Trudeau is Another Woke Member of Team Face Paint

Trudeau is Another Woke Member of Team Face Paint

Trudeau is Another Woke Member of Team Face Paint

Nothing shouts “woke” like Canadian PM Justin Trudeau painting his skin a dusky shade of brown. Well, singing “Day-O” while in blackface at a high school talent show elevates it a notch. This puts him on solid footing to join American democrats on their journey into the realm of questionable costume choices.


Like every caught in the act politician, Trudeau’s initial reaction is to plead for forgiveness. He plays up regret at his actions. Saying that he didn’t think it was racist “at the time”, but now does acknowledge it as racist. A 29 year old man, working as a high school teacher in 2001, failed to understand that painting his face and hands dark brown while dressed in Arabian style costume could be construed as inappropriate. Ahhhaaa. Talk about a lapse in judgement!

But, why would he think there’s anything wrong with coloring his skin…? It wasn’t his first time slopping on the blackface. Turns out that while he was in high school, the PM channeled his inner Harry Belafonte and sang “Day-O” while wearing… blackface. Somebody get this guy a copy of “Beetlejuice” so he can understand that a great rendition of a classic doesn’t require one to be painted black. Or wear an “Afro” hairstyle big enough to the make Colin Kaepernick jealous.

Progressives, the Party of Woke

To be clear, black face, brown face, face paint isn’t inherently “racist.” Maybe race appropriation, but NOT racist. I refuse to allow the progressive liberal definition override the true meaning. Even Especially when they apply it to their own behavior. Unquestionably, the PM was wrong to slather himself in dark toned make-up. But, by overtly stating he’s ashamed of his “racist” behavior, he’s shifting the definition. Doing so makes it easier to hurl that undeserved accusation at another person, usually a conservative.

Ironically, for all the accusations of intolerance, bigotry, and racism directed at POTUS… I have yet to see a picture of him dressed in a Klan costume, blackface, or brownface. The Democrat leadership in Virginia cannot say the same, Victory Girls covers the story of the Democrat Governor, and Attorney General looking comfortable dressed in KKK and blackface costumes. Progressives, so woke.

Ahead of the Election Storm

Voters will judge if PM Trudeau can ride out this latest SNAFU to win the upcoming election. If he follows the path of the woke progressive American politicians, he will burrow in and wait out the storm. Unfortunately for Trudeau, this scandal comes at a time when he’s fighting to remain in power. As of last week, NBC reported,

Trudeau’s Liberals and the opposition Conservatives are in a dead heat as Canadians prepare to go to the ballot box on Oct. 21. The stark shift from his stunning victory in 2015 follows a scathing report that charged him of breaching ethics rules by trying to influence a corporate legal case — a move that also prompted two key cabinet members to abandon his party.

Canadian voters are not alone in being won over by an empty space with a pretty face. Americans did elect Obama… twice. So for Trudeau, there’s hope that Canada’s very different history of race relations will enable this to go away with minimal fanfare. On the flip side, the photo was taken in 2001. A time when all but the most oblivious understood that changing one’s skin tone as part of a costume may be a tad overzealous, and beyond questionable.

Trudeau has solid footing in the land of questionable choices, especially when interacting with other cultures. His official visit to India was not without controversy over his appearance. Dressed to an almost absurd level of “native”, this great flashback VG post highlights his “Bollywood” attire. Someone remind the PM that costumes are best suited to theater. And not the version held in political circles.

Hmmm. You don’t say….

Moi Aussi

TIME Magazine broke the story a month after receiving the yearbook with the photo. I am shocked that this photo has been in the public sphere for almost 20 years, yet we are just now seeing it. Frankly, it’s amazing, and I can’t imagine the Canadian conservatives are given the same treatment. Obviously, being the progressive son of the former Prime Minister conveys a safety net. TIME reached out to others who attended the party,

Most were reluctant to talk about it. One former staff member declined to comment, citing loyalty to Trudeau. Others said they did not remember Trudeau at the party. Two people contacted by TIME acknowledged the existence of the picture, which has been the subject of gossip within the West Point Grey community.”

But, now we find ourselves looking at another progressive politician who is faced with undeniable evidence of their poor choices. The voters in Virginia opted to keep their Governor and Attorney General. In a month we will see if those in Canada do the same.

UPDATE: Because all good things come in three’s… there is another video purportedly showing PM Trudeau in an Afro wig and black face. How repentant can one be when they are a a serial offender? It is starting to look like his regret isn’t rooted in his actions, but that they were caught on camera. If only his Cos-Play was as a “furry” or “Brony” or even a woman. Then, this would be moot, as he’d be celebrated for his “bravery.” Unfortunately for Justin, it looks like he’s another privileged white boy who goes about his day thinking the colored folk are for his entertainment.


Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons Photo Credit: Presidencia de la República Mexicana Cropped: 400×400 License: [CC BY 2.0]


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  • Joe in PNG says:

    I suspect the next thing will be the #MeeToo accusations.
    After all, there’s a good probability he’s really a Kennedy.

    • JaedoDrax says:

      He already deflected one of those with a “experienced situations differently ” defense only available to progs in good standing. Search for “Kokanee grope”

  • Stan says:

    Trudeau is now blaming white privilege for his racist acts.
    By blaming society and white privilege Trudeau has admitted that he is too weak to resist the temptations resulting from his white privilege.
    Are you wearing black face today because of white privilege?
    Me neither.
    I guess we’re just not morally weak like Justin.
    Fortunately there are several other political parties in Canada that have leaders strong enough to resist those white privilege temptations and have resisted the urge to blacken their faces with shoe polish.
    Let’s thank Trudeau for his honesty in admitting that he is simply too weak to be a proper leader of the country.

    That asshole wants to blame society for his problems?
    Let’s take him at his word.
    If he wants to say that white privilege made him do it then I believe him.
    99.9% of the population are stronger than he is apparently.

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