U.S. Retaliates After Iranian-backed Hezbollah Kill American Soldiers

U.S. Retaliates After Iranian-backed Hezbollah Kill American Soldiers

U.S. Retaliates After Iranian-backed Hezbollah Kill American Soldiers

Iran keeps poking the bear, and losing. On Wednesday their Hezbollah-funded terrorist group launched attacks on Camp Taji. The U.S. was not amused and struck back.

“The United States launched airstrikes in Iraq early Friday, responding to a rocket attack on a military base that killed one British and two U.S. service members.

The Pentagon said in a statement that the strikes targeted facilities “across Iraq” controlled by Kitaeb Hezbollah, a militia that U.S. officials say has attacked American troops before. The targets included storage facilities that housed weapons used to target U.S. and coalition troops, the statement said.

The Pentagon described the strikes as “defensive, proportional, and in direct response to the threat” posed by Iranian-backed militias.”

Given the attacks, it is obvious that Iran has no intentions of putting a halt to funding terrorism, specifically against the United States. They may whine about the economic sanctions, but when they keep throwing money to their chosen terrorists groups, I have no sympathy for these jackasses.

However, the New York Times fish wrap grumbled that this was a “violent tit-for-tat,” implying that the United States was acting childishly. Not only that…

“Kataib Hezbollah released a statement on Thursday praising those who had carried out the strikes on Wednesday, though the group denied responsibility. That strike was “a precision jihadi operation,” the statement said. It also signaled that the group hoped to see an increase in operations against the American presence in Iraq.

In December, Kataib Hezbollah was accused of a rocket strike that killed an American contractor, setting off a series of events that led the United States to the brink of war with Iran.”

First of all, it’s a known fact that Hezbollah has been backed by Iran. If they want to see an increase in operations against the U.S., then it’s a fair bet they had a part in the attack. Secondly, that series of events that the NY Times oh-so-seriously opined that nearly led us to World War III? That evil Soleimani dude who we righteously obliterated into dust.

As an aside, we were nearly at World War III just weeks ago. Then it was impeachment, and now it is the Wuhan Coronavirus mess.

Iran, as I pointed out here, is dealing with their own issues of citizens and government officials dying from the virus.

By golly, the the ideas that many of the clerics are touting as “cures” for the virus are jaw-dropping in their stupidity.

Meanwhile, as the European Union is dealing with their own missteps regarding the handling of the Wuhan virus, they are ALSO refusing to put sanctions in against Iran. 

“We have repeatedly asked the EU and the [United Kingdom] to match our sanctions on the Iranian regime, particularly on Iran’s nuclear and missile program, but also on Iran’s terrorist proxies,” a State Department spokesman told the Free Beacon. “But there is still great fear within the E3 [France, Germany, and Italy] that sanctioning Iran will jeopardize the nuclear deal. With the U.K. out of the EU, we do see a renewed opportunity for the U.K. to sanction the regime. We will keep pressing the point.”

Guess what? Iran has shown the world time and time again that they NEVER had any intentions of complying with the nuclear deal.

Memo to the EU: no matter how many ways you skin the cat, you are still going to end up with a pig in a poke by getting in bed with the world’s largest terrorist organization.

Crap like this from the Washington Post’s Beirut chief doesn’t help.

Yes, the Coronavirus has been the focus of attention. However, Liz should know better than to send out a tweet like this. Iranian-backed Hezbollah conducted the attack on Camp Taji. It wasn’t the United States who decided to poke the bear, it was Iran.

Iran doesn’t care about this Wuhan Coronavirus. What the Iranian government DOES care about is continuing to financially support and promote terrorism around the world. Lovely priorities they have.

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  • Taylor says:

    The Left ft as well as elements of the Buchananite-Paelocon Right seems to love Iran and it’s lackey the Chinless Opthamologist Bashar al-Assad. Of course that phony, appeaser of tyrants Tulsi Gabbard will be supporting Rouhani and Assad.

  • Paladin says:

    I believe in responding disproportionally to terrorist attacks. Why allow the enemy to dictate how we respond to the killing of our people?

    • Byzantine General says:

      Paging Tom Kratman. Appian Way decoration time. Let them frighten their children with the Americans for 2000 years!

    • Marshak says:

      International law requires a proportional response. That’s why they used that language. But it’s the Middle East where no one observes international law. We should have responded wildly disproportionately and called it proportionate.

  • GWB says:

    no matter how many ways you skin the cat, you are still going to end up with a pig in a poke by getting in bed with
    Wow, a veritable stew of metaphors.

    And I concur with Paladin: disproportionate response for the WIN!

  • mac says:

    NO TIT-FOR-TAT! Make those bastards so afraid of attacking us that they would rip limb-from-limb the first person on their OWN team who even suggests it. If making Hezbollah’s camps bone-covered deserts and calling it peace is what it takes to teach these criminals this lesson, make it so. As Gen. W. T. Sherman said, there is no point in moderation in war. It is Hell. The sooner we bring that home to them with fire and sword, the sooner the survivors will understand they need to take up more peaceful pursuits.

    Oh, and to Hell with anyone, government, NGO or individual, who objects to the use of disproportionate force.

  • Bevo says:

    The countries of the middle east have all been at war with everyone, especially western countries for hundreds of years. They will not stop because their “religion” is not a religion but an effort to dominate all peoples. It is clear that they will never change, therefore the best solution may be to let them kill themselves and end

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