Twitter’s Fauci Fan Club

Twitter’s Fauci Fan Club

Twitter’s Fauci Fan Club

This might not be an official installment of the Twitter Files saga, but Elon Musk just gave us another juicy little detail about how Twitter employees absolutely LOVED them some Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci, who is milking every single second of his last fifteen minutes on the national stage (and these last fifteen minutes seem to be going in slow motion), is busy “reflecting” on his career for anyone who will listen to him. Unfortunately, a lot of media still are.

Fauci’s last official day at the NIAID is 31 December. It will be bittersweet. He has been driving to that same campus every day, including most Saturdays, for 54 years and has been NIAID director for 38 (a committee has been set up to find a successor).”

But he is not retiring in the classic sense. For his next chapter the octogenarian will continue to write, lecture and advise. And don’t be surprised to see him back in verbal combat on Capitol Hill as Republicans, soon to control the House of Representatives, investigate the pandemic response (egged on by the likes of Elon Musk, who recently tweeted: “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci”).”

“It’s going to be obvious when you see what happens whether it’s good faith or not,” Fauci says. “I know they’ve promised to pull us before the Congress and do all kinds of things. I am perfectly fine with oversight. I have a great deal of respect for the process of oversight of one branch of government with the other and I would be perfectly willing to appear before the Congress if they ask me to, because I have nothing to hide.”

“I can defend and explain virtually everything I’ve done, which has been nothing other than to provide for the American public my best recommendations based on good public health principles. That’s exactly what I’ve done in good faith throughout the entire outbreak and I’ve done that, in fact, throughout my entire tenure as director of the institute, which is now almost 40 years. So I have no problem at all with going before the Congress and explaining what we’ve done.”

Oh dear Lord, he’s never leaving, is he? I’m sure that the incoming Republican House leadership, while not agreeing on much else, definitely wants to let Fauci have his say under oath and in front of the American public. Maybe Senator Rand Paul can come over and help ask questions; Fauci LOVES being questioned by Rand Paul.

And speaking of Elon Musk, we should all be thankful that he bought Twitter and has thrown open the dirty laundry chute to let the sunlight in. Thanks to him, we now have a much bigger picture of just how the Biden White House sought to control the narrative on COVID-19, and Twitter helped by shadowbanning or outright banning expert voices who disagreed with Fauci and the preferred narrative. Now, Elon Musk is letting us know just how happy Twitter employees were to support Dr. Fauci.

Why, I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that Fauci had his own little fan club among the Twitter employees. Let’s just say that Elon Musk is not included in that fan club. No more, he says, because science can stand up to questions. That led to this hilarious exchange.

After Musk replied with a cry-laugh emoji, he then gave Saad a slightly more eloquent response. Which led to this meme.

Musk then tweeted that same meme out on his own. I do find it fascinating and entertaining to see Elon Musk interacting with people on Twitter, and actually using his company’s product to talk directly to the public.

So yeah, Elon Musk doesn’t like how Anthony Fauci used and abused his position during the COVID-19 lockdowns and after. That has to stick in Fauci’s craw, because despite all his talk about being big enough to accept “oversight,” he is extraordinarily thin-skinned and incredibly arrogant. To have one of the world’s richest men, and the man who now owns Twitter, not falling at his feet? That will sting. It won’t be a fatal wound, but it will be an itch that Fauci will go back to scratch again and again. Just wait and see.

I also have a feeling that we haven’t seen the end of the Twitter Files in regard to COVID-19. Given the amount of interaction that Twitter had with government agencies, is it a stretch to think that there might be something in those files regarding the NIH or the NIAID “reaching out” to the former management to get “disinformation” off the platform? It’s a fair question, and we deserve to know the answer.

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  • SCOTTtheBADGER says:

    Gaad Saad is a conservative Canadian University professor, and a very clever satirist. He is highly intelligent, but sometimes can be a little subtle.

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