Triggered By Trump Signs: The “Courageous” Tale of a Hillary Supporter

Triggered By Trump Signs: The “Courageous” Tale of a Hillary Supporter

Triggered By Trump Signs: The “Courageous” Tale of a Hillary Supporter

Betta Stothart of Falmouth, Maine was angry. So angry, she committed a crime. Angry at “the kinds of compromises women are put into by men who abuse power” and therefore angry at Donald Trump.

Stolthart and her friends had a discussion about the election which triggered agitated feelings and emotions within her tribe. Before she knew it, she and her cohorts rolled up in her Jetta wagon and tore down about 40 Trump election signs that were hanging along the town’s median strip.

Stolthart lived to tell the tale and was featured in a write-up in The Washington Post yesterday.

“The escapade was not premeditated: We simply jumped into my Jetta wagon, drove down to the strip and got to work. In all, it took less than 20 minutes. We grabbed about 40 signs and threw them in the hatchback. I hadn’t really thought about what I would do with the signs; I just wanted them gone. At the time, we believed we were doing the right thing. There were so many Trump signs up and down our main drag — it was destroying all sense of equilibrium in our community.”-Betta Stolthart

Falmouth police served Stolthart with a summons to appear in court and informed her that the signs were private property and belonged to a local Falmouth business owner and chairman of “Making Maine Great Again.”

Reflecting back, I realize that I momentarily snapped. But there was a deeper reason for my anger than just the signs. Over the past several weeks, grasping the depth of Trump’s predatory behavior toward women throughout his adult life (and even worse, his denial of it) has simply become unbearable. I became unhinged.-Betta Stolthart

A lot of women have become unhinged by Trump’s behavior–past and present. But what I find fascinating is what some women are not unhinged about. The frustrating aspect of all of this is when I bring up anything to people I know about Hillary Clinton’s laundry list of corruption, I am hit with the standard remarks. Here are a few:

“How could you, A WOMAN, defend Donald Trump?!”

“You think it’s just ‘locker room talk’…what if someone talked about your daughter that way?”

“Oh, right…you have son…what would you do if your son spoke that way about women?!”

“You have no compassion for women who have experienced sexual assault.”

Allow me to head this off at the pass. I have said this before and I will say it again. I am in no way defending Donald Trump and whatever he has said and done to women. I have known women who were victims of sexual harassment and assault. I have also been on the receiving end of lewd behavior and remarks and it is unacceptable. I do believe that we can do better, so there’s that. And, if I ever heard my son run his mouth about a woman in a disrespectful manner, I would not only have words with him but would call into question where I went wrong in my parenting.

While Trump’s behavior does not make me go all bat-guano, it’s not because I am clueless or insensitive and it’s not because I have just resigned to accept this behavior and treatment of our gender. Quite honestly, I am just not surprised or shocked by it. Not to mention, some of these women who have made allegations are porn stars who are not okay with a kiss but okay with having sex in front of a camera? What unhinges me more about this whole mess is the pious behavior of the left..scoffing and getting their knickers in a knot about Trump while their candidate of choice laughs about defending a child who was raped. What unhinges me is the double-standard they refuse to see-that their candidate remains married to a serial rapist, a predator and subsequently threatened the women who have been assaulted by him. What unhinges me is the fact that Mrs. Clinton is seemingly okay with the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion (because “women’s health”) when I know I fought to keep my pregnancy healthy from the 22-week mark whist praying daily for a healthy baby. I also know other women who have been in similar circumstances or in circumstances that would not permit them to have a child (something they wanted more than anything in this world). What unhinges me is her blatant disregard for our national security and protocol and her cavalier attitude towards the four lives that have perished because she simply could not be bothered.

All this talk about men behaving badly but crickets or combative remarks when some of us dare to address our own gender behaving badly. We get riled up about backstabbers who claw their way to the top at the office and yet we have the queen of behaving badly up for the highest office in the land. So yes, ladies, we can do better. All of these unacceptable behaviors and then some and yet Hillary Clinton gets a pass. Grown women tell their daughters that she is an inspiration. You could say I am unhinged by Hillary. But don’t worry, Betta Stothart of Falmouth, Maine. I won’t, after sitting around in my yoga pants and drinking wine with my people roll up in my SAV (hey, I’m a middle-aged suburban mom, too and I know how it works) and rip your beloved Hillary sign from your yard because unlike you and your lot, I do not believe the opposition should be silenced. But don’t try and silence me either or I will be telling y’all to get off my lawn!

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  • SFC D says:

    Ms. Stothart, I’m sorry you were the recipient of such blatant sexual harassment and abuse.

    You’re still a thief, possibly guilty of criminal trespass, and you definitely violated others rights to free speech. That’s a pretty good start in emulating the behavior of your candidate. Your children should be proud of your fine example of motherhood.

  • GWB says:

    A little Alinsky applied to this would go a long way, though. Form a mob, tear down the Hellary signs, egg some prog houses, form a human wall around an abortion clinic. From there it’s an easy step to Boston or Concord.

    One of the folks on Instapundit has been known to say “we have to elect a white, male, Republican – it’s the only way to ensure the media does its job (of digging dirt on the administration).”

  • Donna says:

    I live in northern VA , work in MD and drive through DC every day to and from work. If I stopped to uproot all the “I’m with Her” signs I see daily I’d lose my job for never making it to work! This Maine chick must be a rich stay at home mom who hates her life since she has so much time on her hands. Toughen up, little chick!

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