San Diego Border Wall Is Glorious

San Diego Border Wall Is Glorious

San Diego Border Wall Is Glorious

President Donald Trump visited a section of the border wall near San Diego yesterday. He even signed the wall. Trump was in California doing campaign fund-raising. The new border wall is a glorious thing to behold.

Donald Trump is a builder. Listening to him talk about concrete and rebar, you can tell that building is his life blood. But, everything about the press conference at the San Diego border wall section was enlightening.

I had no idea that some sections of the old border wall were made of Vietnam-era helicopter landing mats. A quick Google search gave me the details. Cass Holdings is a builder of landing mats and the following is from the website:

Expeditionary Airfields (EAFs) are mobile systems that enable the United States military to project airpowers worldwide. EAFs offer more flexibility in staging grounds, operations bases and campaign strategy. EAFs are composed of three integral systems – AM-2 Aluminum Matting, Portable Aircraft Arresting Gear and Marking (lighting) Systems. AM-2 matting is the base upon which the entire EAF system rests.
AM-2 matting consists of 1 1/2″ x 2′ steel rectangles coated with a epoxy nonskid material, available in both 6 and 12 foot lengths, and are assembled in a brickwork pattern to form runways, taxiways, parking and other areas required for aircraft operations and maintenance.

Now, I am sure the mats are great, but the light material required doesn’t seem to be the best idea for a wall. The legacy media has decried the wall as medieval (I wrote about it here.) and has told us that no new border wall has been built. Seeing is believing, and we saw the border wall(s) yesterday. This new barrier is actually two walls. One is 18 feet high and the other is 30 feet high.

Lt. General Semonite, of the Army Corps of Engineers, was as excited at showing off the wall as President Trump. Here is the video of the press conference:

Bollards and concrete and rebar, oh my!

What is even more exciting is the pride of the border patrol at the San Diego crossing. The border patrol agents were thrilled that their Commander in Chief listened to what they needed. Imagine that? Who would think to ask the boots on the ground what would work? Are you listening, Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi?

And, late, last night, the Trump Administration announced that the Interior Department will turn over Federal land for more border wall construction. From ABC News:

The Department of the Interior, which controls public land around the country, announced that 560 acres of federal land will be transferred to the U.S. Army for the construction of 70 miles of border wall.

The transfer of land includes more than 300 acres of land in Yuma County, Arizona, including along the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, as well as 110 acres of land in the El Paso, Texas, area and 43 acres in San Diego County in California. No areas in national parks or national monuments are affected.

If that’s what the border patrol agents need to stop illegal immigration, human-trafficking, and drug cartels, then “Build the Wall”. Say it with me, “Build the Wall”. It’s glorious.

Photo Credit: VOA Screen Capture/Fair Use

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  • GWB says:

    The fanatical devotion of the left to not having a wall is amazing. And it can only be understood as a religious doctrine for many, with no basis in logic or reason. (For the rest, it’s clearly a case of “dissolving the people and electing another.”)

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    Didn’t the ‘progressive’ Deutsches Democratic Republic (DDR) like the idea of a wall to keep those pesky West Berlin migrants from illegally entering their paradise and ruining their way of life? Oh, wait…

  • MikeyParks says:

    The wall is just America’s way of saying “Come in the FRONT door.”

  • CaptDMO says:

    Please please please tell me that Mr. Trump signed the wall with a Sharpie!

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