Victory Girls Vines: #GOPDebate Greatest Hits

Victory Girls Vines: #GOPDebate Greatest Hits

Victory Girls Vines: #GOPDebate Greatest Hits

Senator Ted Cruz started out with a bang, and an amazingly accurate imitation of the MIA Donald Trump:

Here’s Trump’s reaction:

Paging Clint Eastwood.

Marco Rubio, who many feel stood out in last night’s debate, offered his pick for the next president of Sweden:

Heh. Well played, Senator.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie is never one to mince words:

Ouch. Body slam!

And Jeb! gave us an update on his ongoing FauxMance with the missing love of his life:

Rand Paul was back on the main stage, and overall, did well last night, although cracking an occasional smile would be welcome. Here he is on auditing the Fed, arguably his baby in his committed fight for preserving our freedoms.

It’s unlikely he’ll be the GOP nominee, but here’s hoping Rand stays in the Senate. Filibusters are fun, y’all!

And Governor John Kasich self-described as a…lane-changer:

Granted, that was after the debate, but Kasich is a pure policy wonk, and about as delighful to listen to as proverbial drying paint, so compelling clips are few and far between. Would he make a good POTUS? Probably. But he gives me the hives.

Carly Fiorina is always worth an honorable mention, and really should have been bumped up to the Main Stage, where she obviously belongs. She’s never one to shy away from lambasting Hillary Clinton:

Girl crush!

And Dr. Carson was the only one who competently voiced how political correctness is literally getting Americans killed, and thus explained his stance on immigration:

…and went on to recite the preamble to our Constitution in his closing statement. It was a beautiful reminder of what America is supposed to be:

Amen, Dr. Carson!

So there you have it, the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses, in a nutshell.

What was your favorite moment from last night’s debate?

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