Tuesday’s Long Shot: 5 Reasons John Boehner Should Lose the Speakership Today

Tuesday’s Long Shot: 5 Reasons John Boehner Should Lose the Speakership Today

Tuesday’s Long Shot: 5 Reasons John Boehner Should Lose the Speakership Today

Today is the first working day of the 114th Congress. And it’s the day that will determine the agenda for the next two years for the Republican-controlled House, because it’s the day our representatives will elect their Speaker. And Rep. John Boehner now has two challengers for that job: Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida, and Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas. It’s a long shot that he’ll relinquish his position. But he should. And here are five of the most compelling reasons that Rep. Boehner should lose the gavel today:

  1. Omnibus. Last November, voters elected historic numbers of Republican reps, giving the House GOP a clear mandate to Stop Obama. In response, rather than passing a simple, clean CR until the new Congress was seated, Speaker Boehner pushed through, in Nancy Pelosi-esque fashion, a 1600-page, trillion-dollar-plus Omnibus bill. With the exception of Homeland Security, which will run out of Monopoly money at the end of February, it funds Obama’s government through September. It’s very likely that no one who voted in favor actually read it, the bill’s passage silenced the voices of our newly-elected reps, and the bill does not defund ObamaCare or Executive Amnesty. For this reason alone, John Boehner should be fired from the Speakership.
  1. No Amendment Defunding Executive Amnesty. Speaker Boehner “killed” adding any amendment to the Omnibus Bill that would defund Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty. Pretty reminiscent of Harry Reid’s Senate where the actual Conservatives were routinely silenced. And it’s looking more and more as if he’s not likely to fight it, as he promised he would, a direct threat to our Constitutional Republic.
  1. Debt. Under John Boehner’s four years as Speaker, he has allowed an additional $3.8 trillion in new debt to amass upon an already out-of-control debt mountain. Unacceptable, and morally unconscionable, for anyone who claims to be a Republican.
  1. Not Defunding ObamaCare. Mr. Boehner oversaw 54 votes to repeal ObamaCare in his four years as Speaker. All, of course, failed to see the light of day in Harry Reid’s Senate. It was little more than theater employed to appease Conservatives. Instead, the law that’s harming so many of us should have been defunded. But Boehner refused to use his potent Power of the Purse, and it continues to be fully funded under his tenure. Now we are firmly mired in the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public.
  1. Vote of No Confidence. Sixty Percent of Conservatives want Boehner out. Period.

Meanwhile, yet another House representative is voicing his displeasure with Rep. Boehner:

Rep King[Iowa Congressman Steve] King cites the $1.1 trillion, 1,600 page “CRomnibus” spending measure, which fully funds both Obamacare, which he correctly assessed as being passed by “hook crook, and legislative shenanigan,” and Obama’s illegal amnesty and directly quotes Boehner’s prior statements vowing to do everything within his power to fight against them, promises Boehner has clearly broken.”

King writes that Boehner has repeatedly urged Republican members to “take the high road” and to “pick our battles,” and to “wait for a better time” to fight against Obama’s unconstitutional acts.

If not now, when, Rep. Boehner? Your feckless, empty platitudes are showing.

But John Boehner does have his, er, “committed” supporters.

Funny, Newt, I thought it was those of us who voted to stop Obama’s tyrannical executive overreach that gave the House historic numbers of Republicans. Silly me.

The question is: Will enough of our elected representatives have the intestinal fortitude to keep their oaths of office to uphold our Constitution and replace the man who isn’t? Or will they continue with the status quo of funding every damned thing His Highness edicts? I’m afraid I know the answer.

You can watch your Congress Critters live on C-SPAN, or online here, starting at 12pm ET. I’d suggest not holding your breath.

[UPDATE: 8:50 am] Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida has thrown his hat into the Speakership ring. There are now reportedly three challengers to Boehner.

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