Not Dying For Wall Street Hysteria

Not Dying For Wall Street Hysteria

Not Dying For Wall Street Hysteria

“Not dying for Wall Street” is trending on that sewer of the internet, Twitter. Right now, you are probably asking yourself why on Earth “Not dying for Wall Street” would be a thing? Because, those poor, tragic souls infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome believe that President Donald Trump is willing to let Americans die so that his buddies on Wall Street don’t lose any more money. Why would they think that, you ask? Because, yesterday, in his two hour, presser President Trump said that we can’t shelter in place indefinitely and that Americans want to go back to work. He’s right and that doesn’t mean he wants to kill off Americans.

The first hysterical tweet that popped up when I clicked on “Not dying for Wall Street” was:

Thirty-nine million people is unthinkable number and that lady is out of her damn mind. There is no correlation between the situation in China and the situation here in the States. China denied the Wuhan Flu existed and shut down those who would talk about it. There are many reasons that the situation in Italy is not applicable to the situation here. Those reasons have to do with culture, population density, medical care and government transparency, But, why let rational thought get in the way of your TDS.

I read about 70 of the thousands of TDS tweets and wondered what made these people so convinced that Trump wants to off them for a rebound of the Stock Market? Here is the relevant portion from the press conference yesterday:

Trump thanked Americans for their continued sacrifice. He reminded us that Asian-Americans are not responsible for Covid-19. He then said that America wasn’t built to be shut down. He didn’t tell everyone to run out willy-nilly and swap bodily fluids on counters at restaurants. He reinforced the two week shutdown and social distancing. Today in a town hall on Fox News Channel, Trump said that he hoped to reassess by Easter Sunday, April 12. That is nearly three weeks away. Do you know how many people will be ruined by then? The $3,000.00 per family being discussed by the House and Senate isn’t going to do spit for a lot of Americans. The denizens of the Twitter sewer are worried about Wall Street and I am worried about the people down the street.

Vanity Fair, that magazine of the forgotten man, ran a vile slur of an article titled, “White House: We’re Going to Have to Let Some People Die So the Stock Market Can Live”. It doesn’t matter to writer Bess Levin that Trump said no such thing. It may have been the voices in her TDS fevered brain. Her opening paragraph:

ne of the major reasons the United States is in the midst of a health crisis that has killed 427 people and infected at least 34,354 so far is the fatty mass inside Donald Trump’s head that told him If you pretend like none of this is happening, it’ll all just go away. Singularly obsessed with the stock market, the president squandered his opportunity to contain the novel coronavirus out of fear that taking strong action would damage the economy, telling advisers in February not to “do or say anything that would further spook the markets.” Obviously that plan of “action” backfired so spectacularly that it would be quite funny if not for the whole life and death thing; weirdly, not doing anything about a deadly disease and insisting it was a hoax didn’t actually make investors feel better. Terrified about the fact that the Dow and S&P were still regularly recording some of their worst days since the crash of ’87, Trump decided roughly eight days ago to stop calling the pandemic “fake news” and actually advise people to take it seriously and stay home.

Miss Levin should try to use the fatty mass inside her own head. President Trump never called the pandemic fake news or a hoax. He did say that the fake news media was trying to create a panic. True fact.

Wall Street is an investment vehicle and represents anxiety and stresses America. Wall Street is not the economy. Trump is worried about the economy. The engine of the United States economy is the small business owner. These are the people who are getting killed by this shutdown. And, speaking of the small business owner, Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, is also a small business owner. Miss Levin wrote a heinous article about him and Twitter is also excoriating Patrick.

I saw Dan Patrick make his comments on Tucker Carlson’s show. I thought they were inartful, but I didn’t take away that he wanted old people to commit Covid-19 Seppuku. I took the comments to mean that small business owners may lose everything. Where will their children be if there is no house to shelter them or food to feed them.

Look, in other couple of weeks, we will have a better idea of how to prevent and treat the Kung Flu. All that the President and Lt. Governor Patrick are saying is to take a look then. We cannot shut down the engine of the economy, small business, not Wall Street, for six months. No one wants anyone to die for Wall Street. Just shut up and get a cup of tea. Let the grown-ups handle this.

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  • cirby says:

    What’s fun is watching them try to defend the House additions to the funding package.

    Most of them have no idea what they were, or how much extra time and cost it was going to be.

  • GWB says:

    There is no correlation between the situation in China and the situation here in the States.
    Whoah. You don’t even need to go that far. She is comparing the death rate in ONE densely packed Chinese CITY, to the whole of the USA. You can stop right there because they don’t even compare – before all the good reasons you get to.

    There are many reasons that the situation in Italy is applicable to the situation here.
    Think you missed a “not” in front of “applicable”.

    He reminded us that Asian-Americans are not responsible for Covid-19.
    And that’s a partial yes. Most “Asian-Americans” are not Chinese who go back to China regularly for Chinese New Year. However, some of them are. And some of them here live in conditions similar to back in China – providing close quarters for spread of the New Year present.
    I don’t blame them. But they are probably one vector of the disease making it to our shores. (The other, bigger one, is the large number of Chinese nationals we allow to work and study in this country.)

    If you pretend like none of this is happening, it’ll all just go away
    Funny, but I recall screeching when he shut down flights to and from China earlier than almost anyone else. Didn’t you notice that? I thought it was pretty loud, myself.

    President Trump never called the pandemic fake news or a hoax.
    I’m surprised that’s all you kicked at in there. That whole paragraph you quoted was full of malarkey and lies.

    Wall Street is not the economy.
    A mistake our betters in the GOPe and “conservative elite” kept making for the longest time. As long as the DOW or S&P was moving UP, then everything must be good!

    Look, in other couple of weeks, we will have a better idea of how to prevent and treat the Kung Flu.
    I have a really good idea NOW. And it doesn’t involve just shutting everything down. Instead target your efforts on vulnerable populations and do the old-style vaccination NOW, in groups, with treatment.
    But that doesn’t comport with our “modern” vision of medical care. So they’ll ignore it for something “better” some 3 weeks after everyone is “dead” from the economy being shut down.

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  • William Dalasio says:

    I think it’s so generous of Dr. DeWald to volunteer to work free of charge indefinitely….

  • alanstorm says:

    Ms. Levin is an inspiration to us all.

    Living proof that lacking a functional brain is no bar to employment.

  • FAH-q says:


    • Scott says:

      Ya mean like Obama was bought and paid for my Soros???

      Please take a history class friend, you obviously have not the slightest clue what fascism is..

      Also, using all caps just makes you look like an idiot.

  • Nyl says:

    The Republican and Democratic establishment isn’t willing to watch “them” die for Wall Street. They are willing to watch “us” die for Wall Street. Sorry but a supporter of the President you’re just as much a cog. DJT literally said he could kill someone and you’d let him get away with it. The only question now is how much of a hyperbole was it? Will you be the sniveling mouse of a person or will you refuse to go quietly?

  • GWB says:

    This post made it onto a s#1t list somewhere, huh? The crazies are coming out of the woodwork.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      And it’s like a sample case of second hand trolling. We’ve got the ANGRY ALL CAPS PERSON!!!!, the Wall of Text person, and a Drive By Snarker.
      All using the same arguments they were using during the Bushitler No Blood For Oil days, with the serial numbers filed off.

    • Toni Williams says:

      GWB- yes it did. I am enjoying the agita.


  • Scott says:

    The cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork…. FIFY

  • Adam says:

    So to begin, let me just say that I find it delightfully ironic that you refer to Twitter as “that sewer of the internet”. I wholeheartedly agree: It’s the favorite home of your “President” (read: grossly incompetent kleptocrat).

    Now, let us evaluate the drooling stupidity of your article, and explain why every American has a right to be angry at Trump for his handling of the crisis. While I agree that he’s probably not sacrificing animals to Satan in the back yard of the White House (so much as he is cowering inside it), he also has consistently shown that he was much more concerned with the stock market than the welfare of the average american. For example, the first major speech that he gave on the COVID-19 was the day immediately after the first major stock market downturn, despite ample warning from the CDC in weeks previous about the severity of the potential crisis. In it, he downplayed the severity of the COVID-19, compared it to the flu (a disease that it is approximately ten to fifteen times more lethal than despite being more contagious), and said that the number of infected would go down to zero. He also said that they would have a vaccine ready “soon” when the first clinical trials of a vaccine were months away. All of these statements were lies. They were lies calculated in clear response to the stock market downturn the day previous to assuage investor panic. Spreading blatant misinformation during a developing crisis, while also showing a complete lack of initiative in basic measures like making sure people have enough masks and tests, ignoring CDC recommendations, and trying to somehow blame Obama, means that at best he was grossly incompetent and at worst, he just didn’t care as long as he could pump his numbers up for election season. Moving on.

    “The fake news media was trying to create a panic. True fact.”

    Firstly, facts are, by definition, true. Consider retaking high school english. Secondly, they weren’t “trying to create a panic”. People were panicking all on their own, because there were plenty of them that were smarter than Trump who rightly predicted that our medical system was completely unprepared for a community transmissible virus with no effective treatment and a fairly high fatality rate. Again, at a very low estimate of a 2% case fatality rate and 20% severe symptoms rate (and yes, that’s with adequate medical care), that’s still 6 million Americans who die if the virus fully spreads across the country, and 60 million needing serious interventions to prevent death or permanent organ damage. Even at a fraction of those numbers, with only around 1 million physicians nationwide, if these drastic measures aren’t continued at least until the growth of the virus stops, we’ll be painting red crosses on doors and digging mass graves before 2021. Also, I know that laypeople have trouble comprehending this, but medical professionals aren’t invincible, we have very limited equipment, and we can only handle so many cases before we’re forced to turn people away and let them die in the street. And if it gets to that point doesn’t matter whether there’s a miracle cure because we can only deploy and distribute it so fast. Keep in mind that people who come into the hospital for any other reason will start dying too, since the system will be at saturation, and since we have one of the most obese, unhealthy populations in the world, with 1.5 million cases of heart attacks and strokes and 3.1 million severe trauma cases annually, that won’t be a small number.

    “Wall Street is an investment vehicle and represents anxiety and stresses America. Wall Street is not the economy. Trump is worried about the economy. The engine of the United States economy is the small business owner.”

    Again, you should take a critical look at the actions of the administration during the early stages of the crisis. But regardless, the point is moot. The economy is going to perform badly regardless. It’s going to suck, and people will be out of work, no matter when the businesses reopen. The question to be determined now is how much more economic damage the incompetence of conservatives will continue to do to do to the country by killing its work force. Shockingly enough, you will find yourself unable to run a small business if you’re buried in a mass grave. You may also find it hard to find employees when the ones who aren’t dead refuse to work out of fear, and much harder to serve customers if they fight each other for the last stocks of your crucial supplies and don’t buy anything else. That’s what an uncontrolled pandemic is like. Businesses will not be profitable if consumers are scared to go outside and constantly fearing for their lives.

    Social distancing works to stop the pandemic, but only if it’s done correctly and persistently. Epidemiologists (again, people much smarter than you or the orange-haired conman that you helped to besmirch the highest office in the land) are in universal agreement over that. The point is not to imprison people for years until a cure can be found, but to avoid overwhelming the medical system until the exponential growth of the epidemic decreases, and crucial manpower and equipment can be restored. The fact that the lockdown in Wuhan is now being lifted after just three months is evidence that these measures work– but only with commitment, and certainly not if they last only a few weeks.

    Let it never be forgotten that the fact that COVID-19 (which you’ve termed the “Kung-Flu” in a fashion befitting your racist views) is so bad is solely the fault of Trump and mindless drones like you that don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Unless there’s some miraculous change in the next few weeks, lifting the lockdown by Easter would be an incredibly foolhardy idea. Feel free to ignore common sense if you wish, but if you come down with a bad case of viral pneumonia, don’t you dare call the ambulance and make others suffer for your stupidity. Instead, I’d recommend calling Dan Patrick. I’m sure he’ll be very pleased hearing about your sacrifice while perched atop his ivory tower.

    • Scott says:

      wow, you are an angry individual aren’t you? Your screed is so full of inaccuracies, where to begin.. well, since you’re obviously an Obama fan-boy, how about with the fact that the national stockpile of N-95 masks and other PPE were depleted during the H1N1 pandemic, and the Obama administration never felt the need to restock them.
      You mention “only 1 million physicians”, without mentioning the number that have left the profession, or decided not to enter after the clusterfuck that is Obamacare was foisted on us by the “chosen one” and Nancy “ya gotta pass it to see what’s in it” Pelosi..
      As to “besmirching the highest office in the land”, I’ve got two words for you Clinton and Obama…
      Your comments about racism are just too predictable and inane to even respond to.

      Now, about the disease, while your numbers might be what the chi-coms released, and you’ve obviously bought into them whole-heartedly, I’ll go ahead and bust your bubble with some numbers that are accurate as of today, from the US.. 81% of those infected show minimal to no symptoms, 14% require hospitalization, and 5% are “severe” cases, requiring ICU stays. Overall, the mortality rate is currently at less than 1%.. Based on these numbers, it is you and the media that are trying to induce a panic (and succeeding at least among the leftist sheeple). The lethality is nowhere near 10-15x that of the flu (though you are correct that the spread rate is greater). Social distancing makes perfect sense, and will have an impact on the spread. That doesn’t mean that it needs to be forever (and yes, Easter may be overly optimistic, but for anyone that listened, he said he hoped to reopen things by then, but that we would “reevaluate”..

      Now based on all your comments in total, I understand that your TDS obviously does not allow you to think rationally when it comes to President Trump, and only permits you to see any statement that he makes as a lie intended to benefit only him, when many other possibilities exist, such as working with incorrect / outdated data (things are changing on a daily if not hourly basis), exaggeration, or even wishful thinking. You are correct that we in the medical field are not invincible, and that our resources are limited (the fools demanding testing for healthy people do NOT understand this, and are making delays in test results even worse by overwhelming the system), but if you believe that we will actually turn people away to die in the streets, you are a FOOL, and if you’re just saying it to advance your agenda, you’re a LIAR..
      By the way, as a paramedic for over 20 years, and an EMS administrator for over 5, I might be in a better position than most to know what’s going on right now. Also, the facts I cited related to supply issues are from multiple levels of the local, state, and federal EOC’s that have been spooled up to handle this situation. As to the stats on the disease itself, that came from a video conference earlier today, involving our physician advisor, a virologist, an epidemiologist, and multiple other doctors.
      Ooh, I forgot to mention that hospitals throughout the U C Health system are currently operating at 60% of NORMAL capacity (delaying elective surgeries does wonders), and their surge capacity is significantly higher.
      But go ahead, feel free to proclaim loudly that the sky is falling, and it’s all the fault of “Orange Man Bad”, you’ll just make yourself the fool.

    • GWB says:

      It’s the favorite home of your “President”
      Outed yourself way too early. I know that from this point forward it will be nothing but regurgitated word salad, without reason or substance.

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