Trump Calls An IED Explosion “A Little Ride” In An Armored Vehicle (VIDEO)

Trump Calls An IED Explosion “A Little Ride” In An Armored Vehicle (VIDEO)

Trump Calls An IED Explosion “A Little Ride” In An Armored Vehicle (VIDEO)

Donald Trump drew on his YUUUUGE experience in the military during a rally in Iowa today and displayed his absolute ignorance for all to see.
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Apparently, having an IED explode underneath you when you are in an armored vehicle is nothing more than “a little ride.”

At his final rally in Iowa before the caucuses begin, Trump spoke about U.S. military equipment being stolen by enemy forces, and in the process, raised eyebrows with his description of what happens when soldiers in armored vehicles are hit by an IED.

“You know I have a friend, he’s got a young son, who’s a great, great young man. He was over for two tours of duty, and I said, ‘How, how is it…’ — Middle East — ‘How is it over there?’ He said, ‘It’s so sad Mr. Trump, we have old equipment. The enemy has the good stuff.’ And I said, ‘what are you talking about?’ He said, ‘We give equipment to people that we think are on our side, a bullet’s fired in the air, they run, the enemy goes and takes the equipment.’ And I talk about it all the time — 2,300, brand-new, armored-plated humvees,” Trump said.

He continued, “The best in the world, armor-plated, top, bottom, all over. If a bomb goes off, our wounded warriors, instead of losing their legs, their arms, worse, they’re okay. They go for a little ride upward, and they come down. The best stuff, all gone. Taken by the enemy. Taken by the enemy.”

Watch it for yourself.

Let’s just say that people were…. shocked.

Some of us here at Victory Girls have lived through having our loved ones in combat, and unfortunately, some of us saw the aftermath of what IEDs are capable of. It’s not just “a little ride,” even when you are in an armored Humvee. It just means that you have a chance to LIVE, instead of being instantly and horribly blown to bits. That “ride” can include concussions, traumatic brain injury, hearing loss and tinnitus (from the boom of the explosion), and sometimes that armored plating just isn’t enough to protect you from losing a limb or your life.

And Trump wants to be commander-in-chief. The man who thinks an IED is the equivalent of a speed bump if you have an armored vehicle, he wants to be president.

This Army sister knows where Trump can shove that armored plating.

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