University Of Wyoming Is Right: We Do Need More Cowboys [VIDEO]

University Of Wyoming Is Right: We Do Need More Cowboys [VIDEO]

University Of Wyoming Is Right: We Do Need More Cowboys [VIDEO]

It seems the new University of Wyoming slogan is sexist, racist, mysogonistic, and triggering!! What is this hateful slogan you ask?

“The World Needs More Cowboys”

And with that, social justice warrior(SJW) panties got bunched.

“The world needs more cowboys,” the campaign claims, evoking images of stereotypical western icons in the minds of some faculty and misrepresenting UW’s research and educational goals, associate professor Christine Porter said.

The UW Committee on Women and People of Color want the slogan shelved and demand another one be more representative of people and culture. In other words, they want the slogan to pander to their definition of diversity.

Porter also said this:

“For me, the clearest reason it’s unacceptable is the word ‘boy,’ excluding anyone who identifies as female,” she said. “In 2018 — and really for the past 20 years — it’s not been acceptable to use the generic male to pretend that includes female.”

Are your eyes rolling? Mine haven’t stopped rolling. This cattlewoman was having none of it.

Understandably many UW alumni, current students, and people from Wyoming aren’t fans of this feminist identity politics horse shit.

Porter hasn’t done her research. Otherwise she’d know that women have been cowboying for YEARS in the west! She’d ALSO know that the history of the cowboy encompasses not only the United States, but countries all over the world. If she’d spent a little time on research instead of looking for something to get all butt hurt about, she’d know that one in four cowboys were black from the Civil War into the early 19th Century.

But NOOOOO, Porter and the “committee” have decided that the word COWBOY is triggering.

Seriously girls. Get a freaking GRIP! You are shoveling a load of horse shit.

UW is standing their ground. 

“The university is moving forward with the marketing campaign,” UW communications director Chad Baldwin told Campus Reform.

“The criticism of the slogan as being sexist, racist, and offensive simply does not hold water in the context of the overall campaign,” Baldwin added. “‘Cowboys’ is the university’s official mascot and nickname, and the upcoming campaign casts it in a way that we have demonstrated is effective in catching the attention of prospective students from outside Wyoming.”

Wyoming is the Cowboy state.

UW’s mascots are Cowboy Joe and Pistol Pete

What the professors with their panties in a bunch ALSO forget is that Wyoming was the VERY first territory to grant women the right to vote. In fact, when Congress  suggested WY drop that right in order to be granted statehood, WY told them to go pound sand. Furthermore, Nellie Tayloe Ross was the first woman governor of WY, the first woman governor EVER in the United States.

So don’t sit there and lecture Wyomingites about gender discrimination and sexism feminist crap. Our Cowboy state has been ahead of the curve for longer than you’ve been alive sister.

This is what being a cowboy is about. 

Code of the West

1) Live each day with courage.

2) Take pride in your work.

3) Always finish what you start.

4) Do what has to be done.

5) Be tough, but fair.

6) When you make a promise, keep it.

7) Ride for the brand.

8) Talk less and say more.

9) Remember that some things

aren’t for sale.

10) Know where to draw the line

It is a code that I and so many others who grew up in Wyoming know very very well.

Logan, an actual cowboy, isn’t a fan of the attack on his culture.

“Modern United States, go find a breed of people who will stick by each other’s sides through thick and thin, pray together, help one another and still endure the everyday struggles of their own lives just to put food on your table,” he wrote. “Go find a breed of people who give 100 percent everyday in all aspects. Go find a broader range of people. It doesn’t exist.”

Being a cowboy is not nor has it ever been about gender, race, or color. It’s about personal character, courage, and honor. Christine Porter is wrong and UW is correct. We definitely need more Cowboys and fewer SJW whiners.

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  • Scott says:

    I think maybe professor Christine needs to find a new place of employment.. she obviously doesn’t fit it there…That being said, the University would do well for itself if it got rid of such an obviously discriminatory group as the “Committee on Women and People of Color”… Just saying..

  • GWB says:

    The UW Committee on Women and People of Color
    And that right there is exactly WHY the world needs more cowboys.

    the clearest reason it’s unacceptable is the word ‘boy,’ excluding anyone who identifies as female
    Really? Then why do we no longer have stewardesses? Or waitresses? Or actresses? Because we didn’t want to distinguish………………. *eyeroll*
    Oh! And WTF are you even goingto UW? Because its mascot is a … *!gasp!* … a COWBOY!

    horse shit
    You used that twice. Not saying you’re wrong. It might even have made a good title. Just noting it. 😉

    UW’s mascots are Cowboy Joe and Pistol Pete
    Which one is which in that pic? ‘Cause it’s not likely her name’s Pete. NTTATWWT…….

    7) Ride for the brand.
    Well, now you see what their brand really is. They belong to that cattle-rustling bunch out East, whose brand is the hammer and sickle.

    8) Talk less and say more.
    Would that they could. But when they got less to say they seem to actually flap their gums more.

    pray together
    ZOMG!!!!1!11!!!!!! I’m TRIGGERED!

    Can we re-institute mandatory institutionalization for the obviously insane, yet? Looks like we have enough potential inmates to build a nice homey, intimate one in WY.

    Nice response to this lunacy, Nina.

  • Oldav8r says:

    “The world needs more SJW Snowflakes” said no sane person, ever.

  • Nature Boy says:

    I always wanted to be a cowboy. The west is so breathtakingly beautiful with the big skies and high vistas looking out for miles. The clouds/mountains shadow interplay is so awesome at dusk. If you haven’t been out west then add it to your bucket list.

  • Timmy says:

    Feminism in Wyoming. Smh

  • John C. says:

    Don’t forget
    11) Never squat while wearing spurs
    12) Always drink upstream from the herd

  • SFC D says:

    I grew up in WY. Teton County. A beautiful area that has been destroyed by liberals who moved there to escape the crap they created in their original homes, and promptly re-created the same crap. To them, and the SJW howler-monkeys at UW, I say this:

    Wyoming was great before you arrived. It’ll be great when you leave. You don’t have to stay.

    • Nina says:

      The Tetons are by far one of the BEST and most beautiful mountains ever!

      Then again, I’m also a very big fan of the view of Laramie Peak and Reese Mountain from where I grew up on a ranch outside of Wheatland. 😉

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