Trump: Virus Is Real, We Cannot Keep This Country Closed

Trump: Virus Is Real, We Cannot Keep This Country Closed

Trump: Virus Is Real, We Cannot Keep This Country Closed

We absolutely cannot keep this country closed. In tonight’s debate between President Trump and Grifter Joe Biden, President Trump clearly stated that keeping our country closed will have grave consequences.

He is correct. Anyone paying attention these last few months knows what many of the consequences have been. Suicides and cries for help regarding depression have escalated exponentially. Anxiety in children has risen. Stats regarding abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence has gone up. Major medical needs such as cancer scans, chemotherapy and much-needed surgeries were put on hold because of this virus – which will cause additional short and long-term repercussions medically and economically. Crime has gone up, in part due to the Democrat states allowing the fabulously misunderstood rioters to loot and destroy businesses and homes since the end of May. 

Joe was here to tell us tonight that we NEED A PLAN! We need MORE MASKS. Heck, we will need masks into 2022. Based upon what? A PLAN! De Plane! De Plane! 

More Covid mitigation plans from Joe. 

  • We need that plexiglass!
  • Social distancing!
  • Six feet apart! 
  • Limited gatherings!
  • Make the teachers SAFE!
  • Need PPE for everyone! 
  • Outdoor dining pod style for all!
  • Hand sanitizers, and clean the shit out of everything!

Does all of this sound familiar? Why yes, yes it does. We are ALREADY dealing with ALL of that Joe! ALL OF THAT. 

Yes, I’m yelling. WHY? Because Joe is a putz and a grifter. It’s a fair bet that he’ll use ALL of President Trump’s plans and many state Covid-19 responses and call it his own idea. 

According to Joe, based upon President Trump’s plans, which are actually the state plans because FEDERALISM HOW DOES THAT WORK?? – we are going dark and the country closed indefinitely. 

This from a guy who also announced during tonight’s debate that well over 200,000 MORE people will die from the Wuhan Flu well before the end of the year. I won’t get into stats, but the number of cases doesn’t equal on any level the number of hospitalizations. 

Moreover, Joe would make China pay for the Wuhan Coronavirus by international rules.

In regards to the vaccine, President Trump discussed the great strides in the drug tests for vaccines. Biden’s response? We’ll review EVERYTHING again 

President Trump made the case that we shouldn’t be living in fear, and not keep the country closed. There are plans in place. As much as we hate the mask crap and social distancing, we need to open the country up. As he indicated, we are smart Americans and we can manage this damned virus without having a government dictate our every move. 

Joe Biden’s plan is to keep us all locked down indefinitely until the virus magically disappears. Our elderly are suffering because no one can see them. Governor Cuomo is responsible for over 10,000 nursing home deaths because of how he responded. But Joe wants to stay with the Democrat Covid-19 status quo. And that status quo results in this. 

“Since the start of our lockdown, we have, as well as our peers, seen a significant decline in our will to live. The depression we suffer from not being able to see our loved ones face-to-face, hug them, hold our precious grandbabies, is taking its toll on us. Our anxiety grows daily as the threat of death continues to creep up, wondering if we will feel our families embrace before death.

We were raised to respect our elders and to let their wisdom guide us. We raised our children to conduct their lives in this manner as well. However, our wishes, our freedom and our quality of life is disrespected daily by this lockdown. We were never asked how we felt about it or which we would prefer. Many of us have gotten together and we all agree that we would rather risk death by COVID than death by loneliness.”

Many of us here at Victory Girls have family and friends who have family who’ve been locked into nursing homes. This lockdown hurts them, hurts the staff, and hurts the families. 

We can and have learned to deal with this China virus. President Trump is right, we cannot keep this country closed. Yet Joe Biden’s plan is not only Trump’s plan, it is a plan to keep our country shut down indefinitely and do whatever China tells him to do. 

I know who I want as President. And it isn’t Grifter Joe Biden. 

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