Trump’s Intense New Tweet Mops the Floor with Kim Jong-un… But Also Freaks People Out

Trump’s Intense New Tweet Mops the Floor with Kim Jong-un… But Also Freaks People Out

Trump’s Intense New Tweet Mops the Floor with Kim Jong-un… But Also Freaks People Out

I don’t know if you have noticed this, but ever since Trump has had a Twitter account (March 2009), he has tweeted over 36K times. That is A LOT of tweeting. According to my math, that pounds out to more than ten tweets a day on average. And we all know that, sometimes, Trump’s tweets can be really fantastic. Epic even. On the other hand, many times, his tweets can be a little… well… inadvisable.

But is one of his newest tweets (issued the afternoon of January 2nd) both epic and inadvisable at the same time?

Here’s the tweet, in all its questionable glory.

Is the tweet presidential? Eh, not quite. It’s indecorous, but that’s not saying much. There were many times when Obama was indecorous to the extent that his words and behaviors were unbecoming of the presidency. But the real question here is: did Obama ever blatantly talk smack about a psycho dictator who had nuclear capability?

Okay, so the whole “let’s publicly trash a nuke-holding psycho dictator” thing might be unique to Trump. And it’s not just unique to Trump, but new to us altogether. I don’t think we’ve ever quite experienced a situation like the one we’re in with North Korea, where two heads of state are heatedly and publicly bickering and the younger of the two heads is pants-on-head insane. Granted, we’re not at all inexperienced with nuclear threats; we endured the Cold War. But even then, the leaders involved weren’t nearly as unhinged as Kim Jong-un or as *ahem* candid as Trump.

And that’s what people are freaking out about. They’re scared Trump’s smack talk will make Kim, a wannabe demigod, transform from a big-talking nutjob into a suicidal nutjob.

After seeing Trump’s tweet, people were eager to share their thoughts on whether Trump’s tweets will launch all of us into nuclear winter:

Certain major outlets like CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, HuffPo, and Politico ran anxious headline stories related to the tweet. On the whole, they think the tweet will only lead to more tension and turmoil.

So… are people right to be worried? Was Trump’s tweet a bad idea in terms of our current tensions with North Korea and Rocketman?

We, of course, have no way of knowing for sure right now. People are understandably worried about the intense exchange between the two figureheads. Kim is not mentally stable. No one would be stable if they spent time inside his mind. His own people are so malnourished that they’re shorter on average than other ethnicities and have cataracts and other health problems en masse… and yet, they worship Kim as a god. You know there has to be some serious cognitive dissonance going on in Kim’s brain because of stuff like that. And you can be sure he’s been taught some wild, outlandish things about himself and his family. It’s no wonder he’s nuts. And it freaks me out too that he has nuclear capability.

So, should we all vouch for Trump erring on the side of caution when publicly talking to- or about- the dictator?

Or should we cheer Trump’s tweet as a needed humbling of Kim Jong-un? I mean, I’ll say that it is satisfying to see Trump stand up to someone who has helped create, for upwards of 25 million people, a living situation that rivals Jewish ghettos and concentration camps in wartime Nazi Germany.

Trump’s not the type to bite his tongue. And in certain situations, I’m glad of that. Sometimes, we need to insert something other than bureaucratic process, sanctions, and the like into discourse surrounding troubled foreign policy. Sometimes, we need to stand up and fight back against a bully. And Kim Jong-un is so much worse than a bully.

But the problem is that Kim’s also a madman, and it’s hard to talk to a madman. You have to be cautious when doing so, or the madman might run at you and he might have a weapon.

I suppose time will tell whether the right path was either walking on eggshells or smack-talking an insane bully.

Until then, though, can I just say that I think Trump’s tweet is hysterical?

The thing about comedy is that, the more unexpected the humor is, the funnier it is. We expect presidents to act in presidential ways. Trump continually defies such expectations. One reason he is able to constantly draw attention to himself is because he does some intensely indecorous things while filling the most decorated position in the free world. And sometimes, as in the case of this tweet, that incongruity between his actions and our expectations of his actions is just… well… enjoyable. No one expects a US president to just so completely embarrass a jerk like Kim Jong-un on a national stage.

But Trump did. And it was artful. Trump may not be so good at making friends, but he’s a master of making certain people look idiotic.

I hope some North Koreans saw the tweet. That’s just what North Koreans need: to think of their glorious leader as an idiot.

Let’s just hope there aren’t scary repercussions.

What do you think of Trump’s tweet? Leave a comment below!


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  • GWB says:

    Oh for crying out loud, put on your big boy pants, people!
    That cartoon with the two buttons labeled “Everyone Dies” is particularly idiotic. Because they obviously believe nukes are magical devices that automatically kill everyone. Kim can’t even remotely nuke all of the US. (It’s debatable he can really reach all of the US.) Nor even enough of it for nuclear winter (which you’d think wouldn’t be so bad since we’ve had all this global warming).
    The one with the tweet and nuke buttons is cute (sorta) but not remotely sane, either.

    Might Trump be better served by a more skillful wielding of his Twitter blade? Oh, certainly. Should he stop swinging it about? Heck no!

  • Johnny says:

    Face it, ANYTHING Trump does will freak out some people.
    They need to get psychiatric help, grab a cup of STFU (Shut The Freak Up) and crawl back into their parents’ basements.On the plus side, they have nowhere left to go.
    When Trump got elected, the markets were going to crash and WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.
    When Trump started deregulation, planes were going to fall from the sky and WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.
    When Trump removed Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE (literally).
    When Trump recognized Jerusalem as what it is, the capital of Israel, the Palestinians were going to be REAL mad and WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.

  • Blackgriffin says:

    All this pearl clutching has become tedious. Personally, I think it’s about time we had a leader who throws these maniacs’ bullshit right back in their faces. Obama was such a coward and a traitor in many ways. Trump is for US and lets the world know it. I like that.

  • Kirk S. says:

    Trump’s speeches and tweets, from Day 1 of his candidacy to today, range from brilliant to bombastic. Either way, I don’t think the world, let alone America, have ever seen this type of communication.

    Me, I had a roommate from Brooklyn. This was everyday stuff. My friend would call Trump, “just a guy from Queens.” For people from those neighborhoods, it’s all about well crafted insults and getting in the last word. I watched in awe as my roommate could stop a person dead in their tracks with a remark. You could see the wheels turning, wondering if they had been insulted (they had) but not knowing what to do about it. You could call it a verbal art form.

    President Trump is always going to try and have the last word. Let him, that’s just the way it’s going to be. He may not always be diplomatic and Presidential, but I feel he’ll always have our backs.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    North Korea has been the one rattling its saber for years covering several occupants of the White House. The current one is finally calling those turds out instead of bending over backward to them like Slick Willie did and these people blame Trump? No matter what Trump says if North Korea is bent on war THEY will be the ones who start it. Only this time the US will finish it.

  • GG says:

    I like my President not being afraid to put on the leather gloves, dip them in wax and crushed glass and start throwing jabs and haymakers at punks and bullys who threaten everyone….

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