“Too Lazy to Get Off Their [Bleep]”: Chief of Staff John Kelly Creates Stir with DACA Comment

“Too Lazy to Get Off Their [Bleep]”: Chief of Staff John Kelly Creates Stir with DACA Comment

“Too Lazy to Get Off Their [Bleep]”: Chief of Staff John Kelly Creates Stir with DACA Comment

Usually President Trump is the one taking heat for his blunt speaking manner, but on February 6th, Chief of Staff John Kelly came under fire for the same reason.

General Kelly made what some considered a shockingly blunt comment while discussing the administration’s plans for DACA with Washington Post reporters.

Here’s the quote:

“The difference between 690 [thousand] and 1.8 million were the people that some would say were too afraid to sign up, others would say were too lazy to get off their asses, but they didn’t sign up…”

The 690 thousand and 1.8 million people Kelly refers to in the quote are, respectively, actual DACA recipients and illegal residents who are eligible but have not signed up for DACA, for whatever reason.

Liberal media platforms were tremendously offended by his characterization of the latter as “too lazy to get off their [rear ends].”

Vox tore into the four-star general:

“[Y]es, some of [the illegal immigrants who failed to enroll in DACA] were afraid. They were afraid because any mistakes on their application could result in their arrest and potential deportation. They were afraid because even if they successfully got DACA, their parents — many of whom lived at addresses the federal government now had via DACA applications — would still be vulnerable to arrest and deportation. And they were afraid because they knew that DACA was temporary, and that should a future president end the program, as Trump did, they would be vulnerable to deportation once again… Kelly mocks that fear by calling it an excuse for laziness. And by doing that, he shows he doesn’t fully understand how different it feels to have no protection, temporary protection, and permanent immigration status.”

As did Salon:

“It’s unclear who Kelly was quoting when he called immigrants lazy, but it is obvious he is expressing contempt for so-called dreamers.”

And The Daily Beast:

“Kelly was unflinchingly hostile.”

According to CNN, Dems in Washington confronted Kelly about what he said behind closed doors.

And, of course, there were flurries of rage on social media:

Was Kelly saying what he believed was the truth– that many DACA-eligible illegal immigrants didn’t enroll in the program because of either fear or lack of drive to do so? Perhaps, especially in terms of the former, which is why Kelly bent over backwards to emphasize to the press that DREAMers would not be prioritized for mass deportation.

But did he need to say the whole bit about DACA-eligible illegals getting off their a%%#%?

No, he didn’t.

The thing is, political discourse in the US is starved for honesty. Distrust in politicians and bureaucrats have made the average American feel a degree of cynicism toward the US government that would make the founding fathers shake their heads (oh wait— no, I got that wrong, the founding fathers would be shaking their heads because we’ve allowed the federal government to grow into a leviathan that gorges on taxes and spawns inefficiency). Trump’s ability to say exactly what’s on his mind— at any time— has charmed half of the US. The same can be said for many members of his cabinet (or cabinet-level officials)— Nikki Haley, Sarah Sanders, James Mattis, Kirstjen Nielsen, John Kelly, and others. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the fact that half the country is pleased with the candor of the executive branch and its close affiliates. Strong, honest language from conservative leadership has an edifying effect on conservatives, who are constantly pressured by liberals to be silent.

Thus, many people on the right are amused or even excited that General Kelly seemed to speak his mind so… bluntly. But Kelly, like Trump, is in a position where a degree of decorum should accompany one’s rhetorical style at all times. Practicing decorum as a leader suggests level-headedness, clear thinking, and a respectful, reasonable mode of engaging with others. Decorum, in conjunction with capability and wisdom (both of which Kelly seems to have in abundance), inspires people to feel confident in what their leaders say.

On the other end of the spectrum, failure to practice decorum as a leader looks immature. Plus, it makes leaders more vulnerable to criticism from political opponents.

Conservatives were quick to criticize Obama and his close affiliates whenever they were indecorous (as they often were). It’s important to hold the current executive branch to the same standards.

That is all to say, Kelly could have phrased his thoughts better.

That’s not to say liberals’ collective hissy fit over Kelly’s quote was reasonable.

Kelly’s quote utilizes a common American idiom. I’ve heard “get off your a##” hundreds of times if I’ve heard it once– both in real life and in film and television. When people use that idiom, they are eager for the person they are directing it to to get moving so a task can be done.

I don’t associate that idiom with hatred. And I’m reasonably sure Kelly, a highly decorated general and respectable man, did not intend it to communicate hatred either.


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  • GWB says:

    Kelly mocks that fear

    before calling Dreamers lazy
    smear of the DREAMers who’ve resisted registering for DACA protection
    Stop moving the goalposts! He called those who were eligible, BUT DID NOT SIGN UP, “lazy”. Those, by definition are NOT “dreamers”.

    Too many Irish Americans
    So, you’re saying “Shut up and get back in your box!”? Because that’s pretty racist to assume that Kelly should think like an Irishman or something because some past generation came from that country.

    But did he need to say the whole bit about DACA-eligible illegals getting off their a%%#%?
    Yes. Yes, he did.

    the founding fathers would be shaking their heads
    The Founding Fathers are shaking their heads, wondering why we haven’t watered the Tree of Liberty recently, given what has been perpetrated on us is worse than anything King George tried.

    Decorum, in conjunction with capability and wisdom (both of which Kelly seems to have in abundance), inspires people to feel confident in what their leaders say.
    And, at some point, when your opponents are nothing but inveterate liars, thieves and wannabe tyrants, you have to no longer practice decorum. Have you not dealt with teenagers? At some point you have to raise your voice, tell them you’re not arguing anymore, and to sit down and do what they’re told – without decorum. That is what we have done in this country, allowing the “teenagers” to run the place.

    I’m just surprised no one has yet said (that I know of), “OMG, he just said Mexicans are lazy! RACCISSSSTTT!!!!” Seriously, how has the left missed that meme?

  • CaptDMO says:

    Lest we forget….
    It’s not only “Mexican” (and points South) folk at issue.
    And I’m fairly confident the preferred picture of big eyed, innocent “poor orphaned/fatherless children”
    (a la Jimmy Kimmel) is safe to dismiss as anecdotal.
    WIth continued invasion, appeasement, and “failure to compromise” BACK from the failed political Science/ Economics experiment, that Watering the Tree of Liberty is AGAIN, inevitable.
    Oooooo….California raw sewage treatment plants over flowing into the sea, due to “unintended” capacity “issues”?
    How many Red Flags in THAT sentence?
    Air/sea port city “Boston” (metro penumbra), needs to run an extension cord through NH’s living room for more “Green electric energy”?
    I blame (Thos.)Edison, and (Nikola)Tesla,
    from Canada?

    • GWB says:

      It’s not only “Mexican” (and points South) folk at issue.
      Well, we know that, but I really am surprised the progs didn’t run with that as a “dog whistle”.

  • David says:

    Kelly is Irish anyway.

    They were the first big mistake. Then the Italians.

    They have to go back.

  • Nicki says:

    OMFG – Kelly is a friggin’ MARINE, people! I knew Kelly when I was at SOUTHCOM and he was Commander back in 2015; I’ve briefed him. I was liaison from my agency to SOUTHCOM; and a more decent guy you couldn’t possibly find! He’s kind, he’s no-nonsense, he’s honest, he’s got a sense of humor, and he’s just an all around great person! It’s not like he dropped an F-bomb, ferpetessake! Getting off one’s ass is a common colloquialism, and it doesn’t indicate a lack of decorum. It merely shows John Kelly for what he is – human. But ya gotta love the leftards all getting the vapors over this!

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