Two Officers Shot In Ferguson Protests

Two Officers Shot In Ferguson Protests

Two Officers Shot In Ferguson Protests

Two police officers were injured in a shooting outside of the Ferguson, MO., police department early Thursday morning during new protests after the resignation of the town’s police chief, Thomas Jackson.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson

Officer Webster Grove, 32, was shot in the face, and a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County was shot in the shoulder, St Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar reports. He said they were both transported to a local hospital, where they were both conscious, but he said he did not have further details about their conditions. He described their injuries as “very serious”, but not life threatening.

The gunman is still at large, and there have been no suspects identified.

Protests had been relatively calm up until the point that gunshots rang out just after midnight. Witnesses believe that the shots were fired from on top of the hill about 220 yards away from the station. Police and protesters went running after the shots were fired, and officers in riot gear were able to drag the two injured to safety.

Obviously, after the shooting, tensions heightened at the protest with one police officer having this to say:

“This is what they wanted to happen.”

A protestor reportedly told the officer that his statement wasn’t true, but with protestors across the country screaming for police blood, I tend to believe the police officer is correct about at least a fraction of the protestors.

Police in riot gear outside of Ferguson Police Department
Police in riot gear outside of Ferguson Police Department

Police Chief Thomas Jackson was the sixth employee to resign or be fired after Darren Wilson was cleared of civil rights charges in the death of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old criminal that was killed last summer.

Listen, I am the first person to agree that racism, sexism, and bigotry of any kind is wrong. However, Michael Brown wasn’t a choirboy. Moments before the altercation with Officer Wilson that led to his death he had roughed up a convenience store clerk and stolen items from his shop.

The lives of multiple people have now been affected negatively by the choices that Michael Brown made that night. Yes, his life was lost, but it had nothing to do with his race. Now, though, we have multiple protests across the country that have ended in the loss or destruction of personal and commercial property and the injuries of both police officers and civilians. All because of the race baiters in this country that live for their idiotic ill-conceived notions of lingering racism.

Now, because we have men like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder screaming about racism and civil rights violations every time a black criminal is killed by or around a Caucasian or “white Hispanic” man, we have two more police officers injured because these buffoons continue to stir the pot.

Six people have lost their jobs, and Darren Wilson’s life was ruined, because of the decision Michael Brown made to break the law and then attack a police officer. Why aren’t more people angry over that injustice?

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  • Jodi says:

    I wonder when race-baiting Obama will be visiting the families of the injured police officers, like he did the family of the young man who robbed a store, assaulted a police officer, tried to take his gun, and got himself killed as a result.

    The word “never” comes to mind.

  • Xavier says:

    Holder and Obama should be charged as accessories and for inciting violence.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Racism will never end because the Left wishes for it to never end. This and class warfare are the two things the anarchistic, insane Left live for so they always stir those pots until they boil over. And over. And over again. Destroy the Left and then there will be the prospect for real peace. prosperity and sanity in this nation.

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    For this administration, those are just a few more “peasant” eggs necessary to be sacrificed to make the “to-perfection” Socialist omelet.

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