trump is reelected, he’ll continue to dismiss and downplay the pandemic.”

Really? Is he really downplaying it or putting it into context? He’s admitted the virus exists. He simply doesn’t think we need to drive the country into economic ruin in an attempt to fight the virus.

Furthermore, without targeted policy changes, we can expect Covid-19 to continue to have a disproportionate impact on people of color. Black Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans continue to be about 5 times more likely to be hospitalized than whites.”

Again, context needed. Her comment implies that it is Trump’s fault this happens to be the case. It’s almost as if she believes Trump is personally keeping them from getting treatment until they have to be hospitalized. she is also using figures that are more than two months old. Hmmm…could it be that there’s been a shift in numbers and that shift doesn’t support her claim?

And here we have it: the race card.

All of which forces us to ask: If this virus wasn’t disproportionately affecting people of color, would the White House handle this the same way it has so far?

The clear answer is no — because the Trump Administration’s position has been consistent from their first day in office. President Trump, his advisers, and his Republican allies in Congress have sought every opportunity to penalize, punish, and persecute the most vulnerable among us, and especially vulnerable people of color, across every dimension of their policy agenda. In other words, having no Covid-19 plan is the President’s plan — because of who is dying.”

And this is when Bass goes from concerned legislator to one with an agenda. That agenda is doing whatever and saying whatever it takes to prevent Trump from sitting in the Oval Office for a second term.

He’s racist. His holds “spreader events”. He’s evil! Evil, I tell you!

Now she’s on a roll. It’s not just Trump. According to her, most Republicans “march in lockstep” with him. I don’t know about you, but that puts a very clear image in mind as she tries to equate the President with Hitler without actually coming out and saying it.

It is obvious she not only wants the government to step in and tell us what we must do, how to do it and punish us if we don’t. In other words, Big Brother should be a reality. After all, if not, a college student attending class or going to the coffeeshop or a gathering with friends might bring Covid home and kill Grandma.

What the hell happened to personal integrity and personal responsibility? Is she trying to tear this country apart?

Perhaps not, but she is advocating the destruction of the foundations upon which this country was founded. She wants the government to remember Saint Franklin of Roosevelt. You know, the president who created so many “social programs” during the Great Depression. The one who, according to Thomas Sowell, actually extended the Depression through his actions.

Ms. Bass fails to recognize a shutdown will create only more problems for the country. The economy, which is just now starting to recover, will once again stagger to a halt. People will lose jobs. Businesses will close. Rents will go unpaid. Goods will become hard to find. Mental health and addiction issues will increase.

And writing check after check to try to make up the financial losses will not help. All it will do is continue the trend of normalizing being on the dole. It will devalue the dollar. It will send our country into turmoil the likes of which we haven’t seen for decades, if ever.

But Democrats like Ms. Bass don’t care. All they care about is smearing Trump and anyone associated with him. They want power. But not the power to govern wisely. No, they want the power to govern with an iron fist. Just this weekend, Kamala Harris advocates what she calls “equity” for everyone. Not just equality but equity so we all “end up” in the same place, no matter what our talents, our work ethic, or anything else. Of course, I have no doubt she and her ilk will become the more equal among equals.

Do not let them blind you by their rhetoric. Do not fall prey to their brand of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Don’t be confused by their smoke and mirrors. As you head to the polls tomorrow, ask yourself one simple question: Which candidate has proven they not only love this country but has its best interests at heart?

The answer is NOT Biden/Harris. It isn’t the vast majority of those Democrats whose names we know. As I said above, we don’t need another Roosevelt. We need a man who isn’t afraid of making the hard decisions, a man who has managed to do more for peace in the Middle East than any president in many years.

Please, if you haven’t already voted, be sure to do so tomorrow. The future of our nation depends on it.

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Featured Image: Franklin D. Roosevelt by Donkeyhotey. Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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  • Scott says:

    “The one who, according to Thomas Sowell, actually extended the Depression through his actions.”

    Also the one who interred Japanese Americans during the Second World War

    Also the one who’s administration was so infested with Russian spies that it laid the ground work for Russia to get nuclear weapons during the Truman Admin

    The one who set up the ponzi scheme called Social Security, that any of us would be jailed for coming up with..

    The list truly does go on..

  • Michael G. Gallagher says:

    No, it doesn’t have to be the end of the country if the Harris-Sanders-AOC clique wins. Just think of the words Churchill spoke after Dunkirk: “This is not the beginning of the end but instead the end of the beginning.”

  • michael says:

    Franklin no, Teddy yes.

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