Tweets From Tim Send At National Cowboy Museum Are Just What The Dr Ordered

Tweets From Tim Send At National Cowboy Museum Are Just What The Dr Ordered

Tweets From Tim Send At National Cowboy Museum Are Just What The Dr Ordered

Tim Send at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma is in charge of the museum’s Twitter feed these days. Except that Tim wasn’t in charge of the museum’s online PR. Nope, he is one of the museum’s security guards!

“Not all heroes wear capes — some wear cowboy hats!

The National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma has had to shutter its doors amid the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but its online presence is thriving thanks to security guard-turned-social media manager, Tim Send.

Last week, the museum’s security guard took over its social media presence, and people online are loving the new voice behind its Twitter and Facebook accounts.”

Growing up in Wyoming, I can tell you for certain that a LOT of heroes wear cowboy hats, and I’m not  talking about John Wayne or Sam Elliott. Nope, we for darned sure have cowboy heroes all around us.

Times are indeed tough and uncertain right now. So, what Tim Send is doing for the museum definitely makes him one of those heroes.

Remember Target Tori? She was informed she had some competition and her response? “I don’t stand a chance.” 

Given Tim’s tweets, NO ONE stands a chance with this guy! He was definitely new to this entire Twitter deal and boy howdy, those gosh-darned HASHTAG thingies almost got him hamstrung!

Well, he has those hashtags figured out now, sort of, after a couple of funny tweets about researching the use of this new-fangled thing called Twitter!

So far he’s not been able to catch Woody and his pals in the act, but he’s trying!

True Grit, one of the very best movies of John Wayne’s in my opinion.

The Shootist is as well. Hmmm, I might have to ask Tim Send to show us Shootist memorabilia if the museum has some.

The selfie station tweets had me ROFLMAO!

Meanwhile, many of his tweets in the last few days have been educational along with that wonderful dry cowboy sense of humor that I grew up with.

Believe me, growing up on a ranch in southeast Wyoming, we can definitely discuss chapped…and chaps.

The reaction to what Tim has been doing is awesome.

““If you’re looking for some positivity during this down time follow @ncwhm thank you Tim.”

“I urge you all to start following Tim @ncwhm. His tweets will make your day.”

“Dude, I think you’ve found a permanent gig on Twitter. Keep up the good work. You make me smile and laugh.”

“@ncwhm Love Tim’s tweets and the @ncwhm is a new bucket list visit. Hey Tim, who do you think played the better Doc Holliday? Dennis Quaid or Val Kilmer?””

Oh geez, Dennis Quaid vs Val Kilmer? Tough call as BOTH movies were really good! I have to say that I lean towards Kurt Russell’s version because …”Well, BYE!”

I do have to say… he GOT TO MEET SAM ELLIOTT!!

Sorry Tim, but Sam’s mustache definitely outranks yours! And… Sam Elliott. That is all. Ok, yes Kevin Costner was mentioned. But hey, no dancing and no wolves at the Western Heritage Awards? What’s up with that? Do-over!

Yes, Tim Send may have gotten roped into this new strange gig, but he is sure taking to it like a duck takes to water! Remember when the University of Wyoming told us the world needs more cowboys? They were talking about folks like Tim Send.

You can follow the National Cowboy Museum on Facebook and Twitter. I highly recommend our readers do so as Tim Send will bring a smile to your face. Laughter is indeed the best medicine and Cowboy Tim Send is providing that in spades!

Feature Photo Credit: Photo of Tim Send from National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Facebook page, cropped and modified

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