Turkey’s President Erdogan Lectures The U.S. About Terrorism And Christchurch Killer

Turkey’s President Erdogan Lectures The U.S. About Terrorism And Christchurch Killer

Turkey’s President Erdogan Lectures The U.S. About Terrorism And Christchurch Killer

The attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand are horrifying on every level. That kind of evil the shooter displayed is unimaginable. Yet Turkey’s President Erdogan, with an abysmal human rights track record of his own, was given space in the Washington Post to lecture all of us peons.

“The Christchurch massacre’s alleged perpetrator attempted to legitimize his twisted views by distorting world history and the Christian faith. He sought to plant seeds of hate among fellow humans. As a leader who has repeatedly stressed that terrorism has no religion, language or race, I categorically reject any attempt to associate last week’s terrorist attacks with the teachings, morals or maxims of Christianity. If anything, what happened in New Zealand was the toxic product of ignorance and hate.” [Emphasis Added]

He then goes on to compare the Christchurch madman to ISIS, and then drops this gem into the middle of his diatribe.

“If the world wants to prevent future assaults similar to the one in New Zealand, it must start by establishing that what happened was the product of a coordinated smear campaign.”

Oh, well. Isn’t that interesting?? Especially when one considers the following.

Erdogan let his thugs tackle Turkish American citizens on U.S. soil.

Erdogan has an untold number of journalists jailed, and in fact leads the pack.

Pot meet Kettle with a bang!

Oh, but that’s not all. You see, in the aftermath of the Christchurch attacks, Erdogan has been playing the video all over the country not once, but multiple times as part of his campaign! This from the Washington Post YESTERDAY. 

“As authorities in New Zealand and companies such as Facebook were furiously scrubbing online footage of a shooting rampage that killed 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand, the same disturbing footage was being shared with thousands of Turkish citizens — by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan has played blurred clips of the video at campaign rallies in several Turkish cities over the past few days, to fire up his conservative Islamist supporters and attack his political opponents ahead of local elections scheduled for later this month. But his use of the footage drew a rebuke Monday from New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters, who said the dissemination of the video could endanger his country’s citizens.”

It could endanger everyone because there are sick, twisted, evil people out there who WILL use that video as part of their own horrific ideology. But Erdogan doesn’t care about that. He only cares about HIS power.

I’m sure he wasn’t thrilled that one of his diplomats was hauled on the carpet by the Australian Prime Minister. However, he certainly didn’t let it stop him from writing up and having the WaPo publish his smarmy little lecture.

Erdogan is not a friend of ours. The Washington Post shouldn’t have given this guy a voice.

Yes indeed. Washington Post, YOU WROTE THAT! Furthermore, the WaPo also wrote about Erdogan using the killer’s video at campaign rallies just the day before some idiot gave Erdogan lecture space on their opinion page!

Sadly there will be too many who will read Erdogan’s lecture and smugly tell us that he’s right. However, wanna bet that if they are asked about all the journalists Erdogan has in jail, they won’t have a response?

New Motto: Democracy dies in Darkness while giving voice to thuggery.

Feature Photo Credit: Carlos Latuff – https://twitter.com/latuffcartoons?lang=tr, via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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