#UniversityofWisconsin-Madison Selling Anti-White, Anti-Cop Hoodies

#UniversityofWisconsin-Madison Selling Anti-White, Anti-Cop Hoodies

#UniversityofWisconsin-Madison Selling Anti-White, Anti-Cop Hoodies

Of all of the insane social justice warrior (SJW) garbage I have seen going on across America at institutions of higher learning over the past decade, this one takes the proverbial cake. University of Wisconsin-Madison has a group of enterprising students that have launched a line of hoodies on crafting site Etsy that discuss today’s most important social Justice warrior (SJW) concept (oh stay tuned, they will have another one tomorrow)-racism. According to an article at Campus Reform:

“Racism,” claims one hoodie’s page, “is a set of systematic, institutional, cultural, and epistemological (although not limited to said forms) structures [sic] that inherently empowers white folk and in turn disempowers people of color. This power dictates who lives, have housing, access to education/healthcare etc. Racism has little to do with hatred and mostly to do with who has power.”

In other words, I, due to an accident of birth which made me white (Oh the horror!) now evidently have the power to determine who has housing, who gets access to healthcare and education because (evidently) I am all powerful. Wish I had known that years ago-heck who do I see about the big paycheck that should go with being all powerful?? Facebook evidently already deleted the picture of this lovely hoodie (pictured below) which proclaims all of us who happen to lack melanin in higher doses are racists. I actually think that Facebook got this one right! It does violate their community standards and frankly I think we all should agree as a society that it is highly inappropriate, and frankly highly insulting to those of with with higher executive function to label “all” members of this ethnicity  or another as racist. After all, isn’t this what many a Trump supporter got mad at Hillary Clinton for with her “basket of deplorable’s” comment? Guess what? This is just as wrong, but I think it is more dangerous because these are being sold by a University. These are supposed to be institutions of higher learning-not propaganda factories.


I was particularly disgusted by the shirt pictured below. This photo riles me on so many levels. Isn’t this in essence, a terrorist threat against police officers? Also, perhaps a model in a hijab wearing something that could be interpreted as a terrorist threat is a bad idea compounded by more poor judgement.

“If I encounter another cop with a GOD COMPLEX, I’m going to have to SHOW THE WORLD That They Are HUMAN”

Speaking of low executive function,  I would expect an adult (the Residence Assistant in this case) to have better judgement than to get involved with a hair brained scheme like this one. Evidently that person also posed as a model for the shoot and has been getting many racially charged responses on their Facebook messenger. Go figure. Ironically just last year this is the same school that received unwelcome attention for having problems with “racial intolerance” on campus. As a result the school created a program known as “Our Wisconsin” which is intended to promote racial tolerance and inclusiveness.

In August the local newspaper published an article that talked about the “Our Wisconsin” initiative at the University. The leadership of the University reached out to the offices of other colleges nationwide that have launched “Diversity Programs” such as Oregon State University, University of Maryland and University of Michigan. Of course, they also enlisted the help of a diversity consulting group to help them develop the curriculum of the program that will indoctrinate educate up to 1,000 freshman in the 2016-2017 school year. The program, according to Dean of Students Lori Berquam, is what the college experience is all about-learning about themselves and others.

“The pilot program’s estimated cost for up to 1,000 freshmen this fall is $150,000 to $200,000, which Chancellor Rebecca Blank set aside from a special fund.”

That should do wonders for tuition rates, along with staffing the program which now has a director, whose name has yet to be released, and a staff of 45 people comprised of faculty and students to be “program facilitators”. Congratulations UW-Madison! You just created a new department! Not to mention the budget demands that will go with it in the future. That won’t cost the students anything to support.

Student’s welcomed to UW-Madison with “Our Wisconsin”

Let me clue Chancellor Blank in here. I attended a small liberal arts college in Southern California twenty years ago and we had an 80% international student body. We learned a ton about ourselves and others. Not all of it was positive, not all of it inspired us to sing songs like “I’d like to teach the world to sing” from the old Coke commercials. I loved it, but I also experienced some pretty disturbing exposures to how women are viewed in other countries at the hands of my foreign male classmates.

I would like to encourage the leadership at UW-Madison to help their students understand that starting an Etsy shop stocked with sweatshirts calling your classmates racist, for no reason, other than their skin color, just might be not just racist, but viewed as a Macroagression.


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