Trump Says He Can Shoot Someone At Random And Still Get Elected

Trump Says He Can Shoot Someone At Random And Still Get Elected

Trump Says He Can Shoot Someone At Random And Still Get Elected

Another day of campaigning for President of the United States will soon come to a close. Its been a long day of babies kissed, hands shaken, speeches galore, and sound bites. No Presidential campaign is ever complete without sound bites…or the “WTH Did Trump Say THIS Time?” moments.


Here’s his latest from today’s campaign trail via a rally at Dordt College; and like most everything else he’s said…this one really shouldn’t come with a laugh track.

Yes, he really really did say that.

Oh its “like incredible” alright! What is incredible is that a man running for the highest office of the land actually SAID that. What is incredible to me is that people there laughed when he said that. What is incredible to me is that far to many will give Donald a pass because you know, he’s just being Donald. Ummm NO.

There are very valid reasons to be extremely wary of Donald Trump as President. Reasons that concern his stances on the key issues this country faces. What should be of EQUAL concern is what he says, does; and by implication of his words, advocates.

In this case, his belief that he can waltz down 5th Avenue and shoot ’em up OK Corral or gang style and not lose a single supporter/voter flies in the very face of the gun violence and push for gun control that is part of our national conversation right now. Furthermore, he’s banking on the intelligence or lack thereof of those very same supporters he’s been so thrilled to see every time he turns around and hopes they won’t call him out on it!


Seriously folks, crap like this from a Presidential candidate should REALLY make you stop and think! Can anyone honestly tell me that Donald Trump brashly informing his supporters AND the world that he’s just so stupendously awesome that he can randomly shoot a person on 5th Avenue on a WHIM, and no one will bat an eye?! Can anyone honestly tell me that a statement like that wouldn’t cause you to back up and say WHOA??!!

What’s “like, incredible” is that Donald Trump’s bragging words showed a condescending arrogance towards his fans, his supporters, and every American across this land.

I certainly hope many Trump supporters have stopped to think about Trump’s actual viablility as a leader for this country, but I’m not going to hold my breath. In fact, today wasn’t the first time that he’s discussed pulling out a gun and shooting someone.

The Republican front-runner — who frequently lambasts the media as “scum” or “horrible” — reassured reporters at rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday that he had no desire to execute the press who cover him.

“I hate some of these people, I hate ’em,” Trump told the crowd. “I would never kill them. I would never do that.”

Then he decided to reconsider.

“Uh, let’s see, uh?” he said aloud, his voice rising. “No, I would never do that.”

The above was on the heels of Trump claiming a short time prior to that event, that the thoroughly documented killings of journalists by his pal Putin were wrong. Greg Gutfeld put it succinctly in his Facebook post this afternoon:

a thing to ponder: if a leader believes he can get away with murder – when he’s elected, he will test that hypothesis.

Before you say…wait that’s just taking this too far…I want you to ask yourselves this. Are you 100% positive that Donald Trump WON’T test that hypothesis?

When we vote, we should be voting for the person who demonstrates the leadership qualities necessary to steer a nation of 300 million citizens through the rock-strewn paths in this world.

Whether Donald Trump likes it or not, character, temperament, humility, and words do matter and right now he is showing a definitive lack in all those categories.

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  • jim says:

    Quite a few blogs and pundits have weighed in on this quote. What surprises me is that all of them either pretend to not know, or simply don’t know, what hyperbole is. It is simply a figure of speech using PURPOSEFUL EXAGGERATION to make a point. Can’t believe that bloggers and other writers could possibly be so ignorant of the conventions of language.

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