VA Governor Northam, Was It The Klan Hood Or The Blackface?

VA Governor Northam, Was It The Klan Hood Or The Blackface?

VA Governor Northam, Was It The Klan Hood Or The Blackface?

If you ever thought you were having a bad week, I can guarantee that you’ve NEVER had a week like Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

First, as Nina covered here, Governor Northam was recorded defending the late-term abortion bill of Delegate Kathy Tran, in what could charitably be called “Spartan Infant Care” – we leave the nonviable and deformed to die. Not on a hillside, of course – comfortably, on a table, in a hospital.

The media decided that the story was the horrified reaction by sane people. CONSERVATIVES POUNCED, don’t you know.

Then a yearbook page was discovered by Big League Politics. And it was verified to be real. Governor Northam is now presented with a political Sophie’s Choice – do you admit to being the guy in the Ku Klux Klan hood, or the guy in blackface?

Silly people! Northam is a DEMOCRAT.

All he needs to do is say he’s sorry and this will all be swept under the rug, right?

Here’s the problem: those aren’t the New Rules that Democrats imposed on us. The New Rules state that yearbook pages are fair game, and there is no grace given for age if the hat is offensive.

Not to mention that this is Northam’s MEDICAL SCHOOL yearbook from 1984 and he was 25 YEARS OLD.

Now, should we really care or try to ruin a man’s political career over a picture from close to 35 years ago, no matter how offensive it might be now? No, but this is the world that the Democrats have made us live in. We now question what “boofing” or “Devil’s Triangle” meant on a yearbook page. A MAGA hat and a smirk are examples of “white supremacy.”

Just last week, the Republican Secretary of State in Florida resigned over a blackface photo. Why should Northam be allowed to ride this out? Especially when every single thing he’s done is now going to be viewed through this lens?

Governor Northam may hang on in office, but any future political career is now finished. I’m not sure he survives the weekend. Some big names are starting to turn on him – including Kamala Harris. But, he is a Democrat. It’s an even bet.

Featured image: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, from his official government website, cropped

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